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    posted a message on Give An Internet
    I shall join!
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    posted a message on Will make skinz for food
    Could you make a soldier wearing MARPAT? Like this:
    The actual camo pattern
    Soldiers wearing it

    Edit:big pictures are now links
    EditEdit:Without firearms, but if you can get helmet and shooting glasses that would be cool :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on 512*512*256 flatgrass singleplayer map.
    Here you are : Flatgrass

    Edit: Dang it Cheesman, Mine has a flood barrier.
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    posted a message on Project: Big Ben
    I was there during construction. (didn't help though)(should have).

    And I must say, It is awesome.

    I award this:

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    posted a message on A world without hacks.
    I have carefully read and pondered all that was posted above, and as a very old user of minecraft(right after multiplayer was added, But a recent member of these fine forums) I would like to add my 2 cents worth.

    In the beginning, there were no hacks.

    And then, suddenly there were. I for one held off from using them, partly because of a lack of connection to the community(such as this forum) and partly because I wanted to keep the game at its "original" (vanilla maybe?) whatever the term I didn't want the change. However, as I started to build more skyscraper type builds and less sprawling across the ground builds I became frustrated with contently falling off and teleporting back up.

    So I asked someone in game and got WoM hacks. And for a time it was the honeymoon, speeding around servers. Flying up really high to see everything, Reaching inaccesible places easily.

    And then, suddenly it was over, I watched as before my very eyes, a server was griefed by a hacker who noclipped out of jail then flew around with what I suspect was a autoclicker and destroyed literally everything in about 1/8th of the map. And that was a wakeup call.

    So my opinion this. After being an op, and finally an admin, I find above mentioned hacks quite usefull in the prevention of griefing, however they can also be used for destruction. They can be used to create great and awesome testaments to this wonderfull game we all enjoy, but they may also take the joy away from doing so.

    My final thoughts are this: hacks are a tool, just like a car or a power saw and can be used as thus. They can be used by upstanding members of the community to enhance the game and increase the quality of the game play. But they can also be used to destroy.

    The thing is... which do you choose? That is what is important. As it will always be.

    (Sorry for the long rambling post)
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    posted a message on How do you make a server?
    This post belongs in the Server Administration forums, please don't post in the first forum you see.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server trouble
    Your computer wont allow you to connect through an external address, try this:

    Replace with your ip and port of course.(default port is 25565)This should work, if not, call back.
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    posted a message on map request
    The Multiplayer server that you are talking about I believe is my Planet Server that I had up for a while. If you want I could give you the original server_level.dat or the one that everyone had built on. I could also build you a whole new one, to your specifications.
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