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    posted a message on AFTERMATH - Politics, Economics, Minecraft! [Extra Hard Mode!] [3.1.2] [Spoutcraft] [Nations] [iConomy]
    Aftermath was a nations-survival server started by Griskard, who, about a month before his death*, passed the server down to me. I have tried to fulfill his/our dream of maintaining an active, somewhat realistic political simulator.

    *Griskard is no longer dead; he was pronounced Missing in Action, but was found several months later. He lives again.

    The Nations System
    (Note: Nations system is currently being revamped for the new world, expect changes.)

    The gameplay of Aftermath revolves around the ability of players to set up their own political entities. To make the system fair to both new players and veterans, there are various levels of settlements that players can create:
    Hamlets are small plots with an area of 32x32 blocks. They require at least two people to create, and cannot attack nor be attacked in an act of warfare. Additionally, hamlets cannot maintain fiefs.
    Towns are larger than hamlets, encompassing an area of 64x64 blocks and requiring at least three people to create. Like hamlets, towns are immune to warfare. Notably, unlike hamlets, towns are able to divide their land into fiefs.
    Manors are the same size as towns, but only require one person to create. Manors are notable because they are the only settlement in which the citizenship is allowed to overlap with the citizenship of other settlements. This allows them to act as outposts for cities and nations. Additionally, they are able to maintain fiefs. They are able to participate in warfare (voluntarily or not), but are not able to go on the offensive unless aligned with an entity that is (a city or a nation). Additionally, a confederation of at least three manors is treated as a nation for game mechanics.
    Cities maintain a sizable area of 96x96 blocks, and require three people to create. Like towns, cities can divide land into fiefs, but unlike towns and hamlets, cities are able to participate in wars (voluntarily or not).
    Nations are large areas of the countryside (256x256) that overlap with smaller settlements, uniting them under one political banner. A nation requires four people to start. Newly purchased nations come with a city inside them and have all of the abilities a city does.
    Fiefs are small (16x16) plots of land that only exist within larger settlements. Their purpose is to allocate private plots to players instead of trusting everyone within the larger area to honor each other's property.

    These are the prices of each settlement tier; upkeep occurs every two weeks:
    Fief - 500 * x^2, with x being the current amount of fiefs within the larger area (if more than one larger area is involved, such as a city within a nation, use the larger number). Upkeep of 350 per two weeks.
    Hamlets - 3000, upkeep of 500
    Towns - 10,000, upkeep of 1,250
    Manors - 20,000, upkeep of 3,000
    Cities - 50,000, upkeep of 5,00
    0Nations - 100,000, upkeep of 10,000

    Everything within the nations system is done with the simple, reliable Worldguard plugin. To purchase territory, simply let an admin know (such as by a message on the forums or ingame) and he will create the area for you manually. You can either mark out the exact area that you want or simply indicate to the admin which block you want to be the center of the area, and he will create the area around that.

    0.) Attempt to maintain an acceptable level of decency and common sense at all times.
    a.) This is interpreted broadly at the admin's discretion. It encompasses spam, racism, anti-gay bigotry, stupidity in general, and more.
    1.) I really shouldn't need to say this, but exploiting glitches and hacking are also against the rules (obsidian generators are ok).
    2.) You may not make shop chests for the sole purpose of protecting your items. Shop chests must only be used for shopping, and should only be made within towns.
    3.) Pvp (and griefing) is allowed, but it is subject to Rule Zero and Rule One. This means that you shall not attempt to circumvent pvp restrictions such as pvplogger, worldguard, etc.
    4.) If I give you powers to help you with a special task (ie, if I give you creative mode to build something for me), these powers are NOT to be used to give you an advantage in your regular gameplay. Again, this should be pretty obvious, but it needed stating anyway.

    For your greylist applications, enter in the following information:
    Your In-game Name (When you register on our forums, please make your username there the same as this.)
    What you like to do on Minecraft
    Which number has a larger positive value, -1500 or 1000?
    [Optional] An essay of any length on your favorite historical figure

    Also, for those of you concerned, this server now uses Extra Hard Mode: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/fun-hard-mode/pages/main/
    You have been warned.

    This thread will be updated as more features are added and clarified.
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    posted a message on Status of Minecraft Servers
    Oh yeah, and don't you have to have Bukkit for SpoutPlugin?

    Yes, but he's been talking about Spout for pretty much the entire thread, not spoutplugin.
    Of course, despite the fact that spoutplugin uses bukkit, some people will still think that it's anti-bukkit. You just can't win with some people.

    Quote from ThePilotGuy

    Please stop with the personal insults, like calling someone retarded. Argue about the post, not the user.

    As someone who completely agrees with most of what he's saying, I have to agree.
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    posted a message on Tips on advertising the server!
    For advertising, I would suggest getting spoutplugin and signing up on the Spout Forums and their server list. Plus, you should get spoutplugin and use Spoutcraft anyway :).
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    Some of the players on my server have told me that Minecraft is "too hard" and we should make it easier so that people will want to stay on our server. For example, a couple days or so ago some guy was wandering around and got blown up by a creeper. He was upset and basically said "OMG creepers blow up on this server?!? WAAAA I LOST ALL MY STUFF I QUIT" (he had apparently believed that since towns were safe from creepers, the entire world would be safe).

    Now, I think this is ludicrous. I'm of the opinion that if you're the kind of person who cries and leaves a server just because he got blown up, you don't deserve to play on a minecraft server. I only want dedicated, DECENT players on my server, not a bunch of whiny kids who can't play the game.
    Now, don't bother me with "not all kids are immature!!11!one" crap. The "I'm mature for my age" line has become common enough that I won't believe it readily, so don't bother bringing it up. If you're mature for your age, I'll be able to see it in your actions (the server doesn't actually have an age limit anymore, I've found that the kids will often screen themselves out for me, like the above example).

    I think Minecraft is WAY too easy. Honestly, once you get diamond armour (about four hours gameplay, tops), you're pretty much nigh-invulnerable to the environment. So, I was thinking of installing this plugin: http://forums.bukkit...2-5-r1-0.52728/
    I would turn off the block-destroying effects and the constant nighttime, and maybe the long-range snipers, but overall, I think the plugin offers some pretty useful features. However, one of my players (the same one complaining that the game is too hard for new players) thinks that this will drive people away. I think that's absurd, but to be certain about it, I wanted to make a poll.
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    The primary purpose of spawn is to be a safe place to live for players who haven't decided what town they want to live in (or don't want to live in a town), and a centralized place to easily do business. And sure, there's nothing stopping players from making their own farms if they feel that the public farm isn't big enough (or if people keep not replanting it or something). Although food shouldn't be much of an issue for new players, given the Baconizer...

    It's really not very hard to get out of, either, you just walk out the front door of the hospital (iron building with the big blue glowstone ball) and go in pretty much any direction you feel like (I would suggest forward into the mountains, or following the coastline to the left of spawn.)
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    Quote from AmberK

    I'm sorry? How exactly are you getting these results? With one gigabyte of ram...

    On vanilla:
    ((1024 * 1) - 80) / 40 = 23.6

    On craftbukkit:
    ((1024 * 1) - 240) / 40 = 19.6

    I cannot fathom where you got 8 people from.

    Er... That's odd. I could have sworn it said /90 in the OP, not /40. Not sure how I misread it... sorry about that.

    EDIT: Er, I reread it. It does say /90. Must be a typo?
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    posted a message on Gold or Paper?
    ... Why don't you just use iconomy or a similar plugin like every other server?

    The idea of using an item as currency seems kind of silly, since it ties the value of money to the quantity of a particular resource (like the gold standard did in real life). I will grant that gold is probably the superior choice of paper between those two options, though.

    Also, you getting banned just because you unknowingly used the wrong currency is a really stupid reason to get a ban. Some "friend" that was.
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    posted a message on What if EA made Minecraft?
    Please, NO. Not after what those scumbags did to the Command & Conquer franchise. And Spore. And, well, pretty much everything they've touched, from what I've heard about them.
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    posted a message on Vote For Animal Homes. Wooly and Oinkers have wives!
    Meh, screw paranoia, Oinkers needs my vote!

    Go Oinkers!

    :Pig: :Ham: :Pig: :Ham: :Pig:
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    Quote from milest3hr4t

    For the sake of enchanting
    Iron tools count as lv 14
    Diamond tools count as lv 10
    Gold tools count as lv 22
    This means 1 level with an iron tool can get you any enchantment that requires lv 15.
    1 level on a gold tool can get you things that require at least 23 levels.

    Gold armor's level? 25.

    Iron helm + 1 level... Protection 1.
    Gold helm + 1 level... Protection 2.
    Iron boots + 6 levels.... protection 1.
    Gold boots + 6 levels... Featherfall 3.

    diamond is for durability, Gold is for magic. Iron is the half-way point between the two.

    In short - Gold hoe is the SECOND most wastefull... gold is for enchanting, and hoes can't be enchanted. plain and simple...

    The most wastefull? CLOCK.

    I think the clock is more useful than the golden hoe :tongue.gif:. At least the clock theoretically has a use.

    Also, I still wouldn't use gold for magic, unless it was for something like Respiration or Aqua Affinity that didn't lose durability as it was used. And the magical advantage iron has over diamond really doesn't make it worth using over diamond unless you're either short on diamonds or don't have an exp grinder, IMO.
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