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    New CurseForge release.

    TragicMC 3 - v0.51.4825-5.271

    Important note:
    Dimension data may be reset due to naming change. This should only affect the Collision, Aegis and Synapse.

    Added a config setting to override Dimension IDs, these are set to 0 by default, resulting in the automatic ID registration being done, otherwise you can set a value which it will attempt to use
    Renamed Dimensions to use lowercase names to fit Vanilla's naming convention for them, this may cause a dimension to reset when coming from a previous version so keep that in mind
    Improved optimization of Guns firing hitscans (this had to be completely rewritten when originally ported to 1.12 so this is just bringing the optimization back from the 1.10 version)
    Improved framerates in the Synapse when Fancy graphics are disabled, this is only affected by the Vanilla option (should be around a 30% framerate boost)
    Added a config setting to override the enchant glow on my weapons and armor, this is only a visual toggle and doesn't actually disenchant the gear
    Adjusted mob transformation into Mini-Bosses to be a bit more common and added a sound for when it occurs
    Adjusted display of armor on the HUD, this is a bit more representative of the armor compared to Vanilla
    Did some internal restructuring to the mod for various reasons (optimization, efficiency, etc.), this is noted purely in case there were any weird bugs/glitches brought about by these changes
    Added a config setting to render the Player's Influence as text under the respective icon in the HUD, enabled by default
    Added localizations to the Config GUI so that each option is explained more properly
    Added caps to certain HUD options to prevent some bugs that could occur from certain values
    Reduced amount of hitscans that Thundercrash did per shot, again, just noted in case of any bugs

    Fixed an issue where Aegis would do two notifications when recreated from NBT data
    Fixed Spatial Anomalies possibly having an invalid Dimension target set when they load from NBT (due to IDs changing, for instance), they now revert to target the Overworld when this occurs and must be reset via particular items while in Creative Mode (Aeria for Aegis, Corruption Matrix for Synapse)
    Fixed the piercing damage death message not working properly
    Fixed Anthro Helmet not being craftable due to it sharing a similar recipe with a recipe for Bone Meal from Chitin (Bone Meal now requires 6 Chitin)
    Fixed Crystalline Leggings not getting their Unbreaking Enchant as they were supposed to
    Hopefully fixed a rare, sporadic crash that could occur when killing a mob with a weapon using extended reach when slightly outside of Vanilla hit range
    Fixed a few issues in the HUD where transparency wasn't respected fully
    Fixed an issue where Perk Orientation in the HUD wasn't being set properly
    Fixed a missing pixel on a few of the Perk icons
    Fixed an issue where Enchantments could be applied to weapons that aren't a part of the mod
    Hopefully fixed an issue where Enchanted Books would have Enchantments from the mod
    Fixed an issue where other Players wouldn't be teleported properly when near someone using a Porter
    Fixed an issue where Potion Effects on Bosses would crash the server
    Fixed an issue where Summon blocks wouldn't show in the Creative Tab, wouldn't properly save their metadata and wouldn't render their coloration correctly

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    My friend and I were playing on Multiplayer and attempting to teleport him to the Collision via using the porter right next to him teleports me to it but he is only sent to the world's spawn point.

    EDIT: Also, please fix the bug where respawning in the collision causes you to fall into the void as you spawn at Y=1 (which, also, deletes any blocks in radius of the player; preventing them from being saved unless they have a porter)

    If you're using an old save for the Collision (which was likely made on an older, bugged version), that's likely due to that location being set for your spawn point. You should be able to just do /spawnpoint in the Collision to fix it. I'll look into the teleporting for other Players issue.

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    Time for another post.

    For the armor display in the HUD, maybe you could add specific values in the description of the item (whether shown through f3 + H or not)? DivineRPG does something similar due to it using a different armor system than vanilla wherein it outright reduces damage by a percentage and states such in a description. You could perhaps state an armor piece/set has a specific value for protection and explain how these values work in the ingame wiki?

    I don't think the armor display amount is that huge of a deal, but I'll probably try and figure out some way to get it to display properly, at least to the end user. Maybe I will just display raw reduction amount.

    Miscellaneous questions: Some lore-related questions from a friend over Discord.

          • Who specifically made the robotic entities within the Synapse (with the inclusion of the Overlord itself)?
            • Adding onto this, killing the Overlord is stated to "save space and time", which implies that the Overlord derives its power from the corruption itself, similarly to a consumed.

          • Considering that corruption is at least implied to be capable of manipulating space and time when in big enough quantities (The corruption was able to merge several dimensions together in order to form the Collision; after which, the Colision is rendered as "temporally unstable" due to time fisssures spawning. These time fissures can be instigated by using an item crafted with the chrono flux from them and solidified coruption, furthermore implying that corruption has an influence on time).

        • The Overlord seems to be related to the corruption in some fashion, since his description the TMC2 wiki implies that it is a source of it and his last stand kills the player with corruption damage.

    • Do the gods (stated to interact with the player via what happens when they take pity on you for suffering from corruption, in exchange for knowledge) have any specific goals? Do there exist gods that want corruption to spread and gods that want to purify the world of corruption? Seeing that the corruption can infect entire dimensions and time itself, I can see why literal gods would want to maybe take a stand for or against it.

    • Why is claymation lawful good? Claymation prime's achievement implies it might just be related to wanting to remain immortal (Which could serve as an explanation as to why it doesn't attack the player on sight like other instanced bosses).

    • Why are the roaming bosses grouped under the neutral good category? I'm assuming this might be a placeholder, but it's be interesting to hear why they would be nonetheless

      • What would separate any of the arguably foreign mobs like Mortyr from "alien" mobs such as Pyslok(sis), Endermen, Feists and the like. They all have access to supernatural abilities and/or are not from the Overworld, but it just seems that some of them don't drop foreign particles despite not being "alien mobs" in spite of similar qualities.
        • More or less, what indicates that a mob is an alien mob?

    Being a source of corruption doesn't mean you're the only source or even the original source. Sometimes things become sources themselves when they are too powerful to die to the corruption.

    Gods generally don't really need a reason to do things, sometimes they just like to entertain themselves by seeing what happens when they interfere in certain ways.

    The original internal lore for the Claymation was that it was a powerful ruler and gave into a kind of power that made it effectively immortal, it forgot why it searched for that power, who it was in the past, and what it lost, as a result.

    Neutral Good was used as there are only 9 Complex Influences for the Time Fissure to interact with currently, with 8 being used for the Instanced Bosses. It'd have been cool to give them the Influence that matched them as well but that would've probably required another item to do that and Scrolls were added to summon specific Roaming Bosses anyway.

    Creature attributes were created early on to help categorize mobs but there have been loads of mobs added since then so not all of them have proper attributes. The Alien attribute, specifically, was aimed to describe mobs that didn't seem Overworld-native or I guess Earth-ly. Most of the Collision mobs would fit that attribute, since they are obviously not from the Overworld but some fit another attribute better, and each mob can only have one attribute at a time.

    Suggestion: a new "event" that can be accessed by time fissures

    I have multiple planned "events" but not specifically for Time Fissures. I like the initiation for this one though. Keep in mind, I have a lot of planned Bosses, Mobs, Dimensions, Dungeons, Weapons and "Events" like the one you made, I just have to have time to make them and make sure they work as I want.

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    New release on CurseForge with a few more 1.10->1.12 bugs fixed, including an issue where armor was applying multiplicatively, resulting in it basically applying twice on damage reduction and another issue where shield disengage wasn't applying at all due to an internal Vanilla change to how the shield block interaction is applied.

    TragicMC 3 - v0.51.4825-3.219

    Added a new config setting for Simple Mode in Achromy, this disables combat interactions affecting Achromy and removes the ability for you to go negative, Achromy basically just functions for use of your Abilities and that's it
    Made it so that resourcelocation is no longer required for Wiki keys, meaning you can do "/tragicmc echo" and it'll properly show the entry without requiring it to be "/tragicmc tragicmc:echo"
    Added another notification to Echo, letting players know that they stunned it the first time
    Adjusted immune render for Echo to not animate so that its easier for players to know that it is immune to stun still, also increased sound distance of it's stagger sounds
    Added a sub-command to Achromy for quickly setting an item's Achromy value
    Adjusted Bleed application to add on to the effect timer rather than resetting it, resulting in it not actually applying Bleed damage
    The Overlord Core's Seed phase now requires use of the Charged Seeker Core to complete

    Fixed being able to use Abilities when you don't have enough Achromy (causing you to go negative normally)
    Fixed the mod's Armor being more effective than intended at reducing damage, there was likely multiple reasons for this related to how Forge treats special armor but it should be fixed now
    Fixed various damage sources being affected by Vanilla Enchantments
    Fixed an issue where certain extra attack interactions by mobs and Bosses were being ignored due to happening too rapidly after a normal hit
    Fixed an issue where instances of shield disengage by mobs and Bosses weren't occurring as they were supposed to
    Fixed an issue where related keys would not be returned properly for some Wiki entries
    Fixed Echo breaking blocks it wasn't supposed to break
    Fixed Excuberance displaying an incorrect Armor value in the HUD

    Extra notes:
    Armor display in the HUD is somewhat inaccurate now for my Armor sets compared to Vanilla's displayed values but I was unable to return it to previous display due to how Forge handles the Armor and the armor display now

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    Well Neko, I've pulled it off! I've killed The Overlord Perfected, in survival, from scratch, and got the challenge achievement along with it.

    That said and done I'd like to say I've really enjoyed what TragicMC3's had to offer so far. The Overlord is one of the most fun boss fights i've experienced in a Minecraft mod so far and many of the other bosses in the mod present challenges like I haven't seen many other mods do.

    I'm really looking forward to what you have planned!

    Congrats :D

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    The Armor module on the HUD shouldn't be used to determine armor values, my armor has a different scalar than Vanilla but displays a "friendlier" output for the HUD. I'll adjust the armor scaling when I have time to look into it more thoroughly.

    I could possibly re-add Enyvil's TragicMC 2 instance as a throwback at some point. It had a lot of complexity which led to a lot of issues with it so it'll probably be simpler if brought back.

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    I'm back with another post regarding changes for/questions about the mod

    Armor should work as it did before, if it is too effective it might've become bugged at some point. I'll look into it when I can.

    Laser damage shouldn't be getting reduced by vanilla Enchantments so I'll look into that as well.

    Those recipes aren't meant to be used for a gain, they're meant for a loss when you have excessive materials. Some were set way before item economy was set up for the mod and are outlandish now but on the other hand, they change nothing if you ignore them. Not a high priority.

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    Hotfix released on CurseForge. Previous version was archived and shouldn't be accessible anymore.

    Hotfix for previous version:

    Fixed a crash that could occur when Minos was created via NBT data
    Fixed an issue where structure debug code was left enabled in the Synapse, causing weird structures to generate (and causing extreme amounts of lag due to multiple simultaneous structures being generated)

    Extra note:
    Disabled debug spam in the logger

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    I'll release a hotfix in a bit for that issue, seems to be leftover from structure code debugging. Weird that it got re-enabled at some point.

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    Another update has been released on CurseForge. Blah blah processing, wait for CurseForge stuff yada yada. This update wasn't tested very thoroughly because I haven't had time to but I didn't want to sit on it for a month without releasing it so here it is.

    TragicMC 3 - v0.51.4825-2.194

    Updated formatting in notifications to use vanilla methods, this shouldn't break anything but just in case, it's noted here
    Evolutionary weapons can now have a Complex Influence when they hit max evolution, this change was made due to an oversight regarding their Influence-based Enchantment when Evolution was made to use Simple Influences
    Excuberance no longer has a higher than intended Toughness value
    Claymation no longer has as aggressive of passive healing, in it's Prime form in particular, it could heal ~20 health per immunity phase which didn't feel fun to fight against so its reduced to ~6 now in that same time frame
    Adjusted Echo to have less stun immunity time after being initially stunned and after being staggered, also adjusted its shield texture to make it more obvious that it is immune
    Made it so that Summon blocks can't be spammed as quickly now, they have a buffer applied in their blockstate to prevent accidentally spawning too many in at once
    The mod's Bosses can no longer be Stunned or Slowed by the mod's effects
    Adjusted Bullet range dropoff on Guns to be harsher, it was using too linear of a scalar over too large of a range, resulting in barely any dropoff over the course of a huge range, adjusted a few Gun's dropoff stat to utilize it better now
    Adjusted Claymation Prime to render with a darker color when hit since its texture is very similar to the normal "hurt" color
    Removed Spiderbite's piercing damage and reduced its innate Range modifier to 0, reduced duration and amplifier of its Poison effect, added a small chance to inflict Stun on hit
    Reduced Ammo count and reload speed for Corruption Vacuum, reduced its duration and amplifier of its Null Burn effect
    Increased buff given from Trickster's Gamble when the player is below half of their max health
    Added Efficiency III and a Fortune II Enchantment to Jack of Blades, these Enchantments apply as it gains Achromy infusion
    Slightly increased Thundercrash's knockback scalar to make downward trajectories feel more impactful
    Increased Useful Idiot's bullet damage to 5 from 2 and decreased reload time to 3 seconds from 9, also increased its durability to 744 from 544
    Null Burn had its damage per damage tick output reduced
    Additionally, Null Burn was unintentionally applying a Slowness debuff, allowing it to "stun" at a safe distance, this is removed now
    Vampirism had its healing reduced to 0.33x per Enchant level with a buffer added to it activating
    Actualizer had its bullet damage reduced to 4 from 9 and durability reduced to 450 from 650
    Longshot had its base damage halved (40 to 20) with its durability doubled (30 to 60), reduced Dropoff range to 16 from 24
    Spritzer, Firebolt, Shadowstream all had their bullet dropoff range reduced
    Symbiote had its durability increased to 968 from 666
    Adjusted Bleed to work with long damage over time rather than only inflicting damage once after the effect wore off, it now does very little damage over a long period of time and can be reapplied to maintain the damage, damage resets after hitting a certain amount and is built back up to that cap
    Enchantments that inflict Potion Effects have had their effect application reduced, affecting duration and amplifier of effects that are applied
    Made it so that Stun renders full bright past a few seconds and reduced a few applications of Stun that were set too long
    [1.12]HUD elements now update at a fixed time rather than being bound to framerate, which resulted in inconsistent display times when framerate was unstable

    Fixed Evolutionary Weapons not maintaining their Enchantments properly through branches, resulting in Evolutions having an Enchantment they aren't supposed to yet or resulting in a final Evolution not having an Enchantment that they were supposed to have
    Due to the fix for Evolutionary weapons, Armor Sets now properly gain an extra Enchantment when Influenced and at final Evolution tier (and at max Achromy infusion)
    Fixed Claymation Prime having improper triggers for it healing and failing its Bonus Objective
    Fixed an issue where Enyvil's stagger damage was being counted improperly during its Attack phase, resulting in extremely easy stuns when using a ranged weapon against it (and in other, various situations)
    Fixed an issue where Summon Blocks would count a client and server-side activation, causing weird interactions and then deleting more Stacks then they were supposed to
    Fixed an issue where Summon Blocks were taking Cursed Tribute before checking if it was a Cursed Tribute, resulting in it never summoning the Challenge version of that boss
    Fixed an issue where players that were in Corruption/Withdrawal could continue using Abilities
    [1.10]Fixed Weapons not syncing their info properly to the Client when on a Server
    [1.12]Fixed an issue with bounding boxes caused by an internal Vanilla change when updating from 1.10 to 1.12, this affected things like potion effects from Bosses and hit radius for AoE damage and addresses multiple issues with AI
    [1.12]Fixed an issue where one of the capabilities the mod uses wasn't syncing to the Client properly, resulting in the Frozen effect overlay not fading out properly

    Extra note:
    Due to the amount of people actually downloading the mod for 1.10.2 (less than 5% of total downloads), this may be the final 1.10.2 version unless some other major bug fixes are required.

    Not a bug report, but just a few questions regarding a bit of legacy/lost content for the mod:

    1. The files for the neko mobs (and mechs) from 1.8.9 TMC2 are still in the asset files for the mod. Are the mechs ever going to make a return let alone the funny neko mobs themselves. I know that the Grimm biome was originally named the Neko biome before it was ultimately renamed. Either the neko stuff in the files is for something entirely different (Not the dimension for sure, as you confirmed that it isn't returning to the mod via Twitter).

    2. There was music for the record items back in 1.8.9 TMC2 that had their own music. I'm not talking about the dimensional music (which was ripped from various Metroid games), but the music disc tracks such as Atrophy and Untitled that were really dope. Are they original tracks or were they also from other games/media? If they are original, then I definitely do think you can try to make tracks for the Collision/Synapse at some point.

    The Neko stuff was kept in case I wanted to repurpose any of it or port it to the new version but it was cut so that I could actually release the mod eventually.

    The record music was stuff that I made using a sequencer and wouldn't be too difficult to re-add but isn't high priority so it wasn't added.

    Why did it add this to the end of my previous post... whatever, it's staying here lol

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    Your boy Zany, back with another post:

    TL;dr: a few bugs, some balance changes and somewhat big gameplay changes.

    Those bugs and multiple others I found doing playtesting are as a result of an internal Vanilla change from 1.10 to 1.12 that affected a few methods relating to how bounding boxes work, which the mod uses extremely heavily. The majority of issues with Bosses should be resolved after adjustments to compensate for that. This is a similar issue to certain items and abilities not working on initial 1.12 release due to internal Vanilla changes to how Itemstacks are stored and tracked.

    For balancing, a few of those weapons were actually never balanced with the rest just due to me skipping them on accident. Corruption Vacuum in particular wasn't adjusted at all after creation and had a bug related to Null Burn as well. Each of the weapons have already been looked at and adjusted for next release.

    As for the proposed changes, Enchantments function the same way as an internal ability would, which is why they are done that way for more generic usability. Unbreaking at higher tiers effectively acts the same as giving a straight Durability increase, negating most of the durability damage as the enchant goes to a higher level.

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    I think Claymation Prime may either be bugged or a little overtuned.

    It says you need to damage him enough to where he doesn't heal after changing form; I'm shooting him with a Corruption Vacuum and dealing what should be enough damage while he's dazed to prevent healing, but after he stays in his ultimate form for a while he fully heals when he changes form.

    He's pretty much unkillable and it doesn't seem like reducing his armor affects how much damage he takes.

    Speaking of bosses, Empariah only seems to take 2 points of damage at maxiumum, even with a full-achromy merokite tier 2 hammer archetype weapon.

    I'll look into it, this is for the 1.12.2 version I'm guessing?

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    Another update on CurseForge has been released. This update should allow for multiplayer capability and fixes a few other crashes, including one that came about due to a previous fix. There was also some minor Wiki updates. This update will be available as soon as processing/reviewing is done on CurseForge's part.

    TragicMC 3 - v0.51.4813-1.96

    Added a bit more information in a few Wiki entries, including letting players know that Weapons may have multiple evolution branches depending on Influence
    Updated some Wiki information regarding Aegis since the Wiki was implemented before a minor rework of it
    Config category comments were modified to only appear on client-side Configs, this change was made due to Localization not playing well with the Server
    [1.12]Added the built-in Forge Config GUI, this appears under the "Mod Options" when you select the "Config" button, this allows you to change settings related to the HUD, changes save to the client-side Config file only

    Fixed an NPE that could occur when a source pretending to be a player killed something
    Fixed various issues preventing the mod from running in a Server environment, allowing multiplayer to be possible

    Extra note:
    More testing in a multiplayer server is required to ensure of stability, as usual, please report any issues you have :)

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    Quick question: would I be able to revise the pages currently present on the TragicMC wiki? I know that there exists an ingame wiki accessible via command, but I think quickly-accessible pages would be way easier for people like me to access.

    I was intending on using a tabber to separate between the TragicMC2 and TragicMC3 variants of entities and renaming pages to reflect on the newer versions of the mod. I could also post videos of a player fighting specific bosses for certain pages, too.

    I no longer do any type of upkeep on the Wiki but you should be able to edit things still if you wish.

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    Another update on CurseForge has been released that addresses some minor issues and has adjustments to mob spawning in the Collision. It will be available as soon as processing/reviewing is completed on CurseForge's part.

    TragicMC 3 - v0.50.4808-0.79

    Adjusted spawn weight and spawn height check of underground mobs in the Collision
    Mutants and Super Mutants are no longer capable of being poisoned
    Added ability to disable underground mob spawns in the Collision (this will force all spawns to only be from those particular biomes, whereas underground spawns utilized its own specialized list)
    Adjusted world generation in the Collision to somewhat increase variety of the underground
    Adjusted mcmod.info file to refer to the CurseForge page for version updates instead of the Minecraft forum post (since that just links to the CurseForge page anyway)

    Fixed an extremely specific crash related to ladders and attacking with a weapon, causing an NPE in what should be an impossible case due to a vanilla bug
    Fixed an NPE that could occur when the Overlord's second form couldn't find a valid player target
    Fixed an issue where Charisma were being consumed before they could be used to activate a Time Fissure
    Fixed an inaccurate number in the Scripture's description
    Fixed an NPE that could occur when the Arachne attempted to attack someone outside of its follow range, resulting in a null target
    Fixed an issue where certain capabilities weren't being updated in non-Overworld dimensions properly for non-Player entities (this affected things like the HUD not displaying entity potion effects)
    [1.12]Fixed localization breaking on Scripture's ItemStack name due to entity name changes
    [1.12]Fixed an issue where underground mob spawns in the Collision weren't occurring, resulting in a larger than intended amount of mobs spawning on the surface

    Extra note:
    Due to development challenges related to how I build out content, any new content will be released specifically on the newest Minecraft version with only fixes backported to the previous versions

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