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    posted a message on 1.8 Is Killing Our Modding Community

    Your arguments are just as flawed as your spelling.

    "1.They destroyed Notch's codding filosophy that since Pre-Alphha de codding should be simple and succint."

    Since when was that his philosophy to begin with? Besides, coding and decoding is NEVER simple. It's not supposed to be simple, it's supposed to be flexible. It's supposed to let you do what you want and/or need to do.

    "2.They added a API that has no reason to be there, that is normally used on web, JSON.

    They changed everything that Forge and MCP made."

    It's not a modding API. At most, it's used for resource packs. It didn't necessarily change anything. Plus, it's been there since 1.6.

    "3.They say they like to help modders but they are actually hating on
    them by creating a instable the only API that we have available for us
    Forge. Now, almost no one can use Forge normally and it's really
    difficult to learn how to use it even if you already started codding at
    Forge since the begginings of the Beta."

    So Forge is unstable because of Mojang, not because of, I don't know, the dev team that makes Forge? What kind of logic is that? Plus, coding is not supposed to be freaking easy. It's supposed to be flexible. It's supposed to be able to make something that's functional.

    "4. After this updates, the modding community is so happy that they
    don't even create mods to 1.8, they are stuck at 1.7.10 and if they want
    to update their mods, well they need to create them over again or
    correct thousands of errors."

    What the hell are you talking about? Modders are moving to 1.8. Well, some of them anyway.

    Before you start making ridiculous claims, please do some fact-checking.

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    posted a message on DiseaseCraft
    Please don't speak for other people, and for the love of god political correctness only serves to make problems worse.
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    posted a message on The Mists of RioV [v2.5.2]
    People on this thread STILL don't bother to actually be informed on Mojang's decision.
    You never had copyrights to your mods to begin with.
    You're still allowed to make mods so long that you don't distribute malicious code with it.
    Mojang said that they won't bother trying to stomp out people stealing others' mods. Understandable, they have higher priorities. Such as working on their games.
    It's still Mojang's place to decide if you're allowed to profit off of mods of their games or not. Not the community's.

    Crying wolf is not a problem, so long as there is a wolf.
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    posted a message on The Mists of RioV [v2.5.2]
    Quote from sheenrox82

    Yes but that's not the point. What about new modders that have created an awesome new mod, slowly building up only for people to steal it and make money off of it. The original dev loses money and it's a lose-win situation. The leecher wins by getting credit and money because their site is filled with oblivious 9 year olds looking for mods possibly infested with malware.

    The dev loses because he doesnt get credit and loses money.

    You're telling me that you're mad at Mojang for something that's already happening? Are you serious?
    Man, you are dense. And misinformed. They are pretty much just stating what is already said. You cannot control where your mod is posted. And seriously, you can't really control whether someone takes your mod and gets credit for your work. What you can control is what actions you take toward it. Please actually do your reading and research before doing any childish, misinformed rage.

    Quote from sheenrox82

    No, I just don't want people to work on it because I don't want to see it changed. It's not selfish, plus I'm porting RioV to Starbound. RioV is my baby (that sounds weird... anyways) and I don't want other people owning my baby.

    Look, it's okay to say that people aren't allowed to work on your mod, but calling it your baby just makes you overly possessive. It's inane to say something like a Minecraft mod is equal to a child.
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    posted a message on Why 1.6.x boasts the worst changes of any release so far
    RainbowDa­e, you don't know what you're talking about.

    >Soupbone made nametags uncraftable

    What's wrong with that? Do you expect the game to hold your hand for you? Get off the training wheels kid, and actually do something on your own. Oh, and it's "Dinnerbone", not "Soupbone".

    >they can be used to create mob armies!
    As if I needed a reason to dislike the devs more.
    Gotta cater to those twelve year olds and protect them from scaaawy griefers, after all they make up the majority of new Minecraft purchases; the bottom line.

    Nice of you to cherrypick that argument out of all the others.
    They make mobs unable to despawn. Said mobs are still hostile, even to the people that used the nametags on them.
    Also, I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty annoyed to see a large amount of horses named "butt stallion", and Creepers named "exploding ****".

    You are entitled to your opinion, but if you refuse to voice it in a mature, civil manner, then you should shut up.
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    posted a message on What is all this hype about SkyDoesMinecraft?
    I don't think it matters why they do it. Whether for money, fame, ect. As long as they're not hurting anyone or breaking rules, they can do whatever they want.
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    posted a message on What is all this hype about SkyDoesMinecraft?
    It's funny how a lot of you guys that dislike Sky try to exaggerate the annoying aspects. He doesn't shout "BUDDER" all the time. He doesn't scream all the time. He only mentions butter when he sees gold. He only screams when he fails. He starts shouting when he's getting worked up. Have you ever heard of a thing called "adrenaline"?
    Although the butter joke does get annoying, which is why I don't use the term "butter" for gold anymore.
    Also, there's a difference between "silly" and "retarded". Sky is just silly. He just does all of this because that's what the majority of the fanbase finds funny. He's not always funny, sometimes I get annoyed by him. But he does a pretty good job at demonstrating the mods. He makes sure he knows what he's showcasing.
    But yeah, Sky is a racist piece of crap. Not all squids are evil or mean. Although there's one squid empire I know for sure is dominated by ­s. *sarcasm*
    I think I'll write an open letter to SkyDoesMinecraft.
    Quote from Zombee_Kreepah

    He calls them squids. Yes, he has a name for us.

    I kinda like him, but his fanbase and the whole Gold/Butter/Budder thing is keeping me away. It's just... no.

    Actually, he doesn't call anyone who dislikes him a "squid". That's what his fanbase does. Seriously though, Sky's fanbase is just like PewDiePie's fanbase. Or a fanbase of anything mainstream for that matter.

    I remember Sky responding pretty well to someone insulting him. He said "Look, why would you come onto my videos if all you're going to do is insult me?"
    That's the same kind of attitude I have. Why would I go onto someone's videos if all I'm going to do is insult them without giving any kind of constructive criticism whatsoever?
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Famous2 [v2.1.5] [55 Famous Minecrafters Into Your Minecraft!] [2 New Dimensions][and a lot more]
    Could you give us some screenshots or a video?
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    posted a message on Why refer to gold as 'butter'? Gold ingots do not look, nor act like butter!

    Oh, of course! Some kid with a microphone and screen-capture software system must be the source of all knowledge.
    Okay, that was uncalled for. What point are you trying to make here? That we think SkyDoesMinecraft is a genious or something? I think Sky isn't too bright, but I find him amusing. But hey, nobody ever said nor implied what you're saying. I think you seriously need to pull that stick out your butt.

    Since when do you put butter on apples, watermelons and carrots?
    Since when do you put gold on apples, watermelons and carrots? See how silly your argument is? I've seen your arguments, a lot of them typically comparing a game that takes place in a fictional setting to real life, which is very terrible logic.

    I'm fascinated with your ability to perceive the smoothness of items in a 16x java game. Actually, I think what you mean in 'malleable', not soft, but that still wouldn't prove your point. Butter is also not yellow, it's white. Calling gold butter on the basis of it yellow color is like calling a lightbulb a member of your family because it can be found in your house.
    May I ask if you ever watched cartoons or movies? They typically portray butter as yellow. And plus, butter at my home turns yellowish when it starts getting warm. Although it is yellow when cold, just very pale. A better term, though, would be weak, rather than soft. And can you use better comparisons than that? Because I've never seen a lightbulb that looks like a human.
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    posted a message on Is Mod API still in 1.5?
    Being a guy who's done code before, although it's much easier than actual programming languages, I wish people getting their panties in a bunch about the mod API would shut up about it, because they don't know what they're talking about.

    "It was promised two years ago."
    Yeah, Notch lied. Big whup. Notch isn't working on the game anymore, making that point irrelevant. They're working on the API right now, so it looks like they're going to follow through with plans and the promise. It's just going to take some time. It might even take years.

    "It was planned for 1.3."
    Yeah, so? They probably found some problems or realized how much work it's going to take, so they delayed it. They delayed it because it's not ready. What part of "it's not ready" do you not understand? If a feature of a game gets delayed, it's either because it's no ready, or they changed their minds. They don't owe this community anything, promise or not.

    I code characters for the MUGEN fighting game engine, I know what it's like to believe to be almost done with something, and whoops, I screwed up in some places and I overlooked a few problems I haven't seen before. Sometimes it takes a while to work on that. They're human beings. They make mistakes like you and me.

    And you need to realize that they practically have to recode the entire game from the ground up to get the API working? And did you know that they can underestimate how much time it takes to do something like that? Come on guys, have some common sense here.

    And if you're just going to say "you're a fanboy, hurr derr", can you use any other argument than that?
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