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    Finished with 0 deaths! :D

    I thought the map was fantastic. The pacing was really well done and some of the wools were pretty cool concepts. After a long while of a CTM dry spell, this map is really good to play for those craving CTMs as done years ago. I didn't have any difficulties aside from one I'll get too, suggesting that the emeralds were well placed and the nether star + the charcoal were adequately available to find (I stumbled upon the charcoal, and figured out the nether star because while I didn't spend time in the mines all that much, I knew where it was and knew it was unexplored.). Overall, the map led the player well, and it was an enjoyable playthrough.

    The one issue with the map that I had was a completely unplayable nether. I was getting 8-10 seconds block lag, and mobs were immobile and no threat. The boss fight played through, with mobs failing to really defend the spawners as I chopped through them and ate the boss that was mostly stationary. I *was* in danger to the potion spawners, when they clumped up and all fell at once... gave me a scare the first time I was at 4 hearts. :P I wish that part of the map was playable though. :/

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    Thungon's Race for Wool Collection


    Series Trailer for v2.0 -

    :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey:

    General Section:

    The Race for Wool map genre is a subgenre of Complete the Monument type maps. In Complete the Monument maps, the goal is to hunt down chests filled with colored wool, to fill the Monument with every color, with general survival-style gameplay (as opposed to adventure map gameplay). The subgenre of Complete the monument, and the focus of this series, are the Race for Wool maps. In these, the CTM concept is taken to the competitive multiplayer level, where two teams race to gather three different wool before the other team does so. Each team takes a mirrored lane, for fairness, and does all they can to get the wool, besides crafting of course.

    The goal of this Series is to create RFW maps that offer unique obstacles and challenges for each team, in between each map within the series and RFW maps by other authors. In addition, my personal mission is to place a heavy importance on Aesthetics and Attention to Detail, with the actual gameplay involved. You won't find solid walls of the same material, but rather extraneous detail that adds character to the entire map.

    Creation of the first map began after team 4200G and JEDS faced each other in Vechs' RFW #2, and I realized that it was something I would have fun building myself. Special shoutout goes to Aro for helping playtest and showing a lot of support!

    :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey:

    Suggested rules for playing these maps:

    1) Make team agreements beforehand: This ranges from who is on which team, and which half of the map each team will race on. It also includes rules regarding tnt cannons, wool boxes, etc. Basically the general etiquette of gameplay, decided beforehand.

    2) Stay in your lane: Lanes are clearly labeled with glass above everywhere the team is allowed to go to. Leaving the lane during gameplay requires throwing yourself into the void (suicide) with all held items at the time of entering the lane, and without editing any blocks around before doing so.

    3) Self explanatory: Do not craft and/or dye wools to use on the monument. Only use the wools found in specific chests throughout the map itself to complete your monument. They are in glass enclosed rooms, with obsidian framework.

    4) Play fair, be cool. =)

    :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey:

    Map #1: Split Decision
    (v1.0 compl. Nov. 12, 2011)

    Pics, Trailer, & Map:

    Description: Linear Branching, Heavy PvE, Little PvP
    Recommended Players: 4 per team
    Direct Download (v2.0, December 18th 2012): http://www.mediafire...df1fyzejy6447fl

    :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey:

    Map #2: Closing Darkness
    (v1.0 compl. Nov. 28, 2011)

    Pics, Trailer, & Map:

    Style: Linear Branching, Heavy Environment, Medium PVP
    Recommended Players: 4 per team
    Direct Download (v2.0, December 18th 2012): http://www.mediafire...yrg61gx2ykdands

    :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey:

    Map #3: Divided Together
    (v1.0 compl. Dec. 25th, 2011)

    Pics, Trailer, & Map:

    Style: Linear Branching, Little Environment, Heavy PVP
    Recommended Players: 4 per team
    Direct Download (v2.0, December 18th 2012):

    Private v2.1A: http://www.mediafire...pxr1aopqc74ptvo
    'Messier' bridges, imbalanced play, but original version of the map.

    Public v2.1B: http://www.mediafire...7jaytxu3dnz45d
    This is the version used in Champions of the Map! This is also the recommended version to play, especially if you're playing it for the first time.

    :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey:

    Map #4: Slippery Slope
    (v1.0 compl. Feb. 2nd, 2012)

    Pics, Trailer, & Map:

    Style: Linear, Medium Environment, Heavy PVP
    Recommended Players: 4 per team
    Direct Download (v2.1, October 17th 2014): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ak4z627i43b4shy/Slippery_Slope_v2.1.zip

    :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey:

    As stated before, I was heavily inspired by Xerothomas's CTM series. His map was the first CTM I did a play-through on, or actually ever did a play-through on, and the first two I've completed, so it holds a special connection to me. Rickstercraft made a banner based off of a comment I made in the thread, related to the fact that Xero's third map came out Feb 17th, which is my Birthday. I thought I would post it here to help you find your way over there as well, in case CTM is more your style.

    :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey: :Grey:

    Let me know if you plan on recording yourselves playing! I would love to see how people take on the map blind, to know what I did well and what I did poorly. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

    - Thungon
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    posted a message on [CTM] The Ultimate -CTM COMMUNITY- Thread
    From Flames. By the Gustavo Entertainment Team. Playing in 1.7.4 vanilla SMP.

    Difficulty: 8/10 (Good challenge, without being enraging)
    Overall Enjoyment: 9/10

    Being slightly disenchanted by many of the poorly done linear-branching CTM's in recent times, I went into From Flames (with a friend) just to break that tide a little. Quite unexpectedly though, From Flames impressed me and brought back some of the same inspirations that the great classic ctms used to do. Considering that my only map complaint ended up being a bug from playing the map in 1.7 rather than its release in version 1.4, I really only have positive things to say about it anymore.

    The gear progression in From Flames was well laid out, and going into any of the dungeons I neither felt over nor under-equipped. Simultaneously, the dungeon's side loot (separate from the wool itself) as well as all the general loot around the dungeons surface was random, but at the same time not broken as every other "random loot" map I've played ever turned out. Which is to say that I was neither given gear that felt too good/too bad at any point through the map. Custom mob drops also had that same, well-planned progression.

    Speaking of progression, I was quite impressed that a map that carries a very much open-world field simultaneously pulled off an organized route. We never felt lost, never felt confused, completing the map in the proper order naturally, and looking back that impresses me quite a bit.

    Moving on in this review, I relate aesthetics to frosting on a cake: you can have really good frosting but the cake itself is the bulk of the good taste and if it's bad the frosting won't save it. What frosting does accomplish is being a good compliment to the rest of the cake, and complete it to make it a desirable delicacy. But unlike most of today's maps that just seems to forget the frosting entirely, From Flames looks as well as it plays. It completes and compliments a map that plays well with a map that looks amazing.

    Overall, From Flames was the first CTM in quite a long time that left me fully satisfied through to completion. It's safe to say that less than a handful of maps ever were a solid CTM map to me anyways. It is definitely a map I'd recommend to others.

    Aesthetics: 9
    Creativity: 9
    Gameplay: 9
    TOTAL: 27
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    posted a message on [CTM] [1.12] "From Ashes: Reborn" and "From Flames: Reborn"- both maps REMASTERED! Post-apocalyptic CTMs (100,000 downloads)
    Just finished 'From Flames' in mc 1.7.4, and have to say I loved this map quite a bit.

    A bit of backstory: I've been becoming more and more turned off from CTM the past year, being quite unimpressed with a lot of the linear-branching ctm template creations, including the more well known ones. But myself and a friend were up to try CTM again, and looking at CTMshop I saw positive ratings for this thread so decided to go with From Flames.

    From Flames really surprised me, and was quite enjoyable to play from beginning to end. I feel the map really shines in many areas, but if anything sticks out it is how well the map progresses from beginning to end in terms of gear you have and difficulty of the mobs* being faced. There was a strong, smooth transition from leather to chain to iron and finally diamond armor for the last wools. The loot, while random, felt organized and nearly always helpful... neither overpowered at the beginning, nor useless towards the end. Random loot as other maps have used as filler was a lazy way out of their part, and From Flames reminded me of how good CTM's can do loot well.

    The biggest shocker for progression is the fact that the city is laid out in a more typical open-world fashion, but still maintained an obvious path to progress. Myself and the friend playing with me had no problems doing all the wool in their proper order, as the map guided us without pushing us. It was really well crafted.

    Speaking of the build itself, for only 200 hours, the buildings of the entire city was quite a spectacular sight. Eventually, I caught on to the copy/pasta of building layouts, but the differences between not only block choices, but building decay, building sizes, mobs within, chests in different spots... it felt good to go through something similar without the boredom of repetition. Aside from all of that, the build itself was quite well done, and where tools and brushes from MCEdit or whatever were quite well disguised and are not even noticeable, much less blatantly obvious. It felt like most of it was crafted from hand (and I wouldn't be surprised if it were) which made for a fresh CTM experience and a solid one at that.

    I guess for some critique, to spice up a positive review, I'll say that second wool is probably the only one that felt out of place. The super charged creepers were a bit too rough to handle in the part leather part chain that we had. I think part of that might be because creepers now have shorter fuses when they take fall damage, but generally had a little bit of overwhelming in that area. A large part of that would also happen to be the combination of the zombie and villager spawners going on in the same wool. Unfortunately, Zombies + Villagers gave us the zombie villager apocalypse, and at one point there were 600 entities that we decided creative splash health was the only way to get the server to stop lagging out on us. So yeah, too many hostile mobs for us (or the server) to handle well, especially since the creepers were a bit more feisty to deal with.

    Generally though, I was quite impressed with the map, and it is a CTM I'd definitely recommend to those looking for a good one. I don't have a comparable scale to rate maps next to each other, but I would put it at a solid 9/10 map. Thanks for making it, it was certainly made for a fun time. :)
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] [PVP/MOBA] Calamity by Moesh (v4)
    This is quite an awesome PvP map, Moesh pulled the genre together well with this one!
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    posted a message on 1.6 [PUZ][ADV] The City of Love~ - What will your story be? Get some love!
    I streamed it earlier today, and it was quite an enjoyable map! Ran into heavy FPS issues for some reason, uncharacteristic of the norm, but gladly wasn't needed to enjoy this map.

    Also, it was quite fun to see me as a police officer. Made the hooker line quite impossible though! ;)

    I completed the map to the best of v1.0.2's ability, aside from the staying in character. It's really cool to see the map fixed quite fast!

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    posted a message on delete
    Few maps to nominate. ;)

    The Great Cheese
    Map link: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-great-cheese---glass-ceiling-version/
    Nominated for: Most stunning Visual Detail, Most Creative.

    Map link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1417424-adv-chronotide-awarded-2020-by-rsmalec-90000-dls/
    Nominated for: Best overall experience, Best Adventure Map.

    Twisted Desert
    Map link: http://majorleaguemining.net/map/28-twisted-desert
    Nominated for: Best PvP map.

    Uncharted Territories #2
    Map Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1380417-ctm-collection-amlps-uncharted-territory-series-132-20000-downloads/
    Nominated for: Most Challenging, Best overall progression, Best CTM Map.

    Map Link: http://sethbling.com/downloads/builds/skygrid-survival-map/
    Nominated for: Best Survival Map.
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    posted a message on [DTC][Multi][Collection] Collaboration Map Collection
    Recent changes to thread:
    Mar. 9th, added First 4 maps in, dl link for Cake Wars and Dispensed Madness.
    Mar. 11th, added dl link for Fortress Battles and Sky Ruins.
    Apr. 8th, added map 5, the Easter special.
    May 13th, added map 6, The Snowy Day
    May 20th, updated The Snowy Day's spawn drop from being a little to small.

    This is a simple thread to organize a list of downloads containing Collaboration maps that I was a part of. None of these maps are made solely by myself, but I have had a major part in making them (that is, I have seen it start to finish, not just gave my input at the end of the process, etc.). If the download link exists below, that means I have gotten permission from the other creators to post it here. I don't post for money, so you won't see adfly or adcraft links here.

    About the maps: These maps were made when (Dewcepticons) began to make community maps for what is now Community Day (Sunday stream). Each of these maps contain something unique for them at the time it was created. Fortress Battles was the very first community destroy the core map (inspired by the original Airship battles); Cake Wars was the first to be modeled after something, taken to a large scale model; Sky Ruins is the first to make the ICARUSS system a prime feature in a map (A TNT cannon with humans being launched across the gap instead); and Dispensed Madness solves the quandary for how to get a good Control Point multiplayer gameplay incorporated in Minecraft. None of these were possible without the others in my group, and I know for a fact none would be made without them involved!


    Standard DTC Goals

    1. Use the resources from your map and from chests to make cannons and boarding platforms.
    2. Find and expose the enemies core.
    3. The game is won when the enemies core is leaking lava into the void or entirely converted into obsidian.

    Standard DTC Rules

    1. Upon death players must return to there teams side.
    2. Players may not fight on spawn platforms or tunnels.
    3. Players may not re-enter spawn tunnels upon exit.
    4. Players may not build in, on or next to spawn tunnels.
    5. Helmets are optional if other forms of identification are used. I recommend using Aprons, an awesome plugin by Meem
    6. Players may not use buckets on lava.
    7. Players may take resources from their base.
    8. Play fair, be cool. =)


    Fortress battles, Genre: DTC

    Creators - Myself, Torn_Ares, GammaRay89, Johnisdapoof, NicoBachicha (Iridium - 5)


    Cake Wars, Genre: DTC

    Creators - Myself, GammaRay89


    Sky Ruins, Genre: DTC

    Creators - Myself, Nuclear_Zebra


    Dispensed Madness, Genre: Control Points

    Creators - Myself, GammaRay89


    Fortress of a Easterly Battle, Genre: DTC

    Creators - Myself, GammaRay89 (Shout out to Torn for being a creator of the original!)

    Download, Mediafire - http://www.mediafire...bf4j656hawab4jq


    The Snowy Day, Genre: Team Highlander

    Creators - Myself, GammaRay89

    Download, Mediafire - http://www.mediafire...5q7p8hspn1d4dr3


    Thanks for reading! - Thungon
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    posted a message on [RFW] FellLockMaps
    Looking forward to seeing this played in Reddit MInecraft Tourney #3! Excellent choice for the pool if I say so myself.
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    posted a message on [1.1] [24/7] AdultCraft
    The Journey of Mooshrooms: An Exploration of our old 1.8 world by Myself, Ajhockey, and Alyama.

    Day 1: We set off from my ice biome, did not make it to the end before night time. On our way, we heard zombies, and digging down just a few blocks, found our first dungeon. On the first day. A clear sign this adventure was one for the legends.

    Day 2: At the end of the snow, we reached our first NPC village of our journey. This was way back in the day before testificates.

    Day 3: The ocean. After traveling along it for a while, we turned to face a new direction. Just lots of water, lots of lag, and the firs treal test of our adventuring spirits.

    Day 4: Another village! We spent the night at a new village, placing a sign with the date of our adventures. 12/10/11. We also fought a spider jockey this long night.

    Day 5: Reached some mountains, and ended up taming a lot of dogs. A lot. They were very inhibiting to our journey. But side quests must be achieved on epic adventures, right?

    Day 6: With our inhibiting dogs, we made a mountain base, to sit them so we can continue our adventures.

    Day 7: Setting off without man's best friend(s), we decided to go down a river, which turned out to be the best idea. Wait, the worst. It felt like mobs were literally raining down on us. Creeper after creeper, skeleton after skeleton. There was no rest that night for the brave adventurers.

    Day 8: On our way, we reached perhaps the most awesome view ever seen in minecraftia. Epic mountains. Pure epicness. And we found something else along the base of one of them...

    and what does one do in epic mountains? It's a must:

    Day 9: Another snow biome. A rarity of the generation of 1.8, but not what we were looking for. We did, however, decide to relieve our inventories of our pumpkins...

    Day 10: Another epic mountain scene, though nothing could match the one we found days before. These mountains held many secrets in its depths.

    Day 11: A pit stop in the forest of strange desire... cameras were mysteriously lowered from our hands in awe of it.

    Day 12: A test of our endurance, thousands and thousands of blocks away from the start. We became lost at sea.

    Day 13: Third time's the charm! We found our third NPC village, and felt lucky. Was the mooshroom biome nearby? Was it perhaps in this ravine we found? Nah, it was just an abandoned mineshaft...

    Day 14: Nothing, just... nothing. Well, maybe a desert dungeon, but nothing...

    Day 15: Lost at sea. Again. It was the end of the journey for two of us, and a few days of boating ended the third. The mooshroom biome won, and we lost. It was legendary, deserving to be carved in stone. We shall prevail sometime, but that day was just not our day.
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