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    posted a message on Looking for an isolated survial island seed

    I just swam east until I found an island with trees, grabbed a sapling and built a boat. Made it back to the starter island before nightfall on the first day!

    And in the meantime a sheep spawned on the island! (and I gathered some kelp). :D Great start.

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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge

    Just completed wooden age!

    Found a mistake in the Stone age: "redstone can be collected, but cannot be used in circuitry."

    It looks like you updated the rules to not allow iron tools in the Stone age, which means we can't gather redstone until the iron age.

    Also, it would be nice to update this challenge a bit for the current version of the game. For instance, we don't need to build a stone furnace in the wooden age, because we can make camp fires to cook meat! So furnaces can be saved for the Stone age now. Still Loving this challenge, thanks for creating it!

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