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    Quote from toast_burner

    I said what you said is as bad as saying that.
    Your beliefs are intolerant as you believe people of different religions don't deserve the same rewards as you even if they are nicer people than you who do lots of good.

    I do not believe that people of different religions don't deserve in the same reward, and I don't think anybody truly deserves heaven. As I said, it is a gift, and I'm not going to try to change your mind considering this topic is about sexuality, not religion, and your clearly to interested in finding as many ways as you can to insult me and call me intolerant.
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    I am Christian, and, while I wholly believe in God, I think that gay marriage is fine. The bible states that, no matter what you have done, if you truely believe in God, you will go to heaven. An example of this is in when Jesus was crucified, with to two robbers next to him, one of them repented and Jesus replied that he would be with him in Heaven. Are homosexuals excepted from that rule? Homosexuality isn't a choice, the only thing I can think of to explain it is a mutation in genes that affect how people view the opposite sex that causes the male/female to view the same sex in the way heterosexuals view the opposite sex. To quote Voltaire "Tolerance has never brought civil war, intolerance has covered the earth in carnage". There is nothing good that can come of being intolerant to homosexuals, and intolerance causing wars has echoed throughout history. The eight crusades for example, were caused purely by intolerance. Two religions, which both praised (mostly) the same God, thought the others simply weren't "good" enough to have posession of Jerusalem. The end result of the crusades resulted in nearly 200,000 lives being lost. Another example is the Spanish Inquisition, which rooted out all jews and muslims from Spain to form an all-catholic nation. Intolerance is, sadly caused by religions, which are supposed to promote a good moral code and kindness. Intolerance causes nothing but pain and suffering, and intolerance in turn is caused by the ignorance of people who cannot handle those who's beliefs differ from theirs.
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    1. We aren't going to give you tons of rep just because you want to see what people think.
    2. You can make a poll, you know.
    3. There is no thumbs down.
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    I think this would be amazing but it would have to be after the enderdragon and should probably be extremely complicated and tough for something so rewarding. i would take resources to another planet and create a awesome colony :)
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    I saw a ghast in the nether and shot a arrow at it when it shot a fireball. The arrow and fireball collided in midair and the fireball went back and killed the ghast.
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    Quote from M0dr1c101

    Some fixes i found on the home page, hope they can describe well:
    • Fix for a crash with pistons at the edge of the world
    • Fix for a crash due to a thread safety issue usually caused by pistons
    • Fix for issue with operating pistons on chunk boundaries
    • Fix for a rendering flicker with active pistons
    • Fix for rendering slowdown due to lighting issues
    • Fix for rain going through blocks (raining indoors)
    • Fix for Marketplace not launching when unlocking skin pack after selecting a locked skin in the trial version of the skin pack
    • Fix for bug allowing locked skins to be selected if they are beside a free skin
    • Fix for misaligned player scores when viewed under the "My Score" leaderboard filter
    • Fix for the constant button press sounds when rotating a character in the skin select screen
    • Fix for the constant sound effect played on the sign text entry
    • Fix for thunder not being audible
    • Fix for third person front view not displaying fire.

    That is the MCXbox360 update. Make sure you read the top and look specifically what MC platform it is next time.
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    your brain is either making stuff up or your trolling.
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    I never play on servers. do you have any good servers?
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