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    posted a message on [Whitelist] {18+} (100% Vanilla) Mindcrack Inspired! Great Community
    IGN: Tricky14
    Age: 19
    Skype: None
    Timezone/Country: EST/United States
    Why do you want to join?: To play on a newer server with mature players
    Will you be interested in the community activities?: Yeah, sounds fun
    Do you agree with our rules?: Yes
    :cobblestone: Building: 9/10
    :tnt: Redstone: 9/10
    :DSWORD: PVP: 7/10
    :DPA: Caving: 8/10
    :Zombie: PVE: 7/10
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    posted a message on Pumpkin Farm Help
    We'd need to see what the farm looks like to help improve your own. However, I can recommend you check the wiki for a pumpkin farming template. You can also find other guides and ideas for farms that would work on YouTube, the forums, etc.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 -Pure Vanilla- Brand New Survival Server 18+
    In Game Name: Tricky14

    Age: 19

    Experience in minecraft: Been playing on and off since early beta. xBox and PC versions. Mainly solo, and I normally go off alone, but I try to find good servers.

    Experience in helping manage a server: I modded a small server I got onto a couple years ago, but the server didn't last long, around a month, and closed down for unknown reasons.

    Why you want to join: Looking for a good new server that doesn't have the drama associated with the younger age group. Had to deal with too many of those.

    A little information about you: My time is split between work and college throughout the weekdays, and family and friends on the weekends, then just video games or whatever in my spare time. Electrical Engineer in training. Not much else to say.
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    posted a message on Redstone wiring help
    The pistons and lights are set up correctly, you just need your switches to be reconfigured into a three-way format.
    Instead of trying to explain, I searched up a video that should walk you through a simple way of doing it.

    Good luck. :)
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    posted a message on [1.6.x] [x16] Nurio's Splotchblock Update (Fan Update) (WIP)
    I'm glad to see some other users continuing on with Splotchblock. It was one of the first texture packs I used and definitely my favorite. Hope to one day see it revive itself to the full extent of the game.

    I always considered Minecrafts development strange as well, but waiting on Minecraft to finish, might be a long wait.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Whitelist] [Vanilla] BearMC! [24/7] [Small community] [OP-Spots open]
    IGN: Tricky14

    Age: 19

    Previous vanilla server experience: Not too many, I'm just recently getting back onto PC Minecraft. Emeralds was my last.

    Have you ever been op on a server?: Yes, but it was years ago.

    Tell us a bit about yourself in Minecraft?: I'm mostly into redstone and having useful builds, like farms.

    How often do you plan to be on?: Probably almost daily. I prefer multiplayer over being by myself, even though I don't chat much.

    Have you been banned? (And why?): I was banned off of Emeralds out of the blue last week after spending a couple weeks on some really nice stuff, never given a reason.

    Rule Verification: YWD
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    posted a message on Minecraft no longer a sand box ? upcomeing updates blocking are worlds ?
    What he means is that some of the updates are converting the game into an RPG sandbox. I thought the same thing at first, I was never a fan of having a hunger bar to limit your movement and abilities, but it's easy to get used to and does add some nice new features because of it.

    For most of the features which have been added, you can simply ignore and not use them if you so desire. As for hunger, I'm sure there is a setting or at least a mod somewhere out there to remove it in survival. I know that in the XBox version of the game you can turn hunger off as a host setting.
    If all else fails though, play creative mode or run an older version of the game through the launcher. Good luck.
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    posted a message on The Emeralds 1.6.4
    Minecraft Username: Tricky14
    How did you find us?: Server forum
    What do you like the most about us?: Farmworld is a nice feature
    Any suggestions for our server?: None yet.
    What world should be used for gathering wood/mining (hint: read our features)?: Farmworld
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    posted a message on [Adv] Dimension of DooM (v1.0)
    Quote from IceShot22

    Very nice! I found 27 gold
    There is a puzzle that says to you to store your things in the chest and you pass over pressure plates in soulsand with dispensers shooting flaming arrows look what I did:
    Stored my things in the chest, entered the door with a pressure plate that leads to another puzzle and couldn't get my things from the chest back, I suggest putting a pressure plate to get back in that door. And the minecart don't have power in a certain place in the puzzle that you have to change the direction of the track. Very nice map, but the puzzles was almost the same as your old map

    Same problem with me. I stored all of my stuff up to that point in the box, but then instead of going the flaming arrows route I went through the other way.

    I think you should keep that somehow locked until you go through the flaming arrows place, that way you can get your stuff back. Maybe I just missed a sign that said to go through the arrows first.

    Also there was one part with a Furnace minecart at the start and then a little minecart puzzle in the same room. I got coal, but never put it in the furnace cart. Instead I road the minecart thinking I'd be coming back. Was it bonus gold or did I miss something important?

    I'm definitely going to have to replay this. And stay updated with the newer versions, great job!
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    posted a message on [24/7][NEW]Vanilla Server, the way MC was meant to be played!
    In Game Name: Tricky14
    Stand on Vanilla vs Modded Servers (if you've played both): /
    Server History: Haven't played that many. I did mod on one for a while though.
    Mods you'd like to see, that doesn't affect the vanilla nature of the game: None in mind.
    Age: 17
    If under 18, why should we let you join?: I don't care to talk much on servers anyway, but I'm not a kid.
    Resident Country/Timezone: EST.
    What's your favorite thing about Minecraft?: Playing it. Haha.
    Email: [email protected]
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    posted a message on [V1.2] King's Mods - Neutral Creepers, Nether Tools![V8.10]
    Quote from kehran »
    how do you craft sand runes :tongue.gif:

    I'd like to know to. The game crashes without the image, but I haven't seen anything even mentioning it.
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    posted a message on [V1.2] King's Mods - Neutral Creepers, Nether Tools![V8.10]
    For anyone getting a black screen, you forgot to delete META-INF.

    For anyone installing this onto a clean Minecraft.jar, King forgot to include the "Item_runeSand.png" image and so it crashes. Until he fixes this or posts it up, I just created a copy of one of the other runes and named it "Item_runeSand.png" and stuck it in the GUI. Works perfect.
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    posted a message on Tylers Mods! (WIP)
    I agree. I'd understand it a little more if you at least told us what the arrows will be. I won't be back in this thread until a release.
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    posted a message on [MOD] IWannaWin's Mods v2.0 (MC: v1.2.2)
    1. I think the paxel should have sticks in the middle as if you are crafting any other tool. Like a pick but you are using the diamond tools as the topper.

    2. The fist sounds cool, but I don't want something to destroy everything, I just want a paxel with unlimited strength and all like the old obsidian Povel.

    3. Good job, but I'll stick with the old V1 Povel.
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    posted a message on [MOD] IWannaWin's Mods v2.0 (MC: v1.2.2)
    Always make a backup of your good minecraft.jar file before changing it. Otherwise you could end up messing everything up and having to start from the beginning.

    If you ever do get a problem without a backup, just delete the "bin" folder. Minecraft will re-download it and you will still have your saves.

    Always know what you are doing, or at least a way to fix things if something goes wrong, before doing it.
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