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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    The clouds... i looove the clouds o-o

    I made a timelapse video for fun with the shader, realy like your work SonicEthers.

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    posted a message on How big can a minecraft server with one single world?
    Thank you for the reply, realy usefull information. But let's go a bit crazy here. With no pluging and no mods, if i wanted to be able to have 500 poeple at the same time on the same world, is this possible, and having a stable experience for the player?

    Let's just remove the money problem in this, i just wanna know if it's technicly possible.
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    posted a message on How big can a minecraft server with one single world?
    I'm working on a server right now, it's only in it's configuration state and still have some gameplay element to check out. But i went a bit online to check for servers hosts and most of them stop at 8GO of ram.

    But i wonder, is there a limit on how bit a server with a single world can be? Can multiple Hardware work on the same server? Is there a limit to the stability of a server?
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    posted a message on [WIP] The Journey in Titans Plains
    My goal was to try more organic and creative forms with minecraft. Creating nice curves and forms, trying new architecture design. My only problem is, minecraft fog's too short for my ambition, so i use external renders so we can see everything. Chunky and 3dsmax are pretty good at this! Here's the result of my work for now. Here's some ingame pic:

    And some links to the final render i tried with 3dsmax. Click on this one to go on my DeviantArt page to see the full version.

    I want your comments and impressions, and if you have any tips ans tricks, so i can improve myself.
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    posted a message on [Forge][1.7.2]GameRegistry.addBiome() replacement?
    I found This

    But i've never found my biome in the world for now, i don't know what i'm doing wrong.
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    posted a message on You know what's fun about learning? Fooling around with the code.
    I'm curently playing with Forge and adding little things. For now i'm only learning to do it correcly. But, sometimes, the sweetest little details can make me smile, a lot, maybe too much.

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    posted a message on Skin Pack, 10 new skin, more are comming.
    Skin pack 1

    You can chose any and Modify, but don't distribute, only download them here please.
    I'll make much more later, so stay tunned if you are curious.

    Download Pack 001 :
    Download Skin pack 001
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    posted a message on [WIP] Mobsination, It's only a begginning

    That's just a work and ideas in progress, but here, i wanna see if i got something interesting.

    Inspired by the idea of survival island, the map si created so the player will have to explore and search before finding the thing he'll needs for the projects.

    Some secret spot give more to the player to be able to farm


    [Dead link, sorry]

    Thank you for your support, i'll continue to update, since it's just a try, better and bigger maps are comming!

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    posted a message on [1.5.X] Pewdiepie Map [WIP]
    Quote from Crawfish

    The pixel art is pretty high quality. Did you make it all by hand, or did you use a program?

    I wanna be sincere , i used programs for sure, i forgot to say it X-x. The software was SpriteCraft http://www.diamondpants.com/spritecraft/
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    posted a message on [1.5.X] Pewdiepie Map [WIP]
    I tought i could do a map, the bro city, The pewdiepie country, just for fun!
    Inside the map, There is the Facade appartment, some reference and, the full map of Ao Oni!

    Some Pixelart to enjoy more the Map. Exploration is the Key!

    The spawn Temple:

    Ao oni:



    The map was made with Minecraft 1.5.1, MCedit and SpriteCraft.

    If you have any suggestion, any idea on what i should do more!

    Ao Oni (All pieces done and some traps actualy work, like in the game!)
    Facade (All the appartement)
    Spawn point

    What i wanna add:
    Amnesia Castle? If any of you have the plans of the maps so i can have a clear idea how to do it, Shoot the link and i will add this with pleasure!
    Do you have any Fan-made Picture? Pixel art you would like me to add in the map? Just add a PNG picture in the post and i'll add it there it belong the most.
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    posted a message on Timelapse, creative and shaders
    A new project I have, make relaxing, nice and cosy videos. time-lapse with incredible shaders.

    For now, it's all small, but i want it to become epic and big, and later on, share all of this! If you have commentary, something constructive so I can be better at this, I'm all open!

    I'im working on a new project, it's a surprise! :3 But it's going to be epic and i'll share it.
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    posted a message on MCedit Timelaps (Maybe downloadable map)
    I am making some experimentation to make awesome maps. I have a lot of work to do before. Here is some timelapses i made (Music in description on youtube).

    I am open to constructive tips and commentary, i would be happy to learn more from you and make better maps in the future. I might put some downloable content if it gets a bit popular and poeple seem interested.
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    posted a message on Java Limited to one Core
    I'm using Bukkit and the biomes modifier, but it's incredibly laggy. So, is there a way that the server use more than just one core on my processor?
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    posted a message on Wirecraft [Beta 1.2_01]
    It's a great idea, with that texture pack, you can easly look for Donjon, cavern and other stuff underground.
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    posted a message on [downloadable map] My work is done my lord.
    How can i prove that the file is totaly clean? Something to remove all doubt? i could try?
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