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    posted a message on Im considering starting a Mature 18+ Minecraft PE server - would there be any interest ?

    Hi there, I'm 26 and interested in joining your server when it's ready.

    I'm running the Windows 10 edition but I believe it is compatible with MCPE servers.


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    posted a message on Very active Realm! Help us expand our borders! -Hard Survival- *Update!*

    Hello, like the others I hope I am not too late to the party :)

    Location (timezone): New Zealand (UTC +12)
    How long you've been playing Minecraft: Since 2012

    How often you play: I usually play every day/night.
    Why you want to join: Want to try out the Win10 version and not be alone.
    How you'd contribute: I'm a very respectful person and am very good at hoarding materials that I don't do anything with (so I'll share everything).

    Skills/Specialties: As I said above, I'm more of a gatherer than a builder. I like to mine and I like to experiment with redstone contraptions, but I'm not any good with redstone.

    Age: I am 26.

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    posted a message on DiversitySMP - [Semi-Vanilla] [No Whitelist]
    Quote from LordSaad
    Epic server! Love it!

    You heard the guy! Join up :D
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    posted a message on DiversitySMP - [Semi-Vanilla] [No Whitelist]
    Bump :)
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    posted a message on DiversitySMP - [Semi-Vanilla] [No Whitelist]

    Join DiversitySMP today!

    Upon joining our server, you will be Newbie rank. Newbies can only build in the designated "Noob Lands" region. This is just to prevent griefers coming in and messing with everyone's builds! Once a mod is happy with you and knows you've been following the rules, you will be promoted to Trial, which lets you build anywhere! Trial members also get a few more perks too.

    We have a great friendly community and awesome staff who will always be happy to help anyone out with any questions.

    We planning some big changes when 1.8 comes out, including a revamped Ranking system and an entirely new spawn. We'll also be installing GriefPrevention so people can protect their builds themselves! There is no set date for the upgrade, but we'd love if people joined prior the changes so they can be a part of it all :D

    For more information about the server and the future plans we have, please check out our subreddit.

    Server address:
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    posted a message on Diversity SMP [1.7.9] [No Whitelist]

    Description: Diversity SMP is a new Survival server. Our player base is growing, and we'd love for more people to come and join us!

    We have very nice & helpful staff, and everyone is very welcoming to new people. Diversity does not have much to offer in terms of plugins, that is because we don't want to take too much away from the original Minecraft experience, so this server would be perfect for those who enjoy vanilla but with a few added commands for good measure (such as homes and other teleporting extras).

    Upon joining our server, you will be "Newbie" rank. You'll spawn in a small room (a tree branch to be precise!) and you'll be given a quick run-down of the server. You'll be able to look over our spawn island "Quartz Isle", and there is a warp sign that will take you to the "Noob Lands". In the Noob Lands you have no restrictions, you can build and mine whatever you please, however this region is only 1000x1000 blocks and once you step outside the zone you will have no build permissions. This is just to stop griefing! Once a mod is pleased with you, they will promote you to Trial, where you'll be kept under (light) surveillance and you are free to build wherever you like (as long as there are no restrictions!).

    We have an in-depth FAQ over on our Subreddit, which explains the ranks and what they do, amongst other things.

    We also ask that players be mature and preferably (but not limited to) 18+.

    Rules: We like to keep rules to a minimum, but of course the folllowing apply when you join our server: No griefing - anti griefing plugins have been installed to prevent major griefing. Be considerate of others - please be mature when using the chat and do not discriminate anyone. No mods - mods like Optifine and Rei's MiniMap are fine but other mods that greatly affect gameplay will not be tolerated. No PVP - unless in an area that PVP is allowed or both parties agree to PVP outside of these areas then you are not to kill other players. Respect other people's space - building close to another person's build is frowned upon and you will be asked to relocate.

    All rules can be viewed at any time by using the /rules command.

    Hope to see you online soon!
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    posted a message on Digital Divinity - 14w10c (surfing snapshots till Mod API) Vanilla Survival Enjoyment
    Player Name: Turbotailz
    Intention: Just keen to play some Minecraft :) Haven't played on another server before, so just wanna check it out and see if I enjoy it (which I'm sure I will)
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