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    posted a message on Count to 500 before someone from the "Mojang" Members Group posts!
    Yaaaay post count..... derp.
    I wonder if i can [ code ] tag this
    $perll -e 'for($i=0;$i<=500;$i++) {print "$i\n";}print "There, I counted to 500 before someone from MoJang posted, now close this worthless thread and go play Minecraft or something, jeez!\n"'

    The above is a one liner for Perl to use in console.
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    posted a message on What games did you play during your childhood?
    God are you all 10? :( where are all the people in my "old fogie" age group of 20-30??

    NES: Spiderman: return of the sinister six

    SNES: populous... not that fun but you got to play god :D
    SNES: Super mario world
    SNES: Super mario allstars
    SNES: Super mario RPG
    SNES: Donkey kong country
    SNES: Zelda: link to the past
    SNES: Zombies ate my neighbors (my friends game, still fun though)
    SNES: Super ghouls and ghosts (hardest game on the super nintendo)
    SNES: Super Puzzle Fighter, marvel vs capcom or some such, fun as hell tetris like game.

    PS1: Twisted metal something or other, the first two i think, the rest are garbage :)
    PS1: Parasite Eve (the original one)
    PS1: Ridge racer 2, not that fun
    PS1: Warhawk (my friends again, pretty fun for a while)
    PS1: Final fantasy tactics
    PS1: Final fantasy 7, 8, 9 (honorable mentioin, Everyone played them, mostly)
    PS1: Ace Combat 2
    PS1: Star ocean 2
    PS1: Gran Turismo 2
    PS1: Wild arms 2 (i think it was #2, could be wrong)
    PS1: Bushido Blade
    PS1: Breath of fire 3, 4

    Sega: Starflight... space adventure game, stupidly entertaining for how simple it was.

    okay, enough spam from me, that was most of my childhood :) lots of good stuff there, if you get the chance, go play one :)
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    posted a message on You've captured the enemy, now what do you do?
    Meh, too morbid. [selfedit]
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    posted a message on Spacebar scrolling down?
    Quote from Apogle

    Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

    stop pressing space bar or click on the address bar so whatever you type goes there :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on I cannot find my suggestions in suggestion section
    Quote from azanic

    i keep trying to find my suggestion

    Assasincraft the usual way i find my suggestions and stuff is gone and now i cant find it or check it again please make it easier to do so like a dated log thing in profile earliest to latest i want to find my ideas

    go to your user profile, click the find my content button that is just below the picture on the left side of the screen, scroll through your posts until you find it, problem solved :smile.gif:

    yeah, that :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Too many trees
    Quote from greyfox485

    I would personally like to see more/larger clearings in forests. Also, it would be nice if there were small patches (maybe 2-5 trees) in plains biomes. It seems that right now, you either have a super dense forest or no tress at all.

    to Quoted: I definitely agree, I think that trees should be in small clusters in both mountain and plains biomes I dont ever see them in those two and so i end up having to travel to get my own saplings and then just start a forest.

    to OP: I disagree with ya, I like the huge forests though I think it would be nice if there were a few more tree types like... the Western Hemlock from Washington State ... you know, TALL with no low hanging branches... maybe put those suckers at 3+ above the ground :biggrin.gif: and 4-5+ from the ground on supertall ones. Also maybe California Redwood Trees :biggrin.gif: so that they are thicker instead of 1-thick they would be 1x1-3x3 thick and grow to be super tall like... 20 blocks at most :biggrin.gif: so you could actually have a forest cottage that is 2 stories tall and doesn't tower over the trees :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Taking suggestions
    Quote from Chwyn

    hi , I am not aiming to create a HUGE mod I just want to make some little things to practice with java. im ok at modding but not the best. so post away on those ideas please.

    Right now everyone's talking about Endermen and how they are either griefing or being useless, I suggest you make a mod that has Endermen create small structures out of the blocks they steal.

    [Legend: X=Endermen placed block, G=original ground]
                                   Large Stack 
                   Medium Stack                
    Small Stack                       X        
                      X               X        
      X               X              XXX       
      X              XXX             XXX       

    I would also like to direct you to These threads.
    Thread 1: Enderman as an important step to something new

    Thread 2: Ender Totem

    Thread 3: Endermen Termite Mounds - Instead of Randomly Moving Blocks Give Them An Epic Project

    Thread 4: An Endermen Solution That Might Make Everyone Happy

    Thread 5: Endermen, and how to make them a real challenge.

    Thread 6: Nevermind, Five is enough :biggrin.gif:

    Those are just a few of the Endermen suggestions... the ones that in my opinion are a bit better than others :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on How to play on Fancy/Far-Distance and not lag
    I have found that using mcpatcher.exe and setting the memory usage from 750ish (default) to something useful like 2048 (2 gigs of ram) and then just maxing out whatever settings i like and using custom skins like the Albion pack for 64x64 textures allows meto use both fancy and far and all other options i feel like. (NOTE: I do also have Minecraft's priority on high)
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    posted a message on [1.9-Pre] Young The Giant Presents Two Cool Minecraft Seeds
    Very nice pictures :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Enderman as an important step to something new
    Earlier today I watched a video in another thread that did a timelapse of 200 minecraft years (1460000 minutes) and displayed the damage caused by endermen over time, the result was rather awesome, It would be neat if after the portal is created that an entire biome or two could be affected in that way like the world is being consumed and taken to the nether.

    Link to the thread: The Link
    **Note the video is worth a look as it's pretty darn cool.

    Back on topic for THIS thread I totally agree this would be really nice though I think that Endermen corruption should extend away from the portal at the rate of 1 block every day (up to a max of 500 block radius), only on exposed blocks though turning it into netherrack (which would be set so endermen would not bother it)
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    posted a message on Enderman Control
    THAT was freaking cool looking, I Would LOVE to see that as a super-type of biome instead of the standard but have an effect on a center biome and extend outward and weakening in affect for between 1-3 biomes depending on the randomly picked strength of the Endermen Effect... Could even add a Endermen created structure that is pre-built and then also being added to by Endermen

    **Note** I went to the store in the middle of writing this so if it doesn't make sense... I guess I'll fit in with the majority of people who post on here :biggrin.gif: ::troll::
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    posted a message on [idea] Minecraft World Creation Configuration
    After reading tons of complaints over the last few weeks I've come to the realization that ... 1) Many people dislike change, 2) Many people aren't happy unless there's new content every 5 minutes, 3) Lots of people like old content and hate new stuff.

    With those in mind I think it would be nice if during world creation there was an "advanced options" which had a few pages of on-off/yes-no/"which version" questions for MANY current features to have that config applied and always loaded when a map is loaded, Like if you hate the ocean biome you could disable it's creation entirely on the biomes page or maybe a frequency slider for each of the biomes (none = 0, many = 5). You would also be able to set stuff for mob spawning like.... [world contains sheep] yes/no or any other mob for that matter.

    Just have it load the world config file when the map is used, weather it's single or multiplayer and then enforce those choices that were made, Given enough options even there are new features people would still have control and probably be happier for it.

    Okay I'm done sleep driving my keyboard, just my thoughts.... would be nice to increase or reduce villages/biomes/etc
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    posted a message on Tools, Weapons, Armour, Ranging & Combat Overhaul
    While I like all the ideas presented here I do have to say that the obelisk bit would be an extra layer of complication, and more for the player to worry about. Instead I feel it would be FAR better for players to have multiple tiers of "crafting table" and or an Anvil upto even some sort of anvil crafted out of a Nether reagent so that in order to craft that top tier of item you must really adventure otherwise be stuck with the normal/unenhanced stuff.

    As far as the arrow stuff goes I love using my bow but it really is a pain to gather arrows or the junk to make them BUT I think that the yield from making a stack should just be increased from 4 to 10, sure that isn't really realistic since a single feather would probably only make a single arrow IRL anyways but hey, there are Pigmen, we can stretch it a little :biggrin.gif:

    I would also like to give a nod to that other "minecraft-like" game Terraria even though it's 2D and not fun after about 2 hours they gained a lot of ground on the whole items do things front as well as creative modifications to biomes, I would LOVE to see many of the features from that game inspire new things in this one.
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    posted a message on defending your walls...
    Quote from bm666

    If you want your wall to be spider proof then make it like this. Let X be any block you want to make your wall out of.


    Make it so that the wall tongue's out in a way

    If ive helped you + be up please

    I use that exact same formation except for with Cactus as the wall like this:


    My wall is also two thick with those cactus so it alternates like this:

    C C C C C
     C C C C C

    The end wall looks like this from the top (without showing the overhang)

    C C C C C C C C C C C C C
     C C C C C C C C C C C C 
    C                       C
     C                     C 
    C                       C
     C                     C 
    C                       C
     C C C C C C C C C C C C C 
    C C C C C C C C C C C C C
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Bug Fixes & More
    Very true, I'm playing on a 1.8 multiplayer survival and MAN these biomes are HUGE especially the oceans and jungles, others are not so much but JEEZ, First thing I did was attack a tree, make two boats and leave... I was going straight for 6 minutes straight before I found an island!!! cool story though, the island had a cave under it, and the cave had an abandoned mine in it... and a swarm of those freaking blue spiders.... >.< Ouch.
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