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    posted a message on MineCastle! (Soon starting 24/7 survival/creative server)
    Welcome Friends and other people! This is about a soon to be opened to the public server! Minecastle!

    This server will be a creative/survival server with a survival map and a creative map.
    it will be a anarchy server (meaning no rules) But the admins have the power to protect
    any builds they deem great. This is my first time releasing the server to the public so
    it may be a bit odd at first. [If you want to join make sure the word peanut butter is in your application]

    Current max player capacity is 8 but this may go up as the server grows, Eventully if the server
    is doing well i may open up a donation thread in order to expand the ammount of players and ram
    we have available

    I will add more information to this post as the server nears
    its opening date. It will open by august 31st.

    I am making this form so people can express intrest in it and apply applications to join the server.
    believe me this fourm topic will look much better once the date nears.

    Username: (minecraft account name)
    Fourms: (fourm account name)
    Why: (why you want to join)
    Time playing: (how long have you played minecraft)
    Comments: (ya know o.o comments on this)

    We currently use the mods: Essentials,Permissions, Worldedit, Movecraft, creativegates, Falsebook, Regios, MultiInv
    Voxelsniper, signlift, regios, multiverse, flatlands, superpickaxe.
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    posted a message on CraftBoy - The Game Boy themed RPs
    The links lead back to this topic please fix ^^
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    posted a message on Could someone teach me how to admin?
    I just recently bought a server from Multiplay and i have no idea on how to add on groups of users and commands and all that. If someone could help me learn and all that would be great ^^
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    posted a message on Multiplay | SSDs & PhoneSupport | World's Largest Host!
    I am getting a unknown server issue with your demo servers, I would love to try out a server ^^ i am serously thinking about buying your server service :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on ███ Serious RP | Server is Back | No Whitelist ███
    IGN (CASE SENSITIVE) : truinsane
    Will you follow the rules and Respect Others? i solemly swear o.o
    Why should we accept you? o.o...Cause i like building...and roleplaying...and i am good with redstone
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    posted a message on SLimecraft old thread!
    Ign: Truinsane
    Why do u want to join: I want to build things o.o...I like playing with other people....i can work redstone really well
    What can u bring to the server: A Red stone wireier :DD I can wire double doors locking doors lighting systems and traps and all that kinda stuff ^^
    Do u like to role play?: YESH O_O never minecraft roleplayed before but ive text roleplay all the time
    Extra comment/idea for server: Add in a redstone job?
    Do u have painterly pack?: o.o....Redstoner if possible if not builder or miner
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    posted a message on Beta chunk rendering randomly?
    So im exploring my world
    just made
    i quit and decide to see what my world looks like on cartograph
    then i see this thing

    Some wierd diagonal chunks....
    They appear to be a line that i apparently never went on or explored that general direction...
    What the...

    And also in the game i find this



    any answeres? or any problems? o.o;...
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    posted a message on Deviant Evil [SEMI-PRIVATE][SIMPLE RULES][BIOMES][24/7]
    Not able to log in D:
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    posted a message on Deviant Evil [SEMI-PRIVATE][SIMPLE RULES][BIOMES][24/7]
    Username (Case-Sensitive): truinsane
    Age / Location: 16 almost 17 and central usa
    Why us?: No litter o.o and free building as long as its not ugly
    Building experience: um.... hold on Note it was done quickly i dont have that much more that i have recorded
    What do you like to make: I like using redstone and minecarts :biggrin.gif:
    Past Servers: None that i have really been on fully (No one replied to my application)
    Other info about you: o.o i dont grief?...i like zombies.....
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    posted a message on Whatanerd's 24/7 Server Currently ONLINE
    may i join ^^;... Ign:Truinsane or truin...one of the two..(new to this) good at redstone tho
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    posted a message on MrGamerJay's SMP Server!
    Ill join o.o *completly new to the whole smp* ign: Truinsane or truin i always forget :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Left 4 Minecraft
    Epic O.O :Sheep:
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