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    posted a message on growing trees on hell :)
    LOL @ video... failed upload I believe....

    Your voice is squeaky. Grats on growing trees.
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    posted a message on private BRAND NEW server
    I think I can officially consider myself pro/elite lol.

    I gathered 100 logs, a stack of coal, built an entire house area with stone stairs, and made an iron pick/sword before first nightfall in SP.

    I would love to join.

    [edit] Would like to mention I'm 21. Hoping your going to keep your server survival and not a just make buildings server.
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    posted a message on [32x,16x][1.3.1] Mixcraft - SemiRealistic (v47) Emeralds and Trip Wires!
    Yay, ty ty.

    Terrain textures are next I assume?
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    posted a message on Rate the Update!
    I gave it a 7. Because of the features added, new tiles, new sounds, ect. Basically, all of Notch's hard work.

    However I am very disappointed that the SMP wasn't fixed. I was looking forward to that the most. To be able to play with my friends/clan and watch them get owned by zombies then "lawl" at them. Yea sure SP is fun, but you can't really go "oh hey look what I made!" You have to make a video or send them the save file, and can't personally show them.
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    posted a message on Biome implementation improvements
    Quote from Newt »
    I love the idea of the biome's, but am a little disappointed in the current implementation. I'd like it better if instead of being able to see 3 or four different biomes, they were much bigger, and you had to travel a ways to move between them. (10x the current size would be fantastic).

    Right now the land feels patchy where the biomes overlap and only feel right when you have the same biome repeated several times.

    I'd like a more vast world, something to explore.


    I actually agree with this. I entered the game and spawned in a dessert. Not 20 squares away a forest started. I entered the forest, and I immediately see a snowy area. Current spawning of biome's are way too small.
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    posted a message on Survival: Western Canada - Safe & Adult [Hey0][Cuboid]
    I'm same as epic wolf... love this game want to play legit with people.

    Would love to join you in game. I live in BC Canada, and I am 21 years old. =D

    IGN: Tohclan
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