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    posted a message on [MC 1.12.x] Minecraft Comes Alive v6.0.0 (MILLIONS OF PLAYERS!)

    So this newest version of the 1.7.10 version, the one without the crowns to claim a kingdom, I have a couple questions.

    1. How does one claim a kingdom? Is this not a thing anymore? Seems kind of sad to remove that if so.

    2. How does one cure an infected person? My wife got infected, so I'd like to cure her. I have isolated her for now so she doesn't bite the others. Does the vanilla cure work?

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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Quote from GrammieFi

    I haven't tried this myself, because I can't bring myself to shove any horses into the smeltery, but I read a few pages back that someone else had this problem and it was solved by putting an ingot into the smeltery and melting it. I guess you need a hot liquid in the smeltery for the action to trigger for horses and villagers.

    Thanks, but didn't work. I smelted about 4 stacks of aluminum in the smeltery in my test world and the horse is pretty much drowning in molten metal but still not dieing.

    Quote from GallantBlade

    Tinkers Construct does not, and never will, support gregtech. Remove it, then see if you are still having this bug.

    Removed gregtech and went to a new world, nope. still no go, horse will still not melt. In fact, I remember in previous versions the player took damage too, but even I don't take damage in the smeltery.

    Is there a setting in a config somewhere that removes smeltery damage or something? I couldn't find it if there is.

    The not being able to smelt resin into rubber is definitely a gregtech modification though, without it in I can smelt the resin into rubber again. Kind of weird that gregtech would force you to use TC to use industrial craft though. =/

    [edit] Stuck gregtech back in and went back to my world and the horse started dieing and made some glue. I guess I just need to restart my game every time I want an entity to take damage in the smeltery?
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Alright, I wouldn't be posting if I didn't seriously need help. I need to make glue, and yes, I have kicked a horse into my active smeltery, but the horse is just sitting there "neighing" and not dieing. I've googled "how to make glue in tinkers construct" and "tinkers construct horse glue" and "tinkers construct glue" and many many other phrases trying to find a tutorial or guide to do this, I've also used the search bar on the forums here and all it comes up with are useless posts about people telling other people to put a horse in a smeltery, which is not working. I've literally spent about 2 hours looking for information.

    I'm using the Direwolf20 1.6.4 pack version 1.0.3 which is using Tinkers Construct version

    Some speedy help would be very much appreciated as I cannot continue recording my let's play for youtube without glue because I require glue to make rubber for some reason. It won't let me make sticky resin into rubber without the extractor. I'm going to assume this is something gregtech has modified which seems to be a literal pain in the az at the moment. (and yes I added gregtech to direwolf's 1.6.4 pack because I enjoy have a long time game experience.)
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    posted a message on [1.1.2]SC 2.0 FTB Unleashed [Mcpc+][Only Dartcraft Mod disabled][Whitelist][Forums]
    Actually sorry, you can just keep this post as a bump. =P

    I read above and seen you disable dartcraft and are only using defaults. I'm looking for a server with BoP, dartcraft, power converters, hats, and reliquary.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] ForgeIRC v1.0.18, Soul Shards v2.0.15, and Recipe Remover v1.1 [Updated 1/1/2014]
    Anyone got or know of an unofficial version for 1.5.1? the one that says its for 1.5.1/1.5.2 doesn't actually work for 1.5.1.
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    posted a message on Biomes O' Plenty - Over 50 new biomes, with new trees, plants, mobs, and more!
    Okay, so due to the 80+ mods I have installed I had to change Biomes O Plenty's block ID's due to other mods which would just NOT accept their ID's changed or they would give me severe errors galore.

    Now when I load a world and go find biomes, I see none of the custom biome blocks that are supposed to spawn, mainly, the hardened ice from the glacier turned to cobwebs, the grass/dirt in the promised lands generates as sticky pistons, and deadlands is all sandstone and lava lakes.

    Are these generation screw-ups because I changed the block ID's? Can I fix this without giving the original ID's to the mod?
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    I figured it out, make sure you ALSO install the player API and player render API to the server files.
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    @EnvyOS Yea, I'm having that same problem.

    Are we not allowed to run our own servers?
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    posted a message on IronShovel Returns [Economy] [Minigames] [Survival] [McMMO] [HungerGames] Looking for staff read inside for more info!
    Servers coming along nicely.

    Spawn tutorial is almost done, and game ranks are linked to the IronShovel website now.

    Still Plenty of stuff to do before players can start joining.
    *We need a hunger games arena big enough for at least 8 tributes.
    *We need an arena/dungeon for the zombie survival minigame.
    *We need a spleef arena.
    *We need a pvp arena.
    *We need a spawn town or castle.
    *We need to set up a world for mining/digging.
    *Add a Vech's World for Vech's maps.

    This list might expand, but as we complete things I'll cross em out.
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    posted a message on IronShovel Returns [Economy] [Minigames] [Survival] [McMMO] [HungerGames] Looking for staff read inside for more info!
    IronShovel is making its big return with a brand new server. Once again I (Tohclan) will be the head admin of the project in an attempt to make a perfectly balanced world for all players of all types to play.

    The server is currently NOT open to the public, please check back frequently for a change to this.

    Currently it is me alone, and I am searching for players to help build arenas for the various minigame plugins, the spawn point and other misc stuff.
    *Able to co-operate with players on the same task.
    *Able to build extremely beautiful things. (I ask you provide proof with post or PM me)
    *Able to deal with harsh admin giving orders. (me =P)

    I am also looking for someone good with graphics to do banners/images for this post and any other sites I advertise the server on.
    *Able to create stunning images and banners. (I ask you provide proof with post or PM me)
    *Able to deal with harsh admin giving orders. (me =P)

    I am also looking for Mods/Admins of ages 18+.
    *Must have previous knowledge of many plugins or willing to learn.
    *Must be kind, but strict, even to friends.
    *Able to deal with harsh admin giving orders. (me =P)

    Anyone who does anything for the server will automatically get the first VIP rank on the servers public opening aside admins who get to keep their admin ranks. (Depending on the amount of time you work on a project and what I watch you do, I may give a higher rank.)

    Those who are accepted will receive a PM and be whitelisted on the server to go about their work.

    Please fill out this application form if you wish to help:
    Role of choice (Mod/Admin/Graphics/Builder): (Please select one)
    Age (optional EXCEPT for admins who MUST post their age):
    Minecraft in-game name:
    (For admin/mod applicants's only.):
    Your friend who has been a long term, daily server player, has been caught as a griefer in our Prism logs. What is his punishment?
    A new player has just joined the game and complains about the tutorial or server features.
    What do you do?

    This post will be updated as the server gets closer and closer to public release, but this is all the server information so far:


    Future server description and wall of text here.
    The server is currently hosted by myself and can be laggy at times due to myself playing
    other games or others on my internet. This also means that I need to turn off my computer
    for the night every few nights to let it rest, thus the reason the server is not 24/7.

    IronShovel Forums: http://ironshovel.enjin.com/?welcome

    Current server planned up-time:
    18-24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Current server specs:
    Intel i5 3.6ghz
    4GB ram
    400GB HDSSD Hybrid Disk space
    Unlimited bandwidth
    100MB/s Download
    10MB/s Upload

    Current Plugins:

    Feel free to suggest plugins, a link to their bukkit dev page would be nice, as would a small description on what it does.
    Please note, I'm trying to minimize what plugins are on the server to ones that would be used daily.

    Server Rules:
    *No griefing. Even if you do, it will all be rolled back, so there's no point in you wasting your time.
    *No disrespecting other players or mods/admins. This includes, but is not limited to, religion bashing, flaming, rude comments, racism, homophobia, sexism or harassment of any kind.
    *No typing in global chat in all caps.
    *No spam mailing or whispering people on purpose to annoy them.
    *No asking for items to be given to you.
    *Constant use of foul language will result in a mute and further use will result in permanent mute.
    *No pvp in any world unless both parties agree or in the pvp arena. Non-mutual pvp agreements will be considered griefing.
    *If pvp combat has legitimately started, players are not allowed to flee/teleport or combat log to prevent death unless both or all players have agreed to stop combat.
    *No hacked or modded clients. Optifine is okay. Anyone with a player/mob radar or cave-mapping will be punished.
    *No offensive or sexual structures in public areas or areas that can be viewed from the open, go ahead and build them in private rooms of your house.
    *Speak English only in global chat. Feel free to whisper/party/private chat in any language.
    *Please use the proper procedures to apply for mod/admin, do not ask in game, you will be punished otherwise.
    *Any attempt to make lag or crash the server on purpose will yield an instant ban.
    *Asking for OP is instant ban even if joking.
    *Claiming to be the admin of a popular Minecraft site and saying you need to be OPed to verify stuff will yield an instant ban.
    *Do not spam or advertise our server or other servers anywhere. Bumping topics according to their forum's rules is fine.

    Server IP: Not open to public yet.
    Teamspeak 3: Not open to public yet.

    Hunger Game Rules:
    • You can only break Leaves, vines, mushrooms, tall grass, flowers.
    • No placing blocks. Period.
    • Only one player can win the game
    • Don't hold up a match (ie... go afk with your friend so game doesn't end)
    Vechs' World Rules:
    • Take your wool immediately to the monument before venturing on another path.
    • Leave any and all items you've gained in a chest on the crossroads before leaving so someone else attempting to clear the world can use them.
    • Do not build anything you wish to be permanent in this world as it is reset upon completion of the monument.
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    posted a message on The Dark Souls Project
    Well so far it's just me working on it, no one else seems interested/has the knowledge to help.

    I've started by learning and coding items, blocks and NPC's/mobs. Then I might start doing the art to make them look good.

    Terrain generation features will be last since I don't know how to do them, and can't find a guide to help me learn.
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    posted a message on The Dark Souls Project
    So, there are many topics and other stuff about making the Dark Souls map in Minecraft.

    I have a totally different idea in mind, however I'm looking for a ton of help.
    I wish to modify Minecraft to become Dark Souls, almost like a sequel.

    If you don't know what Dark Souls is, please go watch some LP's on Youtube as the game is huge and complicated.

    First off I would like to suggest two ideas.

    First Idea:

    To make a map based off, or creating anew, the story of Dark Souls.
    To modify Minecraft so you no longer craft, but can find items and items required to combine/upgrade them at a blacksmith NPC.
    To modify the Minecraft EXP system to be souls instead.
    To make "fog walls".
    To make new NPC's. (Enemies, vendors and bosses.)
    To make the bonfire with an options capability.
    To introduce an RPG feature and make different armors/weapons require stats.
    To introduce magic.
    To introduce curses, poisons, and toxin.

    The first idea is basically to make an adventure map and mods for Minecraft based on Dark Souls. The player would not be able to modify the landscape, but would be able to explore the land almost exactly like Dark Souls allows the player to. Almost no hints on where to go with a fully open world.

    I will be in need of several level designers to help me create the map. Map creation would be my primary focus since it's what I'm best at.

    I have tons of ideas for mods for this but making them is another story. Currently I am slowly (very slowly) learning how to mod, but I'm not great at learning from text video guides. (I have an easier time when someone is teaching me step by step.)
    Thus, I require a mod creator, or a few.

    Second Idea:

    A mod, or set of mods, which brings the idea of enemies dropping souls instead of experience and the player being able to use said souls to modify items or level up using and RPG feature. When the player dies, souls drop to a "blood stain" and the player respawns at last slept at randomly bonfire. The player can then go to retrieve the "blood stain" and get the souls back, if the player dies, the first spawned "blood stain" disappears.

    This idea will require many map generation features and NPCs to make functional.
    Some ideas I currently have:

    World Generations and their purpose:
    *Bonfires will randomly generate throughout the world as the land generates, They should be fairly rare, but there should always be one where the player first spawns. Bonfires will replace beds and the bed recipe or at least the usage of beds to set a spawn point should be removed.
    *Blacksmith NPC's should randomly generate. There should be 3 above ground structures for 3 different types, and one below ground.
    - One should be a prison-like structure.
    - One should be a ruins-like structure.
    - One should be a castle-like structure.
    - The underground one should be a tomb-like structure or a lava featured area.
    The blacksmiths should have separate and new anvils. Using a specific item (Embers) on the anvil it can be used at will allow the player to make tools/weapons enchanted of that type.
    The blacksmiths should also allow for upgrading of tools and purchasing some items which can be placed by the player to repair/upgrade their own armor/weapons/tools.
    *Alter's or arena's where a player can battle or find Embers for enchantment. The ember can either be in a chest or a block we create which holds the Ember and if broken, can not be picked up.
    *Boss arena's. Extremely rare generations of a magnificent structure or structures (some can include custom blocks?) which play host to a boss. When a player enters the arena, the entrance or entrances should seal.

    Optional generation:
    DLC worlds! =P
    After getting the base of the mod done, I would like to add in dimensions which require special activation such as getting item A and item B combining them at the underground blacksmith and bringing them to a world generated structure and using it or placing it on something to activate a portal.

    Other stuff:
    *Add bleeding/poison weapons, spells (miracles, pyromancy, magic)
    *Custom UI's and sounds.
    *Making all tools/weapons/armor require specific stats to use properly.
    *Adding encumbrance. (If the armor your wearing goes over your endurance stat, you move slower. If the item in your hand has a higher strength stat than you you can't swing it as fast as if you did have the right stat.)
    *Making using a bonfire open a UI with options to; set bonfire name (makes the bonfire unique and allows warping to if player has the Lord Vessel in their inventory.), rest (set spawn point, and refill HP and hunger.), and level (opens the leveling UI).
    *Enchantments to be replaced by Embers nulling the usage of the Enchantment table.
    *Repairing done by a toolkit or blacksmith nulling the usage of the Anvil.
    *Combining of items to rename them done by a blacksmith nulling the usage of the Anvil once more.
    *Tons of item ideas, too many to list, but I would like to see most items from Dark Souls as well as plenty from our own ideas. A main is the Titanite items so players can + and enchant their tools/weapons/armor that way, and the Embers to use on the blacksmiths anvils so players can enchant their stuff.
    *Enemy scaling. Enemies and bosses should scale based on the players level, every 3 or 4 levels the enemies gain more HP and defense maybe?
    *Bloodstains. These are dropped when a player dies and should only be able to be picked up by the player who died there. It contains all souls a player had before dieing.

    Optional Story-like stuff:
    *Crafting of the Lord Vessel by gathering of special souls from bosses. (Having a Lord Vessel in your inventory will allow you to warp to named bonfires.)
    *World generation for Chambers of 3 or 4 main bosses which can only be entered if the player player places a Lord Vessel on a special Alter.
    *World generation for a special alter in front of a sealed portal (door) which if the Lord Vessel item is used on creates the block/container Lord Vessel.
    *Placing the souls of the main bosses in the Lord Vessel will open the door, entering the door will allow the player access to a small new dimension featuring some mini bosses which reset if a player rests at a bonfire or leaves the dimension and a End Game boss at the end of the path.
    *A dimension for an End Game boss which is always the same and all portals to the dimension lead to the same one.

    RPG implication ideas:

    -Vit. Increases your HP
    -End. Increases how much armor your able to wear.
    -Str. Increases melee weapons/tools swing speed. (A really light tool and really high stat will allow you to swing super fast.)
    -Dex. Increases damage done by bows (and bow draw speed?)
    -Int. Increases damage done by pyromancy and magic.
    -Faith. Increases damage/healing done by miracles
    -Resistances. Increases resistances.
    *Stats should all cap at 99
    *Level should have no cap.
    *Leveling should double the amount of souls required.
    *As enemies level due to scaling they should give more souls.
    *All weapons/tools will have a damage value which can be upgraded using Titanite, at a blacksmith (or your blacksmiths anvil if you purchased one), to a max of +15 and can be enchanted after reaching +10. Enchanted weapons/tools can be enchanted to +5
    *All armor will have a defense value which can be upgraded using Titanite, at a blacksmith (or your blacksmiths anvil if you purchased one), to a max of +5.

    For this project I want to select either the "adventure" (first) idea or the "just mod the game" (second) idea as doing both would take an extremely long time.
    I'm more in favor for the first, just because I like adventure maps. =D But the second will allow more replay-ability and allow for players who multiplayer (if we can even make it multiplayer) to have more fun adventuring randomly generated stuff.

    I'm going to need a fairly nice size group of dedicated modders for the project as well as some pixel artists. Since I am just now learning java, modding this alone would take me years (probably not joking). I would prefer to start this as a multiplayerable mod project but if some of these concepts can't be made multiplayer we will have to settle for singleplayer.
    Anyway, if your interested in joining me please fill this out and either PM me or post here, PMing me is probably best. If you not going to dedicate yourself to this project then I would prefer you not attempt to join.
    MC Name:
    Age (Optional but I would like to know):
    Contact preference (Email, Steam, PM here, etc):
    What part you want to help with (Modding, pixel artist, or level design.):
    Experience with your choice:
    Link or screenshot of experience/proof (Optional, but if I get people who show proof I will choose them first.):
    Can you use voice chat? (yes/no):
    Voice chat preference. (teamspeak3, vent, mumble.):

    I will try to reply to you, but if I don't reply, please don't take it as I'm ignoring you, I'm either swamped by PM's or filled all the positions I need and forgot to reply.
    I will try to remember to edit this post to say that the positions are filled or the project has been canceled, no promises though. =P

    If I don't get enough people interested in helping with the project I might just scrap it as a project and slowly work on it alone, so you may see it pop out of no where in like a year or two lol.
    I will give people, hmmm, 2 weeks to fill the spots I need? If by then we don't have enough people to work on it, then I'll just scrap it.

    If any server hosting needs to be done I can do so on my computer. It's a beast and I don't think we need to use hamachi.

    So that's enough of my ideas and wall of text. Any input/criticism is accepted. Any flaming/put downs are not accepted, and I won't even bother to reply to you.
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    posted a message on [Official] DivineRPG Minecraft Survival Server
    I sent you my app. =D

    BTW. It's fine if I have REI's minimap and NEI recipe guide installed as well right?
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    posted a message on ۩ Iron Shovel ۩ [1.4.5] [Greylist] [Multiworld] [Survival] [FFA/Anarchy] [Adventure] [RPG] [Economy] [mcMMO] [LWC] [MobArena] [C
    Adventure World is almost ready to be released. It will be the most unique thing yet! No other server has this but us! Join us to be one of the first to try out this unique new thing!

    Things to note about Adventure World:
    - Bosses
    - Custom loot drops
    - Dungeons
    - Mazes/puzzles
    - Role play in the world using '/world' chat
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    posted a message on ۩ Iron Shovel ۩ [1.4.5] [Greylist] [Multiworld] [Survival] [FFA/Anarchy] [Adventure] [RPG] [Economy] [mcMMO] [LWC] [MobArena] [C
    This server is a great place. We spent several days setting up spawns so you feel comfortable joining us.
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