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Welcome to my profile!

Here are my favorite shows:


Yes, Dear

That 70's Show


Here are my character names in role-plays:

Alex Williams - Any girl I play as

Luke Williams - Alex Williams' brother

Larry Williams - Alex Williams' brother

Steve Zinc - Alex Williams' friend

Cody Davis - Alex Williams' friend

Luke Smith - Alex Williams' friend

Tony Castro - Some bad kid

Here are my favorite quotes:

My Quotes:

"If you try to apply logic to my actions, you are going to be here awhile."

"I'm not a grown up, by the way. You pay taxes, and I get free food."

"I'm just your average thirteen-year-old girl. I'm sweet and caring, but I can also have an attitude and severe emotional problems. Then, of course, I can also shoot fire from my palms. Just an average teen."

"When in doubt, science it out."

"What exactly should my mind look like?"

"I wait for the train to come, then I use the blow-dart to make the train fall asleep."

"Violence is not the answer. It is the question. The answer is 'yes'."

"Sometimes I wish I could just pause life and go get a snack."

"Dying really takes the life out of you."

"Kill me now, and I'll explain later. Do you see a flaw in my plan?"

"I feel like I'm cheating on my book."

"I hate the gay community. They took the rainbow from me! You know what? I'm going to make a group of people and take something of my own. Yes, the group of. . .broccoli likers. And what will we take? We'll take. . . . We'll take the sky. That's right! We're taking the sky. And if you so much as look at our sky, that means you like broccoli. Ha!"

"This is not a quote. This is just something I said."

In Year Books:

"I hope your summer is as awesome as eating a pony made of cotton-candy."

"I hope your summer is as good as this pizza is tasty (minus the calories)."

"This is not a quote. This is just something I wrote."

Other People's Quotes:

"So, he's the douche-nozzle that types all the ­ he says; his character is the douche-bag that holds all the ­ he says. And the vagina is the, well, RP thread."

~My brother

"I don't believe in much, but I believe in duct tape."

~Miles Straume, Lost

“Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side, it has a dark side, and it holds the universe together.”

~Carl Zwanzig

"I can't say 'hump' or 'screw' in front of the B-A-B-Y."

~Chandler Bing, Friends

"You can't have S-E-X when you're taking care of a B-A-B-I-E!"

~Joey Tribbiani, Friends

"They put my baby's face on a penis!"

~Rachel Green, Friends

"Ask them if it would be faster if we cut the baby's face off the penis so we could put it on the bunny."

~Ross Geller, Friends

"What is wrong with me? It looked more delicious when it was a penis!"

~Joey Tribbiani, Friends

"I found a book full of useless statistics. Man, I miss Google."

~Computer Jack, Hunger (Gone)

"But you seemed genuinely happy when you were throwing fire and stuff."

~Cwitchy10, Minecraft Forums

"Never talk to strangers . . . unless if you want to meet anyone ever."

~Demetri Martin

"It's not the fall that kills you. It's the sudden stop at the bottom."


"It is better to be pissed-off than pissed on."




Joey - If homosapians were, in fact, homo-sapians, is that why they're extinct?

Ross - Joe, homosapians are people.

Joey- I'm not judging!


Monica- Hey, Honey.

Chandler- That's always nicer to hear than, "Oh, crap. You again."


Joey- You son of a ­!

Chandler- Is it just me, or are the greetings really going downhill around here?

Boy- I love this gun.

Girl- Maybe you two should get a room.

Me- Indeed.

My Brother- Quite.

Me- Quite.

My Brother- Indeed.

Me- What are we talking about again?

My Brother- We were talking about something?

Me- What if I go through learning all of this Spanish, and I just forget it all as soon as school is over?

My Mom- You won't forget it all.

Me- Really? How much French do you remember from learning it in high school?

My Mom- I only know, "une peu". It means, "a little."

Me- Do you know, "brain?"

My Mom- No. Why?

Me- Exactly.


Skype Friend- Are you there?

Me- No.

Skype Friend- Oh, okay. I'll come back later then.

Interests Playing video games, reading, writing, making hats out of yarn, role-playing on these forums, Skyping friends, watching my favorite shows on YouTube, and just hanging out

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