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    posted a message on Need crew members for video.
    Quote from Jayy586

    I can be a background person
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    posted a message on Need crew members for video.
    Quote from Hidden_Legaciez

    keen, il be a charecter and my friend can record, idk if he can make credits but he makes good intros!
    but i have a demand, the video goes on our channel, is that alright?
    I already have someone to record, so you may be a character if you like, but your friend will not be recording and it would not go on your channel.
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    Okay so for a recently started RPG world, I decided I wanted to start a small pet project.
    Basically I plan to make it into a 10 episode YouTube mini-series, however this can only be done with certain help, otherwise I'm just going to scrap the project.
    What I need is:
    -2 Camera men willing to record rather than be in the video
    -1 person for a larger role and 4-5 people to play background villagers
    -Someone who has video and recording equipment (That's why this plan may get scrapped, I lack all these things)
    -I need someone who can make small credit scenes in order to give everyone credit as is due

    If anyone by chance would like to participate, please message me. However if we don't get someone with the proper equipment then the video will be scrapped

    If we do manage to get all this started I will immediately begin script writings and henceforth I will need some form of communication, preferably email; that I can mail scripts to.
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    posted a message on Building for my next world
    So I have decided I want to start a new recreational world. I want this world to feature things such:
    -Mob fighting arena
    -Animal hunting events and locations
    -Casual party like areas
    -Less stressful economic-like world overall
    -Basically a world for fun

    If anyone would like to help me with this world, feel free to message me. If needed you can reach me at my Gamertag but I would prefer you comment or inbox first for this.

    My Gamertag is GodHatesCoD

    I need as many people as possible so please don't hesitate to volunteer
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    posted a message on About the End

    Do you mean build the end portal as in like creative mode? If so, you can't activate it even if you put the ender eyes in, you have to spawn in end portal block. If you are in vanilla, then you have to place ender eyes into each mssing slot of the portal. The portal should appear, and just jump right in. To get the egg, you have to place a piston next to it, and then turn on the piston with a lever or other power source, and the egg should pop off and you can pick it up. Hope this helps! Good luck with the dragon! :D
    No you can build it in creative, I have done it before. However on my recently finished world it refuses to work.
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    So upon the creation of recent worlds between me and my friend, we decided to go beyond our usual set of an economy world.
    We mean creating the story of the good and bad, and even the neutral. In this world there is:
    -Real time playing, so don't be gone to long.
    -Various nations, who will you represent?
    -Peasants, Armies, Royal families and even Royal knights.
    -The power of choice; choose your allies AND your enemies. What will your nation strive for? Peace? Power? Resources? The choice is yours
    -War; nations may openly declare war or even have spies infiltrate cities in order to frame someone else.
    (Note, if a war starts the map will be saved, once the war comes to an end, the map will be reloaded and the losing side will be force to pay reprimands to the winning nation)
    -In the end it all comes down to you, rise into power and show the other nations your greatness. Or even save up and start your own village, and be independent from nations.

    If you are interested then add my Gamertag: GodHatesCoD and please make sure to attach a message stating you got my gamertag from this forum. You may also leave your gamertag as a comment and I will get to you as soon as possible.
    The faster you message the better position you will receive within the world. Currently in the world are 4 people, we need at least 6 before the world will officially launch.
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    posted a message on About the End
    So on my recent economy world I decided to build the End portal, however despite my best attempts the portal does not work. Any ideas why? Also when I killed the Ender Dragon with my friends we were wondering if there's a way to get the egg.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    posted a message on Looking for players (Economy World)
    I'm looking for players for my finished economy world, I have a great many that were done on survival however this one WAS done on creative, you can play on multiple worlds but must first play on my newest one and get used to my rules. There are no age restrictions, gender, etc etc... I only request that you be able to listen, and not yell, be a troll or anything. All these will result in the banhammer.

    The world will work in this way:
    -Players are required to work some form of job in order to generate income.
    -Players must be willing to live within the confines of the set city
    -Players are obligated to the standard rules of my economy rules.(Taxes on set dates, work schedules, etc) please not I will keep track of all these first-handed and therefore the world should remain organized
    -Players are welcome to purchase multiple properties for the use of living, storage, or renting out to other players.
    -Players are allowed to live together with no increases of biweekly taxes
    -Players who fail to pay taxes are given 2 real time hours to pay, if unable to the player will either be evicted from their home or effectively suspended from the world for 2 days.
    -It is preferred that you refer to players by Gamertag and not name as some players feel uncomfortable having everyone know their name.
    -If ANY form of griefing is discovered it will result in an insta-ban with absolutely no chance of being allowed back into the world

    Now that these rules have been established, you may reach me via my Gamertag GodHatesCoD. I request that you message me informing me you obtained my Gamertag through the forum in order to avoid any confusion.
    Remember; all ages, sexes, religion are welcome, there is no discrimination. We can hate each other equally.
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