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I've owned my copy of Minecraft since I was eight years old in early 2011, when I was known as "minecraftlover2". I once stated that it was "the most realistic game I've ever played" which probably doesn't apply nowadays, but it's a sentence that's stuck with me over the years. The first thing I recall building was this "lava temple" which I recently found and took a picture of, which you can see below.

My favorite server was, which stood for United States Zombie Response Team. It's since closed down, but I still have a collection of old screenshots of my old cobblestone house that I built in a quarry for some reason. I also liked playing on a server hosted by a Norwegian kid whose username was Bjarheim, a server where he gave everyone OP and therefore pretty much the ability to do what they wanted, like spawning mobs, items, etc. since creative mode hadn't been introduced yet. Unfortunately, because of this, it eventually fell to griefers.

Later on, I came home from school one day and my brother told me he had gone on my computer and installed the Technic Launcher, whose mods I ended up gaining lots of enjoyment from. We used to play co-op sometimes in mod packs like Roots, and on the Bedroom map in the game Blockland.

Over time, a combination of the game getting too popular for my tastes and simple boredom led me to stop playing for about three years or so.

Every now and then I'd try the game again, but I never really got into it.

Late 2017, I wanted to come back. So I got a hold of my old Minecraft account and converted it to a Mojang account, and changed my name to the probably much catchier Tuxflop. I made a new skin (which is also pictured below) and have been pretty much back in the game ever since.

From left to right, my skins over time.

The "lava temple". Built around beta version 1.2. Screenshot taken in beta version 1.6.

The lava temple today.

The house I made on top of a mountain. This was the first place I found diamonds.
Then I lost most of them to a creeper.

I like to spend time with cats. I'll often find a mass of white hair on one or both of the legs of my pants because of my Siamese.

My username actually came from me seeing my tuxedo cat flopping around on the ground; she was doing a tuxflop.

I also draw sometimes, I made my own profile picture. I don't get around to doing it often, but when I do well it's hard to stop.

And I love Half-Life.

Location The Pacific Northwest

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