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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack (UPDATED 1JUL13)
    Anyone else notice the off colors during night with torches. It mixes with the blue from the moon and gives you a odd purple effect?
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    posted a message on Who else misses MC from a year ago?

    The servers I find via the something awful forums are still pretty awsome with little to no griefing as we would just ban them from the forum and since its a paid forum no one wants to do that. Plus we have a server where anything goes and its real survival from your fellow man for people to take out there sick feddishes.

    I have been playing since day one of beta and to be honest I have never played on public servers as they have always been rife with trolls 25 year olds that act there 12 and in the schoolyard and loosers that grief. To me muliplayer has been and always probably will be fun. That is untill the next fun thing comes around and people stop playing / caring about minecraft.

    Personally I think Minecraft is winding down now and people are ready for something new and intresting, the updates are ok and all but they are nothing thats gonna keep people playing. I think people were expecting too much and the release of 1.0 gave to little to keep people playing for another year.

    I will agree that the terrain generator needs some major work, because as it stands now it makes stuff that is just too bland and dull looking. Mountain biomes are pretty neet but we need some more mountains in the standard biomes. Also I have no idea why jeb decided to drop snow in tundra.... maybe seasons comming along at some point.... Kinda miss the snow on the trees too.

    For me at least the thing that has kept the game the most intresting is the large and complicated mods like industrail craft and build craft. Industrial craft has almost the same number of items and crafables as the main game... that mod is pretty crazy and I give props to the creator. Good mods have always outshone anything that Mojang has come up with to date and maybe thats for the best to keep vanella minecraft vanella and let mods flavor up your game experiance.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from sunperp

    I would doubt they would return to the old generator -- there would be just too many terrain border glitches created by it. I would, however, like to see them allow the selection of the new or old generator when a new world is created. That could potentially satisfy the people who like the old generator while opening the door for adding other alternative generators (built-in or via the API).

    I give this idea a big ass tumbs up. I think this is a absolutly fabulous idea.... JEB LOOK AT THIS AND DOO!!!!!
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    posted a message on Official 1.0 bug thread
    Quote from Knight44644

    SMP Potion Duplication

    I haven't tested this in singleplayer, but on my (bukkit) server, If I have a potion like a strength potion and an akward potion in my inventory, when I die it makes a stack of 2 strength potions instead of 1 of each.

    Bukkit is not the vanella server so posting any bug related to it will go uncared about. I personally run a bukkit server as well and there are many bugs that are not in a vanella server. Bukkit for Minecraft 1.0.0 is not even out yet so you are running a development version which the bukkit team are aware contain bugs. If you have problems I suggest you download the lastest build and see if the problem is resloved. If not then you could create a bug there and it would be more helpfull to them.
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    posted a message on Thoughts on enchanting and alchemy ?
    Like I have said before in previous posts they should change the Enchanting system to where you have to purchase your level 1 enchants from the NPC villiages thus giving them a reason to even exist and you can buy some of your potion makeing stuff from them as well. And you have to find the higher level enchants from dungons and Strongholds. This system would let you add enchants to your table by keeping them on a pice of paper. You could also duplicate them somehow maybe by making a book of enchants and using the books in the enchant table. There is a whole host of stuff that could be done.

    I personally like the idea of having to make enchant tombs and then using them to enchant things that use experiance points. Thus the experiance system is retained and there is a biger use for books and NPC's
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    posted a message on Weekly Recap - Passing the Scepter, C418 & More

    LOL actually everyting that was added in the game was a mod at some point or another with the exception of the nether stuff and strongholds and the ends stuff.

    NPC villiages Millioner
    Potions was another mod but I cant remember the name
    Pistions were another mod that some say are better then the ingame ones now
    Wolves were pointless addtion.... If not a bit fun to have a companion
    NPC's In the villiages are creepy

    I commend them for working on the game really well but I think they pretty much dropped the ball with the whole enchanting system. Its almost as if they had to come up with something to do with experiance points. They should have added recipes for enchants in dungons and you would have to find them. Also you could have made the base enchants/potions buyable from the NPC's as to give them a reason to exsit other then to become murder victims and house burning fun, on my village raids. As it stands I think they kinda put the NPC villages in but then came up compleatly blank on what to do with them. The mod millioner does a much much better job.

    Anyway thats my 2c
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    posted a message on I have seemed to have fallen into the void and I cannot get out.
    Quote from Elk160

    you cant starve to death
    you only go down to 5 hearts

    Lies.... I have seen many a death message on my server "GayloardSteambath has starved to death!"
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    posted a message on Official 1.0 bug thread
    Quote from Karliii3

    Bug: Water turns to Ice IN ANY BIOME

    In Depth: All water, no matter if manually placed, or naturally spawned, turns to ice. Even in the End, it will turn to ice.

    System Specs: Windows Vista Ultimate, 32 Bit.

    This issue is not occurring in my game at all. However I created a new world for 1.0 and I am not playing on multiplayer.

    Additional info needed.
    What mode are you playing on?
    Are you playing 1.0 or not?
    Are you playing multiplayer or Single Player?
    Are you playing on a world generated on a previous version?
    Are you 100% sure your not in a snow biome?
    Post pic of ice in desert to test.
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    posted a message on Official 1.0 bug thread
    Bug name: Stuck keys in Linux

    Details: From time to time when playing the game you will be pressing down a key to move and it will continue to move into that direction even after the key has been depressed. Pressing the key again and letting go stops the auto movement. This bug has been present in Minecraft from the first time I played (Halloween Update) and was previously fixed by updating LWJGL libraries to newer versions. (See my forum post on past fix) However I have reports of this no longer resolving the issue with current versions of MC

    System: (This should be required to post bugs) This occurs only on Linux platform with updated kernel 3.0+. Tested on computer with 4GB ram AMD Athlon Black Edition Quad Core with normal SATA Drives running java 6. Upgrading to Java 7 on this platform causes major bugs to occur including getting stuck in the menu screen as soon as world loads making it unable to play.

    Image: Cannot provide image of this problem as its a control issue.
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    posted a message on Odd Moon
    Ahhh I did not know they even added in moon stages now... Cool
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    posted a message on Odd Moon
    I was playing on Minecraft 1.0 today and I started from a completely clean installation with no mods or texture packs and noticed that the moon has a black box on it. Anyone else getting this?

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    posted a message on Linux stuck keys solution.
    Quote from wallofchaos

    Sorry but is there anything for windows7 that will fix the same issue? its driving me insane and killing me constantly.

    Try the same fix if you havent yet, that pretty much is my only suggestion since the version of the library they are using is very old.

    I also wanted to warn people that putting the lastest version of lwjgl will break the game and you wont be able to resume game it will launch to the optioins menu. I dunno if this is a problem with java 7 yet or not as the probelm occurs with java 7 as well. I will need to do a bit more testing.

    P.S. Sorry for not keeping track of this thread for the last few monthes but I kinda abandoned the forums when they went to curse, and from playing wow I really really dislike curse and there policies but I have come back :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Minecraft now is just like it would be if it were not in Alpha or Beta.
    Quote from Someguyfromcrowd

    It ain't as simple as it sounds.

    You can't just go into the game's code and say "yup...turn on this...turn off that...let's see, yeah, that too." It would take a monumental amount of effort to put all these different versions of features into the game at once.

    Also, good job with the name-calling fallacy. I don't feel like a "FANBOI." I am a rational human being, thank you, and I like many features of this game whilst disliking a handful of them.

    Um I have programmed in C Assembly and in Java and yes it is as simple as going into the game code and doing that, so your argument is invalid. Pluse many mod developers do exactly this type of thing.

    What I would like to see and I think many of the OLD timers so to say, would like to see is the adventure stuff be a diffrent game mode then survival like it was going to be. That way we can have our good old survivl minecraft and the adventure stuff can be put into the adventure mode. I suspect this may be what is intended but I am not sure, I am only basing that off what has been done in the past on the game.

    I think if they did that then it would satisfy everyone but who knows.
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    posted a message on A Message To Everyone
    I disagree with your statement but I will not defend anything. IMOO I think Notch took a gamble with the 1.8/FRC stuff and it was a brave move that even he was not completely sure about. I think it was a major fumble tho and personally I think at the point the game is at release I probably would have ended up not buying it. I like others here enjoyed the game much more when it was halfway still challenging to find resources, and when bugs that were useful (like water elevators) made the game fun and innovative for finding solutions in interesting ways. The game feels strange now like its two different games mashed together trying to be both a sandbox game and an adventure game. I am all for adding an adventure mode and adding all the potions and **** into it but leave it out of survival. It really does make the game feel odd in a way, makes you ask yourself what exactly am I playing here.

    You could also argue this over the sound changes that have been made. As I agree the sound for chests should have been changed some things that were iconic to MC like the bows was changed for no real reason and I think the game dies just a little bit more with that type of change. None of this of course is game breaking but I kinda feel like the 1.0 of this game is long in coming and short on deliverable. Seriously any game company or software company out there would tell you that the amount of work done in the game in the time allotted is severally lacking. Mod developers (that you so quickly dismiss) have been adding tremendous amounts of content to the game and even having to rewrite things from the ground up with patches and do this on there own with no staff in less then a week or two, where as mojang takes an entire year to add little to nothing, then a month before release change the whole premise of the game from sandbox survival to dumped in adventure stuff.

    These are facts you cannot ignore and many you-tube commentators are dumbstruck in the ridiculousness of what was added. Yogscast actually believes that notch was trolling them with the ending of the game... Its the little things that have killed the game really not one big thing but I think the direction that the game took just months before release seam a bit like a betrayal to loyal fans of the game from its early development. A year ago I would have been sounding the trumpets and walking along with you defending notch and the difficulty that are coding but its been an entire year since beta was given out and what changed.... wolves, potions, enchanting, nether updates(not really that much here) and some bugfixes.

    With everything that has changed in the game I am sorry to say that I will not be interested in any DLC for Minecraft and wont purchase anything else from Mojang. Sorry guys you droped the ball maybe you can fix it who knows maybe not but you dropped your cash-cow for a game that has already been made and no one really wants to play...Scrolls
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    posted a message on Cactopia on the Goonimati server.
    This is my creation Treahblade on the Goonimati semi private server. There is over 10000 cactus that I planted and I had a little help on some of the border areas from ILUVRUM. I am not sure of the dimentions of the whole area but it takes about 5 min to walk from one end to the other. Overall I esitmate with ILUV's help there is over 15000 player planted cacti. This server is a survival PVP server where pretty much anything goes, and I wanted to make something that would be pretty hard to destroy. That is why I came up with a enormous cactus garden.

    Comments are welcome :smile.gif:.
    P.S. I don't have access to the save file, but if you would like to tour it im sure you can get access to the server from the operator. Message me for details if you would like to visit.


    Back. BTW the circle of sandstone you see in this screenshot is remints of a dome that an admin put here but later partially removed. The black boxes of obsidian you see are also placed by the admins as another fun thing to visit in cactopia.... This area sure gets lots of attention from our mods :smile.gif:
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