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    posted a message on ♒♒ New STAR WARS Server - NEW LINK IN THREAD

    Lore Writer-[/b]

    Name: Tron, I prefer not to use my real name.

    IGN: TronTheGamer

    Age: 13.

    Star Wars Knowledge (Must me Atleast 8/10): 9/10, I know things from the Prequels, to the Expanded Universe Factions, Games, and Governments in the outer rim teritories, as well as minor planets that are not usually mentioned and their Environments such as Rishi, not the moon, as the moon is a more Space-y Environment, while Rishi itself is more of an Urban-Tropical type, certain ship classes such as the SSD(Super Star Destroyers such as the legendary Eclipse which was used by Palpatine in the Expanded universe, which he was SUPPOSED to use, which it was nearing completion as the Death Star II exploded over Endor's Forest moon.) I am limited to some knowledge such as Geography of the Galaxy, but other things such as vehicles I am familiar with. I am a big fan, It would be an honor to help you.

    Are you willing to work long and hard to ensure the server is the best it can be: Yes, I love star wars, loved it since I was small.

    What do you plan for the server: I plan to give Star wars events based on what would happen depending on the areas of space chosen by the owner and more.

    Skype: Kiwison7

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    posted a message on =======FACTIONS + GUNCRAFT + KINGDOMCRAFT + MINIGAMES======= Looking for Mature Admins and Mods. =WELL PAYED FOR= |APPLY NOW|

    Name[ - I prefer not to release my name, thank you. You can call me 'Tron' Though.

    Age - 13 - Think about it, age isn't the issue here, is it? - Phineas

    Skype - Kiwison7

    How mature are you? - It depends on my current situation. Most of the time I am a 7/10, if I am in an emotional state, it decreased.

    Experience in this position - I have plenty of experience depending on the situation provided by the people. I am experienced in helping players get up to speed on things, I vary from experiences.

    Plugin Manager: I set up some plugins on gun servers, configuring Item IDs and making custom skins(not models)

    Moderator / Builder: I moderated some servers helping members get sorted, dealing with rebellions against the staff, and keeping the sanity. I also was a builder on some servers, I can show you some builds on my private servers you wish.

    Head Administrator / Event Team: Some servers the Event team was higher than Admin, or equal rank. I created some events, players loved it, more, loved it.

    Past servers you worked on: Agion; a Roleplay Server; Event team/mod. Some other servers that shut down a few years back.

    Why you want to be in this position: I want to feel like something strong, I want to be apart of huge hubs and such, I do not care if I do not get picked as it is quality over quantity in application cases. If this application is denied, I will look forward to playing on the server as a member. If I am approved I will be excited to be working with you and foremost happy to join you.

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    posted a message on [1.12] Parzi's Star Wars Mod is now Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod (beta) for 1.12

    Is thre any Servers up for this mod? Maybe Roleplay ones? Dunno, if so, add me on skype (Kiwison7) or Steam: TronTheGamer(Same profile pic.)

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    posted a message on ✷ Nest ✷ Looking for [ Plugin Dev ] / [ Builder ] / [ Future Staff ] ! || Role-Playing ✷

    Hey Franz, sorry I was not on to reply to you.

    I would love to be apart of your build team, just add me on skype :)

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    posted a message on ♚ ~ ♜~ Age of Conquest - Medieval Roleplay Server ~ ♜ ~ ♛
    IGN: TronTheGamer

    Have you ever roleplayed? If so, where?: Many places, from Massivecraft, to Transformers Galaxy(Forum), and a bunch of SWTOR games.

    Do you know the history to the server?: Yes, I do. England/British War. 1350 is the time, ect.

    Have read the rules?: Yes. Very long, and I agree.


    Character name: Terran Saulm

    Character Gender: Male

    Character age: 31

    Characteristics (Personality) : Very shy, quiet and loyal, during times he is serious, mainly at least.

    Nationality: French

    Group: French Military

    Backstory: As a child, Terran was apart of the Saulm farms. Popular during 1331, he trained in a barn in hand to hand combat for the years he could. He did homework and such, he was very shy in school, during times he always liked corners, dark corners at least. He was bullied in school. He broke some noses on the schoolgrounds as he left school, and stayed in the barn of his family's barn to train. He later in his life he was very fond of a bow, he was very fond of this and swords. When he was out hunting one day when he came home with a wolf skin that lived near his farm. He came home to see it was in flames. He ran away from this as he ran towards the Capitol of France. He hid on the streets, finding salvaged food, stealing some food. As he later in life, decided to join the Royal guard, he slowly advanced through the ranks. He roams the halls of the French royal Castle, rarely ever seeing the king. He is very serious and kind to some people, he normally loves to talk to fellow guards of the french.
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    posted a message on Tron's Custom Header shop! [Minecraft servers] [Free of REAL Money charge]

    Hello! I am Tron190/TronTheGamer! I am opening a SERVER Header shop!

    I have plans which are paid in IN GAME MONEY/payment

    Please have fun, and read everything!

    Single items

    -For those people who want just one!-

    (You may order two or more of these)

    One Simple Header: 1,000 In game money/credit

    One Advanced Header: 5,000 In game money/credit

    One Expert Header: 10,000 In game money/credit

    One Professional Header: 50,000 In game money/credit


    One Expert Banner(NOT A GIF) : 100,000 In game money/credit and Second highest Donator rank

    One Professional Banner(GIF) : 1,000,000 In game money/credit and Highest Donator rank



    -For people who want more!-

    NOTICE: Every plan above has +1 header. Example: Simple has 1 header, Advanced has 2 headers and so on.

    Simple: White/Black Simple Default font, TronTheGamer Watermark
    Simple Prices: Small Rankup(Lowest donator/One rankup) And an economy boost(Money boost of 10,000 In game money.)

    Advanced: Custom font, Primary colors (ONLY), TronTheGamer Watermark

    Advanced Prices: Medium Rankup (Above the Smallest rankup And an economy boost(Money boost of 50,000 In game money.)

    Expert: Custom Font, Custom Colors, ONE Picture(Of choice, or angle of server), TronTheGamer Watermark, added to top of queue. Minecraft status server website headers/pictures.

    Expert Prices: Heavy Rankup ( Third Rankup(Donator rank), and And an economy boost(Money boost of 100,000 In game money.)

    Professional: Custom Font, Custom Colors, Two Merged Pictures, One Server Icon, Picture of server, updated Headers, also a banner for signatures, custom watermark(Optional). Added to top of Queue
    Custom Album in my photobucket with a password
    protection. Minecraft status server website headers/pictures.


    Want to apply for a plan?

    Use this template to apply/buy something!

    Server Name:

    Server Type: (If multi-server/gamemode, describe all the servers on your network/server)

    Plan type:



    Optional items: (ONLY ON SPECIFIED PLANS)

    Any Single Items?:

    Professional Prices: Highest Donator rank, or a staff rank. And an economy boost(Money boost of 1,000,000 In game money.)

    For some examples of what I do for other servers, go to: Photobucket

    Terms and conditions:

    Plan cost varies depending on server.

    (Lower plans, do the math on OP parts)

    Normal Prison: Normal pricing.

    OP Prison: 1,000,000 = 5,000,000,000

    Factions: Normal pricing

    OP Factions: 1,000,000 = 3,000,000

    -The following is NOT Allowed-
    If you are one of the header designers, do not leak anything unless authorized.
    Redistribution of my headers under your own name.
    Not paying above
    Not allowing any of the above
    Not using the above(As it would be a waste of my time)
    Using other server's headers without their permission
    Rushing the process, unless Expert+

    -The following is allowed-
    Using the custom headers under your name.
    Paying above, as it is required.
    Using these for other aspects/recycling your headers.
    Redistrubtion of your own PROFESSIONAL headers.


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    posted a message on Anyone intrested in making a dbz themed server

    Can I have more information?

    I am also, interested.

    Contact me on skype: kiwison7 (TronTheGamer)

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    posted a message on ✷ Nest ✷ Looking for [ Plugin Dev ] / [ Builder ] / [ Future Staff ] ! || Role-Playing ✷

    IGN: TronTheGamer

    Age: 13

    Skype: Kiwison7 (TronTheGamer)

    Country: United States

    Position: Map Designer / Owner Assist

    What can you do for our project and server? : I can build/help the owners in many ways, I can build Dwarven keep like things to a Dark Spire, or a Large statue. I also am pretty good at permissions, and some misc things.

    Why do you apply to our project and server? : I would like to help your server, I love roleplay servers. Roleplay is my biggest passion. I am very friendly to players, I take information and produce it into a build. I build also with lore of the server.

    Introduce your self : I am very mature online for my age, I am usually available on weekdays, and sometimes weekends(I live in a Neighborhood and hang out with friends.) I am very polite and fun loving. I am serious when the time is right.

    Experience(Optional): I am very experienced, as I even have a resume

    I used to own a server, co own two servers.

    Question(Optional): Is this/will this be like Massivecraft? If so, I would love to help/play in any way

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    posted a message on Looking for plugin setup AND BUILDERS+MODS {Paying IRL Money} (Prison server!!!)

    Hello, I would like to help you out.

    What plugins can you do for us?: I can do GroupManager, Permissions, EzRanksLite, ect. I also can do Worldguard, warp setup, and even special prefixes.

    How quick do you work?: Very fast. I can also work on whatever you need worked on.

    Price your asking?: I actually do not accept pay.

    Age?: 13. I am very experienced.

    Previous experience: I am helping a Server with their plugins, going to make my plugins, ect.

    How long will you work on it a day?: From beginning of the day until it is finished.

    Skype?(Required): Kiwison7 (TronTheGamer)

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    posted a message on SWTORMC [Star Wars] [CustomNPCs] [Need Skinners, Developers, builders, STAFF, writers]

    *Sigh* Another bump.

    Accepting beta applications. Just post your username and why you want to be in beta.

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs

    I know what it is, I think it is the Spawner or something. Idk. I really think so. Or you get the Mob spawner and place it, and wait a few seconds and you get some NPCs there. You may not be able to attack them so you just have to reload the map or server(Depending on what it is)

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    posted a message on SWTORMC [Star Wars] [CustomNPCs] [Need Skinners, Developers, builders, STAFF, writers]

    Bump, server confirmed Alpha date: May 28th, 2015. Please, if anyone wishes to partake in BETA. Here is the place to be, we will need help with this.


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    posted a message on SWTORMC [Star Wars] [CustomNPCs] [Need Skinners, Developers, builders, STAFF, writers]

    Bump. Someone help us out?

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    posted a message on SWTORMC [Star Wars] [CustomNPCs] [Need Skinners, Developers, builders, STAFF, writers]

    Bump, so, anyone wanna help...?

    Adding Staff member applications.

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