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    posted a message on Old Game Theme Songs

    You sure them companys legal teams would enjoy that?

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    posted a message on Need some command help!

    Right... Ok.

    I need to do some jazz with commands(Not music XD):

    Teleport all players but one into a box at some coords,

    Then give all players but that one players blindness 25 for 60 seconds, then slow falling 2 for 7 seconds.

    Set the world spawn to the location of the player that didnt get the effects or anything, then if any players die they just get tp'd to 0 64 0... apart from if the player that didnt get any effects or stuff then it would run 2 commands!

    Ik its a lot of things, I did this back when man hunt was like a new thing though i dont have the world save, plus i seem to have frogotten how to do it and it was stupid annoying to setup everytime...

    (I dont mind using plugins)



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    posted a message on Custom loot tables

    I would reccomend this tutorial:


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    posted a message on Sometimes I question what mojang is doing...(Give me your thoughts!) (Rant(Kinda))

    Yeah, it just seems... weird to make 2 versions. If anything they would want to just make one.

    Plus my cousin who is about 10 wanted to play java, i told him... minecraft.net!

    He bought windows 10 edition.

    Its just confusing

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    posted a message on Sometimes I question what mojang is doing...(Give me your thoughts!) (Rant(Kinda))


    Im Thomas. Just before I get into this this isnt just "OOoOooHhHhh MinECRaFT UpdATE BaD".

    Well first of all,

    Java & Bedrock... Mojang, what?

    Why would you have two 100% incompatible versions, if... you could join java servers, Anvil world saves would be nice.

    But no. Mojang split there community, community is one of the main
    parts of Minecraft. I dont need to say that, is the Minecraft community a
    good community?

    Dependes on how you look at it, for the most part its a lovley community... but its split.

    Sure ok,

    Whats another part of Minecraft, well this one heavily hooks into the community...


    Does Mojang even care?

    Now I could nitpick forever on this but the main issuses are...

    Well the ones mentioned in the Bedrock Java thing.

    Making it seem like realms is the ONLY way to get a server.

    And no bulit in plugin support but that doesnt really matter.


    Microsoft, do I like them... ehhh, though Im writing this on Windows 10 sooo.

    They bought minecraft for a goood chunk of money.

    And they are proably still trying to re-coop those costs, so
    Microtransactions were added. There not all bad, it allows developers a
    huge outreach and a platorm to profit of there hard work. Thats all
    good, but... Im just not to fond on them(pls mojang leave java alone its

    And the game just straight up being marketed 100% towards kids, your
    game has an audult audience. There selling it almost as if its something
    else. Flat graphics, Bright colours.

    Take from this what you please.

    Feel free to leave a comment,


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    posted a message on Need advise to increase my jitter Click on Click Test CPS

    Getting good at it... and, a good mouse.

    This one is pretty populoar for being able to change how long it takes for the mouse to click then be able to be clicked again(Click this hyperlink)

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    posted a message on New theory time - Minecraft is about settlement, not survival or conquest

    Whats that word again, awakend or is it...

    W O K E

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    posted a message on Join a beta version minecraft server with "online mode" set to true

    Now im hosting a MC server... sure?

    Well its in the version Beta 1.2_02, so quite old.

    Though I would like to be able to use "Online mode" so people cant just go on MultiMC and simply click "Play Offline" and type in my username and thus have op... that wouldnt be good!

    Though you just get the error "Failed To Login: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">".

    Im happy to use offline mode if there isn't any solutions.

    Hope you can help!

    (Answers like "JuST UpDatE" or "WhY ARe yOu UsING tHaT VerSION" arnet helpful in any amount)

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    posted a message on Can you make a player ride an armour stand with cmds?

    Just as title!

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    posted a message on Get session id and boot MC JAR

    In the mood lol

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    posted a message on Get session id and boot MC JAR

    I have a (really janky) minecraft launcher that ive been making for about 2 days now, though I only know how to login using a batch file from like... 6 years ago when you would use:
    java -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame <username> <password>

    But Im a bit lost here, is this the new method. Seen some debate about it (plus how do i get the session ID):

    java -Xms512m -Xmx1g -Djava.library.path=natives/ -cp "minecraft.jar;l

    wjgl.jar;lwjgl_util.jar" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft <username> <sessionID>


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    posted a message on Make minecraft "playable" on a trackpad


    I use a laptop and due to corona... I have to wait 3 months to get a mouse of amazon.

    How would I be able to make it better, I dont mean this in like keybinds because im fine with them, it's just that I cant move my camera using the trackpad while Im moving or jumping.

    Im fine using mods and stuff to fix this or just changing settings

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    posted a message on Minecraft never uses my graphics card!


    I got a new PC(yay!), and I of cource downloaded minecraft... and I never had a problem, it used my proper GPU! Then I was like, hmm, should get optifine.

    So I load it up and, 1/2 of the before frames. I checked F3 and... yep, AMD Radeon built-in graphics. Not that theres anything wrong with them, id just like to use my proper graphics card.

    This goes for Forge, MultiMC(When you load an instance), and even some normal MC versions (Beta and Alpha).

    Does anyone knoe how to fix this?

    --Solved, Nvidia just decided to not keep my settings--

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    posted a message on New to MC
    Quote from agraywall»

    Boom! I started a trial with Realms and this is exactly what I have been looking for.


    Newbies do not want to learn how to set up a server, or have complex tasks to complete, I have never gamed and was struggling with how the character moves, no interest in treasure hunting and creating stuff from other stuff.

    I totally get that, there fun to mess around with though. And there a good way to get to grips with MC syntax.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Hermitcraft! Is it better than you think? Why do YOU love it?
    Quote from PuipinM»

    I think that is an incredibly nice reason to enjoy Hermitcraft ^_^

    Haha, thanks!

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