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    posted a message on EvilCraft (Open Source) - v0.10.12

    How do you gather blood from the undead tree?

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    posted a message on EvilCraft (Open Source) - v0.10.12

    I had been planning to use the Obscured Glass in tandem with the Vampirism mod to avoid sunlight and still be able to see the sky. However, it seems that for some reason in my game (using the most recent version of the Mech and Magic pack) Obscured Glass is opaque and not see through. Is this a known problem? Is there a fix? And if not, is this the place to make a bug report?

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    posted a message on Valaria - Rise of Cities [Semi-Vanilla][Mature][Towny][Bounty Hunting][mcMMO][Trading][Vampires][Jobs]

    As leader and representative for Skystone Depths, I make this official anouncement of our presence on this server. Still growing our newly replanted roots from the ruined husk of what was once Aubergdeen, we plan to take shelter in the earth while giving reverence to the sky, inhabiting and populating the massive Skystone Crater, which is still under excavation and construction.

    If you find this site, know that we are a neutral faction with no intent to raid or attack anyone, who is also hurriedly trying to put forth an entry for the April Castle Building Contest, so griefing us will be a punishable offense. Unless of course you feel like donating your efforts in excavating the clearly marked crater down to bedrock level. Any mining or explosives taking place in the clearly dug out and marked out area will not be persecuted or taken as offense, however any other form of destruction or griefing of the excavation site or surrounding premises will be dealt with harshly, not only by myself, my fellow faction members, and our allies at Amarynthos, but by the server staff who protect Castle Contest entries.

    A great many amazing plans are in store for the future of Skystone Depths, and if you wish to be a part of them in the future, simply keep in good standing and express interest to myself or other members. The vision I have for this faction is huge, and promises to bring the server closer together, and provide a central location for all factions to meet on equal ground, where their mutual safety and security is assured.

    In the future, keep a watchful eye on the horizon for the comforting, imposing, and powerful sight of Skystone Spire stretching up to touch the heavens from its nest in the earth below.

    -Unfamousartist, leader of newly founded "Skystone"

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    posted a message on Global Conquest 🌏 (REAL Planet Earth | 1:1500 Scale) (Nation VS. Nation PvP) BUILD YOUR EMPIRE | NEW IP:realisimnations.mcph.co

    Username: Unfamousartist

    Age: 21

    Skype (Optional):

    Level of Interest: HIGH, super duper incredibly high

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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Can someone please explain to me what Vishrooms do and or are useful for? They seem interesting but I have no clue what purpose they serve other than to give me nausea and look pretty.
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    In Game Name: Unfamousartist
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    Have you played any Fallout games? Which one(s): Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas
    Why do you want to play on this server?: I was severely disappointed by another Fallout based RP server and am hankering for a good one
    Did you read the rules?: Yes
    Have you read the lore?: Yes, both of this specific server, and the general Fallout Lore extensively throughout all games released to date.


    Name: Hex Outland
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Character's signifying traits and attributes:
    A discolored scar circling the base of his neck, Honey-blonde colored hair, Green eyes, a perpetual smirk, a short temper, the biggest pool of snark and sarcasm you've ever seen, as well as a weakness for nicotine and beautiful women.
    Strength- 4
    Perception- 7
    Endurance- 4
    Charisma- 8
    Intelligence- 6
    Agility- 5
    Luck- 6

    RP Scenario:
    Time: 3:18 P.M.
    Location: 27 miles South of Seattle.
    As you're walking north along a desolate highway to a few hundred meters ahead you can see 2 large black birds circling in the sky, to the east a few miles off large thunderheads can be seen. Hopeful to avoid the storm you begin to walk a bit more briskly scanning your area to find shelter from the rain. You observe a small light grey smoke plume coming from the median of the highway only a couple hundred meters away. Before approaching the scene you take a quick look in your bag (below is a list of your items). As you approach the scene you can see that it is a Emerald Trading Company Caravan that has been hit, the merchant lies dead near a slaughtered Brahman blood covers his clothing and a box of items is scattered near him. Of the two guards, one lies near a jersey barrier; empty shell casings from the cowboy repeater are scattered around the body. The other guard is struggling to pull himself upright using the one of the carts wheels, his leg has been blown off below the shin and is now nothing but a bloody mix of singed skin and asphalt.

    Bag contents:
    1x 10mm Pistol
    7x 10mm Pistol rounds
    1x bottle of dirty water
    2x mentants
    1x salisbury steak
    1x Squirrel on a stick
    1x small radio (working)
    1x stimpak
    1x Half-used first aid kit

    What do you do?:
    The stranger's feet splashed quietly through the pools of assorted gore and viscera, moving wordlessly toward the cripple as a steady stream of smoke trailed from the cigarette held between his lips. He now stood over the suffering man, with the sky continuing to darken overhead. Looking closer at the grievous wound, the wastelander's expression curled into a grimace of repulsion and regret.

    Having been otherwise occupied with overwhelming agony, it wasn't until just then that the guard noticed the stranger's presence. He pleaded in a frail, quivering voice "Please, help me! Do something, anything, I'm dying over here!!!"

    At first the only reply he got was a heavy sigh, but as another moment of mortal pain passed by, the stranger crouched down and dropped his bag on the ground, drawing out a long syringe. "Looks like they got you pretty good, whoever did this..." the wastelander mumbled through the nicotine filter. Peeling back the sleeves of the guard's uniform, he carefully administered the precious drug.

    "Thank you..." the guard's suffering began to ease as it took effect, and his senses dulled.

    "Don't thank me just yet..." the stranger said back, turning around to rest himself against the cart and flopping down beside the guard. "I ain't no Doc'... All I did was shoot you up with some Med-X to make it go easier. I haven't got the supplies, let alone the know-how to treat you." his expression was grim, staring down the road heading south and taking a long draw before exhaling a thick puff of smoke.

    "Oh... I... See," inside the guard was panicking, but between the morphine and loss of bodily fluids, he was losing energy fast.

    "Yeah... even if I wrapped it up, and tried to carry you, theres nothing out here for miles. You'd die from infection, if the bloodloss didn't get you first."

    Tears were brimming in the guard's eyes. "Even so... I... I appreciate what you've done. My name is Morales... Whats yours?"

    Waiting to finish another drag, the wastelander replied, "People call me Hex. A pleasure to meet you Morales, circumstances not withstanding." He seemed quite aggrivated by something, though it was difficult to tell exactly why.

    "Hex, huh...?" the guard stared listlessly into space. Glancing down to his missing leg, he spoke again "It all happened so fast. A grenade went off, there was a bang, and after that I was going in and out of consciousness from the pain. I recall voices and gunshots, but I heard and saw it all like I was underwater... This ****ing world..."

    "Its ****ed up thats for sure... You want a light?" he had taken out a cigarette and was offering it to Morales.

    Morales started to refuse, but changed his mind midway, choosing instead a weak "Sure," and allowed Hex to place it in his mouth and light it. "I swore I'd quit 'um about a month ago. The smokes, I mean. Guess I just didn't have it in me huh?"

    Hex gave a half-hearted chuckle. The two sat there for a moment, watching the storm approach until Hex realized the man had passed out again. His face turning sour, he stood up and drew his gun, taking aim at Morales' head. One good squeeze and it was done, a loud pop rang through Hex's ears, and the body slumped over into the ground. The guard wouldn't suffer any longer. "Sleep well, Morales..." another wave of thunder rolled through the heavens, and Hex looked up at the flashes of light. Scoffing with irritation, he collected his things before rummaging through what was left of the caravan and starting north again.

    Character biography:
    This was not the name he was born with. rather he bestowed it upon himself after besting his former master, a deranged Nightkin called Grimvar Bloodstream. Born in the slave pens by the name of Aiden, he later decieved the Grognak-obsessed warlord into leading a southward march of his Super Mutant brethren toward NCR territory, in search of the "Sacred Tomes" (Grognak the Barbarian comic books). Upon arriving at the outskirts, the small army was purged by Rangers and troops who had been alerted to their approach.

    With his dying breath, Grimvar laid blessings upon the slave child, apologizing for his failure in this holy task, and violently cursed the human currs who had defeated them. Out of spite, Aiden stole the Nightkin's prized pendant from his corpse(a small sword in the style of Grognak's) and took great joy in the irony of it. He then quickly fled the battle, believing that the NCR were no better than Grimvar, despite that they were the instrument of his freedom.

    Beginning his adventures through the wasteland, he took up the mantle of Hex Outland. The child derrived part of the name from the comics that Grimvar had been consumed by, and felt it suited his deception quite well. He began to wander back north, keeping himself alive by foraging through ruins of the old world, and by preying on raiders and slavers he came across in his travels. Through a combination of gunslinging and silver-tongued trickery he was able to live quite comfortably, so far as one can while being a drifter.

    However, more than once he would find the odds stacked a tad too tall for his tastes, and in a number of situations would barely escape alive. He was hesitant to trust anyone based on his past experience, but longed for the safety and companionship of comradery, as well as somewhere to start putting down roots, where he could feel secure. Hearing that a sizable population was amassing in the area where Seattle once stood, he deemed it as good a place as any, seeing as it was far removed from the influence of the NCR, and the Brotherhood who were around mostly kept to themselves.

    So he struck out for his new destination, weaving his way through a number of obstactles by hook or by crook. He didn't care much how he got there, and in fact by this point he had began to take pleasure in the manipulation and deception of others, prefering white-collared crime to murder and open theft. However, this wasn't to say he was without any remorse. He took pity on the ostrasized and downtrodden, identifying strongly with them, and still retained most of his humanity, though it was often overshadowed by the thrill seeking, risk taking and self interested aspects of his personality. After all, his cause was the most important because it was the only one he knew, and the ends justify the means.
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    Out of curiousity, before I write out my application, where does this fit in with the cannonical Fallout continuity? I am fuzzy when it comes to dates. Is NCR or any other big faction a presence here, like Gun Runners or Crimson Caravan(Who I assume are replaced by Emerald Trading Company ;P) or no?
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    posted a message on 1.8 Frost SMP Expanding Border (Mindcrack like server)
    IGN: Unfamousartist

    Skype: Unfamousartist

    Time zone/Country: Eastern Standard Time

    Why do you want to be accepted: I need a cool new server to enjoy 1.8 with

    Why should you be accepted: I am an awesome, experienced Minecraft player, builder, and community member

    Do you work well with others: Yes

    How often will you be able to play: Several hours every day

    Other information: N/A
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    posted a message on ★ New Server ★ The Inner Light [SMP Survival Server] [No Lag] [Building A New Community!]
    Application Request
    • In Game Name (IGN): Unfamousartist
    • Age: 20
    • Location: Tennessee, USA
    • Experience/Background: I have been playing several years, since before the jungle was even a thing in Minecraft haha
    • Primary Play Style: I consider myself primarily a builder, community member, and a little bit of everything else
    • Skype: N/A
    • Reason For Applying: Looking for a fun Minecraft server to play the new version on
    • Additional Comments/Info: N/A
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    posted a message on [1.8] ShadowCraft Vanilla Server [WhiteList] [14+]
    MC Username: Unfamousartist
    Skype: Unfamousartist
    Age: 20
    Time Playing MC: Several years
    Youtube (if you have one): Dont have one
    Location: Eastern United States
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    posted a message on SolisGamers 1.8 Vanilla ~oOo~ Family Friendly Server ~oOo~
    IGN: Unfamousartist
    Age: 20
    Do you have Teamspeak? Yes
    Agree to follow the rules? Ye$
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    posted a message on 1.8 Vanilla Hard Survival 18+ No lag 24/7 Hosted Server
    In game name: Unfamousartist

    Age: 20

    Country: United States

    Experience: Years of experience building and playing

    What you want to accomplish: Build a town/city, recruit people to join me and challenge people to conquer us in organized pvp

    Why you are choosing this server: I need a 1.8 server with no lag

    How active will you be: Highly

    What kind of music do you like: Alternative
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    posted a message on HorizonCraft -- Realms, Pure Vanilla Survival, Dedicated 24/7, Community, Whitelisted
    In-game name: Unfamousartist
    Age: 20
    Why you want to join: Looking for a stable, non laggy 1.8 server to start playing
    What you like to do in Minecraft: Build, Organized PvP, Town building
    Any other comments (OPTIONAL): I am a highly talented builder and have great ideas and suggestions
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    posted a message on ★--ResistPvP--★ 1.6! [Factions] [Raiding] [Custom Built Dungeons] [mcMMO] [PvP] [24/7] [No-Whitelist]
    Hey I think there might be an issue with being able to fly in faction land. I could do it yesterday but now I cant? Just thought I would bring that up :)
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