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    Before I begin, I would like to say that I was heavily unsure where to post this; so, mods, if you feel this would be better suited elsewhere feel free to move my thread.

    With that out of the way, let me get right into it.. I plan on starting a company similar to Aternos and Triangle in the future, providing easily accessible and quickly setup Minecraft servers free of charge. I get that funding servers can be tough, and want what still has yet to be done: free servers, without a catch.

    -No queues

    -Server Stays online 24/7

    -No long waits for setup

    -And no nonsense from us about upgrading your server

    So my question to you, what are some pain points that you're facing, that I can tackle head on.

    Just in case anyone was curious... FAQ:

    Q. Why now? And why free?

    A. Let's be real, no new host looking for a profit is going to last unless they have an obscene amount of money to invest in marketing. That is not the case for me. Simply put, I want to pay it forward, the years have gone by and their still isn't a single free host that doesn't come with some compromises -this, I want to change. It's been long enough, no server or community of talented individuals should be disadvantaged because they don't have the sufficient funds to put into an actual quality server.

    Q. What's the point, and why are you asking us?

    A. It's sad that I'd need to answer this, really. But, my main intention is leveling the playing field between servers and providing every community a chance at success -no community should have to self host. The reason I've done this is I've seen too many friends and even some members of my own extended family struggle to run servers and just give up as the current options for those on a budget, or who simply cant afford a server at all are just riddled with pain points.

    Q. What's your business model?

    A. Since my main concern with this is simply just being able to break even, ads and dedicated IPs likely would make up the bulk of my revenue if I go through with this. Profit would be a nice plus, but just a bonus.

    Q. Hardware?

    A. Considering the servers are free, I'd start w/ VPS's running the following specs and evolve them into full nodes once the revenue is there to do so:

    Dual Core 2.4GHz Intel Xeon E5 v3's


    RAID 10

    Intel SSDs

    100mbps ports

    Q. Would there be DDoS protection?

    A. Yes, and running on a 3Tb/s surplus network.


    Anyhow back to the point, what's been bothering you the most about the current market for free servers and how would you advise we change it.

    I more than look forward to your input.



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