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    Quote from AnonTheMouse

    Okay, I'm noticing a big inconsistency in some of the suggestions I'm getting. The End should gradually transition to something while you watch...but it should also be barren? What exactly is it transitioning to, then? I think that one key thing is that the appearance of the End overall needs to change. There has to be some sort of recognizable change from Before to After, other than just more tracts of Nothing to explore. As an alternative to fungal, however, I could see utilizing crystalline structures or coral formations, though that would usually indicate aquatic life. There should definitely be something, though. What passes for life in the Nether is generally small and low to the ground. This makes me think there should be some tall, soaring things in the End.

    I throw my support behind crystalline "biomes", for lack of better word. Crystals already grow (though, admittedly, in a different way than living things) and nothing says "life, but not as we know it" better than silicon-based organisms.

    What's more, end stone looks to be rather porous, which would provide nucleation sites ideal for crystal growth (if we flub the science a little bit, which shouldn't be a problem since we're talking about an alternate dimension in a fantasy game).
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    posted a message on The Next Evolution for in game Interfaces! [300+ Support!] Now with lots of Pics.
    It doesn't make the game easier, it just streamlines it a bit. I don't really see why this shouldn't work.
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    posted a message on Overall what we want to see from Mojang!
    Somehow, you've managed to create a topic that is both not a suggestion and also a wishlist. It's almost impressive.
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    Quote from Jake Von

    The difference is that cats don't fight, and that creepers are evil to the ground itself. Not only that, it encourages the Skeletons to stay out of the range of melee, which isn't actually beneficial at all.

    Wolves already have their niche: combat. And the one thing they won't fight (creepers) are now frightened away by cats. Full coverage.

    Also, your poll options are biased so as to make anyone who disagrees with you look like some unreasonable naysayer.
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    Personally, I would "reverse" the crafting recipe so it became this:

    This would make it resemble the wooden gate's recipe more (bars instead of sticks, ingots instead of planks) and it would also leave an opening for straight-up iron fences crafted like so:

    But aside from the recipe, total support.
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    posted a message on Improved Hunting and some new Items
    I do think a hunting update would be very welcome. A few new animals (I'd say four at the maximum) with corresponding drops and behaviours isn't too much to ask, in my opinion. Even if the only "use" is to accommodate an alternative play-style (hunter-gatherer versus rancher/farmer) I think that would be enough justification for its addition.

    On the topic of elephant hunting... No, that would just be a bad idea. Yes, Minecraft is a game, but that doesn't mean anything goes. Just as there will never be alcohol in Vanilla, there will never be explicit animal cruelty. And killing elephants is invariably cruel. Yes, you could torture the current farm animals. You could invent ridiculously sadistic ways to kill your livestock. But that's not the intent, and it's not the only way to do things.

    Looking at it another way, killing elephants is decidedly not "family-friendly" and Mojang seems to be keeping a tidy image.
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    This may be a ridiculous idea, but why not make the world a cube?

    But only in that the map would be composed of six equal "faces", and crossing the boundary of one face would take you to the adjacent one. There would be no ninety degree edges to the world with improbable gravity shifts, and each face would have the full range of blocks from bedrock to build limit.

    The world map would then look something like this:

    which might seem a little odd, but it's the most elegant blending of Minecraft's cubic nature and a limited but continuous world that I can imagine.

    You could call the mode "Planet Mode" or something, since "Round World" wouldn't really work.
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    posted a message on Redstone Jack 'o' lantern
    Spooky red-glowing jack-o-lanterns than can flicker to life when someone ventures too near and sets off a trip-wire or pressure plate?
    Why, that would fit in nicely with the upcoming Pretty Scary Update.

    Would they also give off a redstone signal? If so, then they could maybe be used to make underwater redstone stuff.
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    posted a message on Mixable slabs, and stackable Mob heads.
    Quote from Squidfather

    I like the idea of stacking mob heads for totem poles.

    What I came here to say.
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    posted a message on Could Witch Huts be an assembly structure?
    Never fear!

    From Dinnerbone, on reddit:

    "We have not forgotten this. Don't forget that we have also changed the terrain generation once for 1.4, for carrots!
    Due to the way the code works, witches will likely spawn in older maps's swamps even without a hut there. It's a bug that I'm calling a feature for the next 30 seconds. You'll have all the fun of witches, with none of the hassle of having to raid their loot and stuff!"
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