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    posted a message on A Mojang game related crew for gta
    edit changed the link
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    posted a message on A Mojang game related crew for gta
    Well the title says it all . I am making a gta crew for when online comes out and I would like to invite you a fellow mojang follower/supporter into it. One thing that amazes me in this community is our effort to help each other out. This skill is critical when it comes to hiestes and doing jobs in Gta online. All are welcomed to join. Here's a link to the crew page. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rouge_military
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    posted a message on New RPG.(HUGE MINING NETWORKS) Jobs, and Currency! (Big City).
    GT Trisongs. Age 17 what I like. Classes and the description of the server . Job I would say lumber and or farmer. One thing I do suggest is necessary jobs cor players. Like the smelter is a good example of one.
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    posted a message on MineZ Server
    Same when available msg me gt Trisongs
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    posted a message on Don't even click here!
    Sounds interesting however I see a few problems in the layout. For one not everyone will be on at the same time . All so what's stopping us from starting the project on the 360. If it's going to be on the 360 then I can be on a hour or two a few days a weak ( I will be dedicated). gt Trisongs
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    posted a message on Hosting semi-daily Hunger Games slots available!
    I have two apps for me and my friend
    GT: Trisongs
    Name that you wish to be called: Tri
    Mic: Yes
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: EST
    How Social: very social
    Why you should be picked: be nice to have a tag team alliance with me and my friend

    GT: ChristoItaliano
    Name that you wish to be called: Jake
    Mic: Yes
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: EST
    How Social: very social
    Why you should be picked: decent minecrafter who will server well as a human shield
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    posted a message on NEW HC! thinkin co-op with 6 more people hardcore challenge list
    gt Trisongs sounds interesting. msg me on live when you plan on doing the game.
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    posted a message on Big community in the making jobs sponge currency and more
    I could help gt Trisongs
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    posted a message on CurseCraft-NEW SERVER NOW OPEN.....jobs, ranks, money and more! Open 12 hours a day, no age limit, no griefing just awesome surv
    gt Trisongs. the idea of a xbox minecraft server sounds very nice.
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    posted a message on Looking for guards and builders for a PRISON SERVER
    Why do you want to be guard: Its been a while since a I played a jailbreak like game mode on a game and its allways nice to be a guard.
    How will you help us:I could stand guard and watch over the prisonerssss
    Which block?b or c depending wich one need more guards.
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    posted a message on Hardcore mc servival server add on / plug in
    I been thinking about this idea for a while and the idea of dieing on a server and not being able to join for a day sounds like a good system.the idea of xsplori a cave knowing you might die and never returen there sounds dounting and addsa threat. this system can reaset evey day so that its not like a ban or a kick but uses "lives" as a system of life without a life you can not respawn.evey day you would recive a new life if you have non.This is just a idea so please give feed back. I have no exsperiance of codding so I am just hopping that the idea catches on.
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    posted a message on The Breakfast Club [FreeBuild] [MCStorm]
    age: 16
    why do you want to be a guest-builder:I like the events that occor on the server.
    how active are you: I play minecraft from time to time but at times I am rarely on
    will you be active on tbc: If the server is right and I enjoy playing on I will probly be active once or twice a week.
    Do you plan on griefing:no dont plan on griefing.
    fav. breakfeast food:pancakes.
    do you think you will be a good addition to the community: Yes I like to play minecraft with othersand like to work as a community.
    anything we schould know: I hate to say it but I am a terable speller and I am a player that louces intrest in mc after playing for a long spand of time but I all ways come back to the server even after a long spand of time.
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    posted a message on ☆☆☆★ - Boreas Minecraft - ★☆☆☆
    I dont belive I have been baned
    I have most likely never been baned
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que
    IGN: Trisongs
    :Age 16
    :Role-Play Exp.I have played on other faction servers which had a rp aspect for a good amount of time
    :Why Us . I liked the idea of both rp,Skyrim,and other key featers that this server offers the player to enjoy
    :Time You Can Dedicate . possably I can join the server 3-4 days evey weak.
    Name:Johnny Scarget
    Appearance:farmers tan(but with arrmor imprent instead),small,
    Fears:death,ghasts,charged creapers,dark forrests
    Personality:when involed with other peaple tends to treat them fairly,kind ,
    Occupation:training to become a Imperial soljer
    Skills:good with one handed wepions,knows how to farm,loyal
    Nickname (Optional):John
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):(Me when in game I was 59) Thinks in regreat"When I was just a lad son there were many things that I have't told you yet becose of your Mom"(son)"well father it has been at least 12 years since Mom has died I at least think you can share your secreats with your own blood.Father realizing what his son has just asked by his own son "Groans with despare" and closes his eyes for a good ten minets and silence takes the room with both father and soon looking directly at each other. Then with out hesatation the father leaves the room without saying a word.
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):about twenty years ago when I was just a lad me and my father lived peacefully in Whiterun. Mostly due to my father being one of whiterun's gaurd's I learned and became fasanated with joining Whiterun's gaurds at first. When I was old enough to hold a sword I knew that was the path my life was takeing me ,so the verry next day I asked my father if he could teach me how to become a Whiterun gaurd. With my dad fearing that I may hurt might self at my age training with him he said "son if you still wish to follow the path I have followed I will train you in 3 years" and his word he followed.at the age of 17 my father started to teach me the basics of useing a sword
    It took me 4 years to master a one handed sword and both me and my father were proud. At the time Whiterun was short on gaurds and knowing my dad's reputation I was acepted with open arms.after a year of serving Whiterun both Impearials and StormCloaks started fighting for the crown of Skyrim. Hopping to server the land I lived on I left my home and went to join the Impearial army.Today is my first battle and incase I dont make live to tell my tale , I only wish for my jurnal to be sent to my only fambly member who is still walking on his two feat my father.

    Fus Ro Dah
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    posted a message on What do you think about villages so far?
    i personaly think that flint and steal has a nother use. you could watch the intire vialge burn down to the ground while watching mobs die in a fire :SSSS:
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