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    posted a message on new enchatment: anti creeper
    So basically the ability to one hit kill a Creeper with an already overpowered weapon that, with Sharpness V, can two hit kill any mob (minus Endermen, Iron Golems, and the Dragon)?

    No thanks. Sounds pretty OP. Maybe just half of level 1.
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    posted a message on suggestion: moon mode
    Wow, this is probably the most detailed moon suggestion I've seen on the forums. However, I think that the ray guns should be removed, and that the "greys" should just attack with melee. But, can we have more info on the mobs? How much HP? How much damage? Appearance? Spawn conditions?

    Half-support, would be higher if there was more details on the mobs, though.
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    posted a message on Animated Block/Item Textures
    So, I recently tried to make an animated Pufferfish icon with 3 frames: One of it fully puffed up (stock texture), one of it halfway through, and one of it deflated. The canvas size is 16 wide and 48 tall, and each frame is spaced out correctly. However, when I had put in the code, and tried out the texture, I got the black and purple "invalid texture." I looked into it, and found there's a new system for animated textures with resource packs.

    Could anyone please take a moment to help me with this new system? I want it so the pufferfish is in it's normal, puffed-up state for 16 ticks, deflates, using the middle "half-puffed" frame for one tick, then stays deflated for 16 ticks, goes back into "half-puffed" for a tick, then repeats.

    I have no idea how to do this and would really appreciate help, so please do so.
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    posted a message on An idea for Dark Forests/Roofed Forest
    Quote from SharpenedPata

    not to much taller, and maybe a little darker...its pretty nice as is. little hard to navigate though.
    also...new mob! the ghost, haunting the house! no, just kidding. terrible idea.

    maybe they should make it chock full of witches though....still have yet to fight one. ever.

    I really hope that "full of witches" is an exaggeration. Biomes o' Plenty has Magic Forests, and the guy who made it did just that. At night, TONS of witches spawn in place of normal hostile mobs. It's horrible. Maybe witches could be as rare of a spawn as Endermen in Dark Forests?

    But anyways, my support is kinda eh. This needs more detail. What would the house be made of? Would there be any loot? Anything unique in the house?
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    posted a message on Add the daylight detector wood colour as a new block!
    Quote from Zelefant

    I like the daylight detector as it is.


    Wh... what? He's saying that there should be a new block that has wood of the same color of the daylight detector's wood. He's not suggesting a single change to the daylight detector, except that this new wood could be used in the crafting recipe.
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    posted a message on Add the daylight detector wood colour as a new block!
    I like the idea of an almost black wood.

    But... where would you get the wood? What type of tree would it come from? Where would you find the tree? What would the tree look like?
    i don't see this being bad for the trees in the redwood forests
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    posted a message on Sprays
    Rewrite this into painting. Change the recipe and such. That way it's not illegal in several places.

    But anyways, to the replies to this: "It can be used for griefing" isn't really an excuse for something not to be added. Many things can be used for griefing if used properly. Anything from TNT and obsidian to several stacks of cobblestone.

    Support. This would be good for mapmakers, and on SMP. By the way, "people would make you-know-whats." That can be done with hardened clay, wool, or any block really. And probably be easier for the person, too. Plus it could easily be washed off with water/lava/a shovel.
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    posted a message on -----! The Amazing Mod Switch !-----
    Quote from Troybuckeye

    I don't think mojang wants you using mods. Now the 1.6 update has a launcher that basically does this, just make a new version as modded. You know what I'm sayin?

    Not against mods. Pistons, hoppers, and horses were all originally mods before being added to Vanilla game.

    But anyways, this is basically coming out as Mod API. Just instead of toggling a switch you have to actually download the mods.
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    posted a message on Improved Sneaking, Assassinations, Daggers
    Question: Would the mob's line of sight be based on what way the head is facing, or what way the body is facing?

    But, support. This has been done in the AdventureCraft mod, but I'm pretty sure that's super outdated at this point. This means that it is possible for Mojang to do.

    Also, for the backstab animation... maybe the body would go flying forward as a TF2 reference? No? Alright.
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    posted a message on Joke mob: Daleks (very rare)
    Quote from Badprenup

    Ugh Doctor Who...

    Anyways, copyright material, no way it would happen.

    "Ugh"? Bad, is that really how you feel about Doctor Who? :c

    But anyways, no support. Pretty much the same reason in the post above: copyrighted material. Mojang has had enough trouble with Scrolls and Putt-Putt.
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    posted a message on What Should be added in 1.9
    We playing the all caps red text large font comic sans game? I'm good at that one.

    But anyways, I don't really support any of these. These are either pointless, suggested before, or vague. I haven't even had either of those glitches happen before. So instead of helping you out with improving these, I think I'm going to do something a bit more needed:

    Try to be mature on the forums. There is almost never an excuse to go all caps, red text, and largest font. People who dislike your ideas aren't 'haters'. Also, yes, this is a wishlist. One of the main rules on the Suggestions forums is that you can only have one idea per post. Meaning, one for a thirst bar, one for apple pies, etc. Anyways, I was saying be mature right? I kind of went off from what I was saying. On the forums it's best to respect other people's opinions, and not get mad due to people disliking your ideas.

    Again: no support for these ideas, though. Textures are fine, these bugs are super rare and will likely be fixed soon, there's enough food. However, if you put some of these into their own, detailed posts... like one about apple pies, how much they heal, how to craft them... maybe I'd support it then.
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    posted a message on Write on Carpets
    Quote from nightworld115

    I don't really mind, but I don't like the idea of carpets being placeable on ceilings.
    Also, how will you write on the carpets? Left clicking? A bit more detail wouldn't hurt.
    1/2 support.

    I'd imagine it works like a sign. A GUI opens after the carpet is placed, allowing the player to either leave it blank or write a message on the carpet.

    However, I do have a question: would a carpet be limited to 4 lines of writing room like a sign, or more, since the carpet has more space than a sign?

    Anyways, semi-support. I like the idea, but it changes carpets into a tile entity, making them unmovable, which I don't like too much.

    Y'know, because mapmaking.
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    posted a message on Looking for a free Minecraft Account
    Quote from ArrogantLobster

    "I just received my free Minecraft giftcode!"


    Save up money, ask parents... Torent it?

    I thought you were a better person than that, ArrogantLobster. It's spelled "torrent." I've lost all faith in you. :C Kidding, of course.

    But anyways, yeah. I think doing what's said above is probably best. Plus, there's a good chance no one would just be handing out a spare account.

    Really though. You have the money. There's prepaid giftcards. I'm pretty sure Mojang has other payment methods than PayPal. Just buy the game.
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    posted a message on Natural Withers
    What if one spawned at a player's spawn? The player dies, and the Wither has nothing to stop it from spawncamping.

    No support.
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    posted a message on Guess the real name of the user above you
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