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    posted a message on [Aether II] AetherCraft! [1.5.1] [PVP] [ESSENTIALS] [TELEPORTING] [FAIR SERVER] [NO WHITELIST]

    I would like the commands for a LP that I plan to do with friends later this summer

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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 for Orlando, FL?
    Hey I wanted to make this post (I know im a little late) saying that I think Minecon 2013 should be in Walt Disney World in Florida here's my reasons.

    1. We need a east coast Minecon

    2. There are tons of tourists and I dressed as Steve for Halloween (I know its nerdish it was cool though and saw a creeper) and a lot of people knew I was doing Minecraft costume so ALOT of people know minecraft here

    3. We got a huge convention center Gaylord Palms or Orlando Science Center and lastly Orlando Convention center 3 huge places for Minecon 2013! (also airline tickets are pretty cheap here surprisingly)

    4. I want to hear your ideas why it should be in FL and where else on the east coast is should be centering around DC and make it in between

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    posted a message on New Mindcrack like server.
    1. IGN: UnderminerX
    2. DO you record for youtube?: I have a channel and I will be recording soon when I get a headset soon
    3. Minecraft experience.: Playing since release
    4. How long will you be on a day?: Depends on what Im in the mood of playing but I will play a bit
    5. Have you ever been banned?: Nope
    6. What are your plans for the server?: To build the Nub from mindcrack on the server and branch out from the nub and possibly build a zeppelin house :D
    7.Are you willing to Skype with other members?: Yes. but my mic is broken and just goes high pitched all the time (its a webcam)
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    posted a message on Minecraft after 1.2 being terrible on PCS (Dont hate read this first)
    Quote from MrEpicOne

    Graphics cards can cause this more than just those three things. We need more info. Also, my PC runs Minecraft at playable FPS on 1.4.4.

    Hmm let me look at my graphics but I can say I can run Skyrim smoothly
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    posted a message on Minecraft after 1.2 being terrible on PCS (Dont hate read this first)
    Does anyone agree with me that Minecraft has been terrible on PCS? I just got a new PC and I cant even run MC for 2 minutes without is running out of memory I've allocated more memory to java deleted everything installed optifine nothing lets it run smooth. Does anyone have a solution or has this issue? After 1.2.5 I cannot run Minecraft anymore and I'm about to quit Minecraft entirely cause of it not running smooth.

    (Note this new PC of mine is high end)


    Intel i3-2130

    RAM 4 gb upgrading very soon

    64-bit OS

    If you at all can help me I will appreciate alot.

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    posted a message on Tekkit v3.0 Minecraft Survival
    I'd join but I gotta get my tekkit not lagging!
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    posted a message on Danori's Skin Shop! [Taking Requests/Commissions]
    I need a minecraft skin thats cartoon like but norse like without a beard or anything like that...
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    posted a message on WorldCrack -Mindcrack like server- Whitelisted-
    Here's my application!

    IGN:UnderminerX (Isn't made yet FYI, Will make later)

    Age?:11 (Mature 1-10=10)

    Why do you want to join?:I have been looking for ages for a mature, prank allowing, pvp, and friendly server! :D

    How long have you played minecraft?:Seince 1.2.5 (1.0.0 if you add cracked :D. and not cracked now)

    Random fact about you?:My Favorite block set is Stone Bricks

    Do you have skype?:Yes UnderminerX

    How often do you play?:About 1/2 of the day (Later 1/4 cause I'm going to be a Apple App developer)
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    posted a message on [TEAM NEEDED] Race For The Wool Team [Underminers]
    I just have now check you guys out and I will send a skype request but I am leaving on Tuesday to Buffalo, NY for my brother's wedding.

    NOTE: All of you are in but I will need 1 person for reserve on matchs encase someone cant make it!

    NOTE: My skype is changing soon so expect a new contact request soon!

    NOTE: One of you has to run a server for us so use this link to see you PC stats for how many people you can run on a server.


    I will also have training on a server that my friend owns.

    Skype contact Req are sent!
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    posted a message on Custom music discs mod
    Awesome idea I would love to help but I know nothing about modding D:
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    posted a message on MindCrack like server.
    Here's my application!

    -IGN: Dont have one but later will have one UnderminerX


    -Do you know what the mindcrack server is? Yes its a private whitelisted server owned by GuudeBoulderfist of OOGE. Also they have had the server since 2010

    -How active will you be on the server? Mostly when I'm bored and on weekends (And whenever I have an idea)

    -Do you record for youtube (not required)? Yes, and No. (I will but I have recording issues right now)

    -Tell me something about you. My favorite block set is Stone Bricks

    -Why do you want to join the server? Because I have a talent with MC things I would like to show them off.

    _ And finally why should i accept you? I'm really creative and can think of a lot of ideas and I'm REALLY good at farming. Also I would love to meet and know new people!

    Hope you accept me! :D
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    posted a message on Hermitcraft and Mindcrack server (coming out in 1.3) Vanilla
    Heres my application.

    Minecraft name: UndermineX
    steam name: (Will say later for protection
    do you have a YouTube channel?: Will say later for protection(Recording issues note)
    what are you good at in minecraft (redstone building etc.)?: Im good at adventuring, farming, etc
    bit about you: Age (Will not say until later for protection) Fav Block: Stone Bricks (Reg, Cracked, Moss, Circle/Chiseled) Fav Mob: Saddled Pigs :D
    can you help pay for the server ($18 a year): Sorry, No I cannot I do not have any money for paying servers... (Deeply sorry, Hope this doesn't effect my application)
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    posted a message on MC DayZ Skins [POST YOUR OWN] [SERVER]
    Hi Guys!,

    I have started a new thread for DayZ Arma II fans who have made skins for MC!

    That's all the info right now so please post them also include downloads!!!

    (NO ADFLY)


    I will make a custom server for DayZ in MC later I am looking for people to help me set it up and donators later to pay for a server craft server.
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    posted a message on [TEAM NEEDED] Race For The Wool Team [Underminers]

    I'm looking for a CTM Race For The Wool Map's Team for playing

    I haven't played a RFTW map before but I do have a good understanding
    for what to do...

    I need 3 people for it the team name is Underminers cause we drill for minerals fast in RFTW maps :D

    Reply and I will pm my skype to talk about it later...

    I hope you consider joining my team :D

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    posted a message on [MOD REQUEST] Minecraft Klepper Kayak/Sailboat Mod (NEED ADVANCED CODERS)
    Quote from Gonfa

    Please go and read the rules.

    You are right...

    I have now made a new topic on WIP mods.



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