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    posted a message on [1.5_01] ManufactoidCraft - Big bug fixed! [WIP][v0.6_01]
    Great lookind mod!
    I was waiting for something like this! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] Pseudo Physics v1.5_01a final (source code only)
    Actually, I don't like floating obsidian at all. I think obsidian should be the strongest and heaviest brick in the game.

    Great mod! Lot's of trees die when you first load it do to shitty map generations, but that's ok. :smile.gif:

    I really wish you didn't make things explode if they hit hard enough. Maybe just disappear? (I don't remember hearing that stone ever exploded when it fell. :/)

    Yeah, leaves need to be unaffected aswell. It results in a lot of trees being reduced to nothing but laggy sapling piles. Also ugly random wood.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Baseball Bat Mod V3.1(SMP)
    :|: :obsidian: :|:
    :|: :obsidian: :|:
    [] :|: []

    Obsidian Bat that stuns enemys?
    Does between iron and diamond in damage?
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    posted a message on [1.6.6]obsdi+ V1.9[1000+DLs!]
    I was really excited for the telepresence, and I even spent two days trying to get the mod downloaded.

    Unfortunately, it feels really unpolished.
    Rather than make glass and other things, I think you should build on the conveyers, the jumpblock, and the telepresence. Especially the telepresence.

    Cool idea, atleast.
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    posted a message on [1.4_01]Puff Block![V0.5]
    Should be added to the game.
    SMOKE SIGNALS! :Sheep:
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    posted a message on [V1.7_03]Blueberry's Mods[More Records!]
    Alarm Clocks sound like fun!
    Elaborate on "redstone spikes"...
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    posted a message on [V1.3_01] Pashminium Mod V1.2-Get Coal Faster!
    I like the picture presentation, and the idea behind things being resistant to :SSSS: & :tnt:, but I agree that the :obsidian: could use some balance.

    Maybe drop the "coal" concept, since you can make coal out of smelted wood really easy anyways, and smelt :stone: to make :obsidian:? And it should still be as easy to break by hand as :cobblestone: or :soil: ?
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    posted a message on [V1.2.5]Formivore's Mods - City, Wall & Ruin Generators
    Quote from Yamdel »
    Awesome, free stronghold anyone?


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    posted a message on New World Small Vanilla RP Server!
    Ingame Name-Lern2spell
    -Why do you want to join New World?Im just looking for a place to play.And it sounds like a nice server.
    -Why should we accept you? (3-4 sentences.)Because I will build alot when i think it is a good idea.Ill help all town building when im online(if there is any going on).And Ill donate to the town.I also plan on making a trade shop/pawn shop.
    -What will you bring to the server? (2 sentences) I will bring help to the sever and possibly some more players.I will also bring good builings.and alot of recoures
    -How long have you been playing?Around a year.
    P.S im a good gaurd.
    :|: :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [V1.2.5]Formivore's Mods - City, Wall & Ruin Generators
    Great idea, lots of potential.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3]Mysticalmage13's Lazy Mods - LogCraft (New), Craftable Slimeballs
    Quote from snowyomen »
    You've done a good job, for sure...

    But this sounds awfully useless. =\ 7 gold bricks for... infinite free dirt/cobble?

    Sometimes, later in the game, I need dirt and cobble, and its a lot more fun killing creepers in dungeons or trying to find diamonds than dig in a straight line.

    Also, gold is awfully useless anyways! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Rana Mod (V7)
    New weapon: Rana-Tip Whip
    Occasionally when killing Rana, she will drop a frog hat. When crafted with string and wood like so:

    [] [] :Green:
    [] ]" title="-<->" /> []
    :wood: [] []

    :Green: = Frog Hat
    ]" title="-<->" /> = String

    You get the RANA-TIP WHIP. Clicking will throw Rana out in front of you, tethered to a rope. Right-clicking will have you crack Rana up and down three times, each hit about the same as an iron sword.

    You are now the RANA-TAMER.
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    posted a message on [1.3_01]MachineCraft: Mover Blocks[v1.2][Entity Movement!]
    Great mod.
    Treadmill Mod (I dunno.)
    Drill Mod (Goes straight down)
    Auto-Dispenser (Targets mobs)
    Generator (Creates blocks after a fair amount of time. Must place 10 blocks of that type to turn it on. Not compatible with Diamonds, Iron, or Obsidian. The more valuable, the longer it takes.)
    Beacon (At the chest on the bottom, you fill it with a material and torches, and it wll slowly build up using your materials.)
    Transport Wire (Moves things from one chest to another. Good for generators or furances, or supplying beacons or auto-dispensers)
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    posted a message on [REQ] Sideways World
    Even better than a platformer, would just really be a normally generated minecraft world, tipped.
    You could so easily fall, but thats the challenge!
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    posted a message on IDEA: Trading cards
    No, no no! Not yu-gi-oh and not pokemon! Thats silly! These would be completely new, minecraft collectibles.
    They can either be crafted each specifically as achievement show offs, or gained randomly through a pack (One or the other for the mod, not both.) They are just a fun end-game thing to work towards.

    Trading cards to share on an online server for those who "Have it all"

    (Random Pack 1, contains 1 normal card)
    :Glass: :||||: :Glass:
    :||||: :||||: :||||:
    :Glass: :||||: :Glass:
    :||||: = paper
    These include a few of the "NORMAL" cards, and are prone to duplicates. Easy to make early game.
    (Random pack 2, contains 1 normal card, with a chance of a bonus uncommon card)
    :|: :|: :|:
    :|: :Frame: :|:
    :|: :|: :|:
    :|: = string
    (String could be paper instead)
    This pack requires some hunting for, but can give you an uncommon card along with it. This one includes some normal cards that aren't in pack one.
    [Random pack 3, contains 2 normal cards, with a 50% chance that one of those are an uncommon]
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Iron: :GP: :Iron:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    Get mining for this one, and face a creeper! This one can contain any of the normal cards, and quite a few of the uncommon.
    [Random Pack 4, 1 uncommon, with a 25% chance of a RARE.]
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    :RFlower: :RFlower: :RFlower:
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    :RFlower: = Redstone dust
    You need some cool gems for this one, but it has all of the uncommon in it, and your first chance at a rare.
    [Random Pack 5, 2 uncommon, 50% that one of those is a RARE.]
    :mossystone: :GP: :mossystone:
    :GP: :GoldBar: :GP:
    :mossystone: :bookshelf: :mossystone:
    This is a good pack overall, but it requires farming, mining, and hunting to bring it together. It includes all the rares as a possibility.
    [FINAL PACK, 100% Rare, 25% for another RARE]
    :Glass: :Diamond: :Glass:
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :Glass: :Diamond: :Glass:
    This pack is a bit of a rip, but once you have all the diamond tools, you might aswell. This is the only pack that contains the NOTCH-HOLO-GOD-SPECIALSHAPE CARD, and is absolutely amazing. It is basically just this: :iapprove:

    You could add a "HELL SERIES" by going to the nether or something too.

    This is a rough idea, and I promise to clean it up later, and provide lots of ideas for the cards!

    Bonus idea:
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Diamond: = Rare
    :GoldBar: = Uncommon
    :Iron: = Common
    Displays the cards you used? Takes up 2x1x2 spaces?
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