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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 for Orlando, FL?
    Hey I wanted to make this post (I know im a little late) saying that I think Minecon 2013 should be in Walt Disney World in Florida here's my reasons.

    1. We need a east coast Minecon

    2. There are tons of tourists and I dressed as Steve for Halloween (I know its nerdish it was cool though and saw a creeper) and a lot of people knew I was doing Minecraft costume so ALOT of people know minecraft here

    3. We got a huge convention center Gaylord Palms or Orlando Science Center and lastly Orlando Convention center 3 huge places for Minecon 2013! (also airline tickets are pretty cheap here surprisingly)

    4. I want to hear your ideas why it should be in FL and where else on the east coast is should be centering around DC and make it in between

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