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    posted a message on Clay Soldiers Mod v. 3.0.0-alpha.3 (MC 1.12.x) / 2.0.0-beta.2 (MC 1.7.10)
    Quote from SilverChiren»

    We will not be making a 1.7.2 version. Sorry.

    Now i have to ask little blocks and slimevoid to update... F***!
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    posted a message on Clay Soldiers Mod v. 3.0.0-alpha.3 (MC 1.12.x) / 2.0.0-beta.2 (MC 1.7.10)
    San, can you add a 1.7.2 version of clay soldiers 2.0.0b? It'd be great since Little block's latest version of the mod is 1.7.2. Maybe you can do that, please?
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    posted a message on Kirby Mod!
    Maybe the Kirby enemies?

    I'm a big fan of Kirby, so you should add atleast 2! Also, if you can, make it so that Kirby can be tamed with maximum tomatoes!

    Please update this too, i'd love to play this in my Flan's modded survival series on youtube!
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    Quote from TStrux»
    I have it in my mods folder and go to play under my forge profile but it pops up with an error screen. When I remove NEI it works again. I only have TMI and Optifine installed please help.

    You mus put CCC andNEI in coremods folder.
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    posted a message on 🌟 Clay Soldier Server 🌟 Looking for server hoster! 🌟
    At the moment, I was making a small little civilization of clay soldiers and was wondering, "Maybe I can make a clay soldier server?" But I don't have any idea how. If you know how to make a modded server, have a 1.5.2 server with clay soldiers and SAPManPack. If anyone makes it, tell me the IP. Then you will be hosted in a video (I HAZ YOUTUBE!) where I will show the people around with you. Make it a whitelist, and also have a website for whitelist.

    ☠ WARNING! If any greifers are found, they will be banned. You have been warned! ☠
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    posted a message on More ores, armors, tools, and more!

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    posted a message on More ores, armors, tools, and more!
    Quote from Kholdstare»

    I would disagree (seriously, Minecraft is a ridiculously short game and it takes no time at all to blaze through all the tiers to diamond) but the game can't really have another tier in its current state.

    Anyway, we REALLY don't need new tiers; there's not enough room progression-wise for one if it's below diamond in power, and above diamond would be OP (since iron and diamond are both OP, anything outright better than diamond would be even more OP).

    Not to mention, Onyx and Titanium armor both provide complete invincibility to damage sources that don't ignore armor. No thanks.

    Yeah, but the thing is that they'll add more bosses, maybe one with 1,000 health. And alot of damage, so it isn't so OP now. That is if they add new bosses. There are only two, so they should spice up the game a bit more.
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    posted a message on More ores, armors, tools, and more!

    They will be ignored. Any one supporting this, thank you. Remember, I won't listen to your complaints.
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    posted a message on More ores, armors, tools, and more!
    Quote from PandawanFr»
    If you find something to use these ores with... Then it may be interesting, but the armor/tools thingy is good the way it is, Minecraft doesn't need more armors and tools...

    Soon (Tommorow) i'll add a few uses for the ores and stuff. Wait!
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    posted a message on /testfor things that are for the command!
    Quote from herobrine123x_»
    The health can be detected with scoreboard, Inventory is already in, and hunger is already in.

    Well then health must be added since I have no idea how to use scoreboard properly. XD
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    posted a message on More ores, armors, tools, and more!
    Since you asked for durability, attack damage, and armor, here it is. Happy now?
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    posted a message on /testfor things that are for the command!
    Here are a few things I've thought of:

    /testfor @p {Health:<Health amount>}

    /testfor @p {Direction:{X:<#>,Y:<#>,Z:<#>}}

    Please tell me if any of these are in the game, as these are just a few of the many ideas I have!
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    posted a message on More ores, armors, tools, and more!
    Well, by the title, you can tell what this post is going to be about.

    Oh, and all things not nice/helpful, will yes, be reported for being Invalid. You have been warned.


    I have 6 new ore ideas for the game. it can be added and have a bunch of mining additions being called "The Miner's Update"

    Here are the ores:

    -Ruby (Was going to be added, but replaced with Emerald. Gosh darn! Has emerald texture, but red.)

    -Copper (Has a shiny lightish brown color. Has iron/coal/.etc texture.)

    -Sapphire (Has a shinyish blue color. Has emerald texture.)

    -Titanium (Drak gray color. Has nether quartz texture)

    -Silver (White color. iron/coal/etc. texture.)

    -Onyx (Gray color. Quartz texture.)

    All of them (Emerald can be a tool/armor/weapon too!) can be crafted into armor, tools, and weapons!

    I know, kind of short, but this would be a great addition. Half of the ores were from SimpleOres, so I hope both ine and SimpleOres ores get into the game!

    All of you asked, and I will have the durability, attack damage, and armor. Jeez, don't have to over react!
    Here are the grades worst to best

    Leather, Gold, Copper, Iron, Silver, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire, Diamond, Onyx, Titanium. Oh, and there should be 2 armor bars, as Onyx and Titanium will have over the armor bar, having 2 bars of armor.

    Attack: Copper: 4.5, Silver: 6.5, Emerald: 7, Ruby and Sapphire: 6.75, Onyx: 8, Titanium: 9.
    Defense: Copper: 12, Silver: 17, Emerald: 18, Ruby and Sapphire: 16, Onyx: 29, Titanium: 35
    Durability: Copper: 134, Silver: 295, Emerald: 390, Ruby and Sapphire: 345, Onyx: 2367, Titanium: 2989

    One person said that there should be something useful for the ores/ingots/gems. So here it is:
    First, a ultra crafting table. This is crafted with a crafting table, 4 emeralds (in corners) and 2 rubys and sapphires. (in a diamond shape) this is what you need to craft emerald, ruby, sapphire, onyx, titanium, and diamond stuff. (Not so easy now, huh?) You can also make a ultra anvil. Same, but emeralds are replaced with diamonds. This let's you craft big swords, having 1+ range and damage. Oh, and did I mention that emerald, ruby, sapphire, onyx, titanium, and diamond need to have a blaze rod if a tool/weapon?

    The new mobs (6) are:
    Ghosts - Spawn when you die, and don't spawn very much. They hold what you were holding when you died, and use it. Oh, and they camp around your stuff. Health:20 Damage:3

    Player - Can be tamed/hired with a gold block. They will follow you around, and you can give them stuff. Rare chance they'll have a weapon. Health:22 Damage:1

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    posted a message on [1.8.1] [PvP] [PvM] Epic Arena Battle! Fight zombies and skeletons together, or just battle it out!
    Want to fight your friends to the death?
    Want to fight off heart slicing, deadly warriors?
    Fight off mobs, and friends and more in this map!
    So you spawn in and your like, well this is a cool arena! Guess what? It's a schematic. The whole arena is all reserved to Smon, on planet minecraft. (DONT SUE ME FOR ADVERTISING! (Maybe ( ((()IDK XD)) ) ) ) ) Then you walk in. Remember, get your stuff in the chests! And you will be in the arena! By the way, this is a 6 player map. So when your in, you'll find 4 levers. I'll explain them now.
    LVL 1 - These guys have a leather chestplate and are for beginning. They have a wooden sword (And a archer! BTW The archer is in all of them!)DONT EAT THE FLESH! That's your money! (I'll explain later)
    LVL 2 - This time, they have iron boots and leggings and a chainmail chestplate. And also have a stone sword.
    LVL 3 - Iron chestplate, and diamond leggings and boots. IRON SWORDS!!!
    LVL 4 - Full diamond. They have a ^&!*%!& diamond sword!
    Yes, there has to be a shop! You can buy Armor, Iron swords, diamond swords, and godly swords! Those are some OP stuff, you know! You use your drops you get from mobs to pay as if money. Oh, and arrows do NOT count. And no stealing! After you buy, throw your money to the Shop Keeper (In the lava) and he'll take your money bro! The only things you can use are flesh and bones as money.
    The map is for 1.8.1, so play on 1.8.1!
    0.2 Alpha - The "Effect"ionate Update - https://www.mediafire.com/?gom5t14dw4ob98r
    0.1v Alpha - First release!
    LVL 1,2,3,and 4 warriors
    and much more!
    0.2v Alpha - The "Effect"ionate Update
    It's all about effects!
    Added player and mob effects.
    Well, going back to work! (Yay...)
    How to Download maps
    1. Download my map on Mediafire
    2. Go to where it was placed
    3. Extract/Unzip the .zip file
    4. Go to your %appdata%
    5. Go to .minecraft
    6. Go to saves
    7. Drag the unzipped file into there
    8. Enjoy!
    Please tell me if any bugs are found in the map, as I would love to fix it!
    Want me to add something? Discuss your suggestion in the comments!
    And please, make videos! I would like it to become a little more known!
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    posted a message on New gamerule - EntityDrops
    EntityDrops is a gamerule that make every non living entity not drop what they have (Example:Paintings,Item Frames,etc...)

    This is very useful for map makers and others since SOME people break rules and break things. Or maybe it's required. ;)

    Continuing, it is useful since some people thought it was annoying that non living entitys would drop their item when in creative, or something else. As it is included in the brand-new 1.8.1, it is now a decently liked gamerule. I like it myself!

    To use the command, type /gamerule doEntityDrops false/true
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