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    posted a message on POKEMON IN MINECRAFT

    What you talkin' bout willis?

    This happening would be EXTREMELY HIGHLY UNLIKELY, and if Notch saw this he would be like, LOLWUT?

    Here's why:
    1. Lawsuit written all over it
    2. Pokemon? Really? Worst combination.
    3. The addition of this would take the feature of Pokemon and narrow down on that, other than the actual gameplay and scenery.
    4. Again, pokemon? Excuse me, but there's a mod for that unlikely choice.

    Need I remind you this is the Suggestions thread, not the Dreamland Ideas thread.

    Not involving a lawsuit if Mojang and Nintendo work >together<!
    Pokemon is a great game. The WORST possible combination is Minecraft and CoD. That would be horrid.
    Alright, it WOULD narrow down Pokemon's features, but, seriously. It's only adding mobs, and maybe a few new features to make some a little more common. Pkus, if you read that moderator's post, it said not to suggest using mods or saying "There is a mod for that"
    Happy trails, friendship melting pot!
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    posted a message on More Dimensions
    All stolen from the Aether collaberation.
    Heck, I'm working out my own version of this (well before this post, inspired BY the Aether mod.
    But merely entirely warping the idea.
    Either way, this is a BAD idea. If it involved other planets, it would be MUCH better.
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    posted a message on POKEMON IN MINECRAFT
    Quote from Badprenup

    Please stop telling him to use a mod, it is against the rules and will get your posts removed.

    As for the actual suggestion, this would be challenging, but not impossible to do. It would require Nintendo's signoff, as well as the producers of the actual show to use their licensed products. That being said, I think it is highly unlikely that this will happen. Mojang (or more specifically Notch) has always said that he has had his own vision for where the game would go and it would be my guess that taking a bunch of characters from another game are not part of it.

    There is always a chance though.

    Thank you. I also said some things in the OP that nobody seemed to notice, but you seemed to have.
    Anyway, yes, it is possible. Just it would take a lot of work, and probably would have some sort of toggle.
    As it could create lag on slower systems. But this is currently storage for my ideas... But still a suggestion nonetheless.
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    First off, this is less of a suggestion and more of a place for me to store my ideas. I wasn't sure where to put it, and this will very likely be moved quickly. Second of all, this has probably been suggested before, but, with nearly everything I suggest, I have a majorly different spin on it.

    #001 : Bulbasaur
    HP: 8 (4 hearts)
    Class: Semi-Passive
    Weaknesses: Flames of any sort
    Resistances: Thrown snowballs
    Info: Barely territorial, found in grasslands or oridnary forests.

    I'll update more as I think of them. Remember: This is no mod, and not too much of a suggestion, but I don't know where to put it.
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    posted a message on Important items missing from creative??

    i Expected 10.0 to have everything in creative
    but Notch missed too many items and it makes building a adventure map extreamly difficult.
    List of items missing

    1 MOB spawners <- why did he remove them :sad.gif: and most important item in my mind :,(

    2 end portal frame

    3 mushroom blocks

    4. red-stone torch [OFF]

    5. double stone [its those slabs stacked don echother

    6. grass [shaded versions]

    7. Snow slabs [ i know snow golems but they cant get in some places :sad.gif: ]

    that's all i have :tongue.gif: and another suggestion is that jukeboxes REPEAT discs so you can have music inside buildings, and please add spawners back how am i going to make a adventure map without them :,(

    Way to get placed unlit redstone torches:
    1. Place redstone torch.
    2. Place at least one redstone wire connecting to torch.
    3. Place one lever connecting to the redstone wire connecting to the torch.
    4. Turn on lever.
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    posted a message on The wiki says not to kill creepers without a bow.
    I murder them with swords, and they don't get a chance to detonate.
    Even if they do, I have iron armor.
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    posted a message on 1.0 STRONGHOLD SEED
    Quote from livelydemon

    X- the length of your world
    Y- the width.
    Z- the depth (so how deep you are in your world or how high up)

    X = The length
    Y = The height
    Z = The Width

    How I know this? I dug straight down in Creative with the debug screen open, and Y went down.

    Oh, yeah.
    I recrommend NOT digging down into the portal. Go about 8 blocks in a direction away from those co-ordinates, and you'll probably be safer.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Survival seed
    A seed similar to this in 1.8.1 was "worst seed ever"

    One tree, small bits of land, some sugar cane.
    Can't remember, but may have had a few passives here and there.
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    posted a message on New nether? Please Help!
    Sometimes, in 1.0.0 worlds, they are REALLY close to your portal.
    Other times, flying in Creative just generates lava and pigmen.
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