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Good Morning!
If your here, it probably means your trying to find things out about me! Well make some tea, grab some popcorn, and get ready for the long haul. Just kidding! I'll spare you the details of my rather not tragic, and fairly normal childhood. Suffice to say: I was born some time ago, and have since grown up to something resembling what most of you know as human. However, though my physical appearance may resemble that of the typical human, I am, like most other humans, quite different than everybody else.
For starters, if you haven't already noticed, my typical greeting is good morning. Regardless, of the time of day, or the position of the sun. It's always morning. I also have a tendency to quote things in regular speech. In fact I often adopt quirky words/phrases simple because they "sound cool." Also, I'm a bit of a romantic. When I play video games, the story is one of the most important elements to me. And, though I am quite intelligent, I still manage to be remarkable thick. Don't worry, I'm lighthearted enough to laugh at myself when I goof up.
So yeah, that's me. Or part of me. Or a tragic misrepresentation of me. Or maybe it's that guy over there, Bill.
All the things!
Also, I'm dabbling in let's playing:

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