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The world's fate is in our hands, it's our responsibility to ensure that it's going in the right direction. We decide what to do now, and what we do now will affect everyone that comes after us. Our actions ripple through time, will we risk a worse future for everyone through pettiness, selfishness, and foolishness, or will we push for a better society for all? What I ask, is will we build this world from the ashes, or will we further send it into ruins?

I foresee a future of censorship, a future of no freedom, a dystopia of biting your tongue to avoid prison. This is no world I want to live in, no world I want my children, nor anyone else's children to live in. I know and understand that I am a lowly individual, but I am determined to change this world, save it from itself. Not for me, not for my children, but for all people of the future. Utopia is possible, it's hard to achieve, but it's possible.

People think you only die once, but actually, you die twice. Once when you cease to live, and again when your name is spoken for the final time. I, while I understand this will be hard to do, strive to have my name live on for hundreds of years after I first die. Though, I hope to live to the day that I don't need to worry about biological death.

Call me ahead of myself, call me a future seeker, because it's exactly who I am. When you try, you succeed.


80s music, programming, the three sisters of fate, scientific discovery, freedom of speech and expression, autonomy of body and mind, the free market, and in turn, the freest utopia of tomorrow's future.

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