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    posted a message on [CtM] Kaladun's CtM Maps! The Red Court now in Open Beta!

    Finished with 0 deaths! :D

    I thought the map was fantastic. The pacing was really well done and some of the wools were pretty cool concepts. After a long while of a CTM dry spell, this map is really good to play for those craving CTMs as done years ago. I didn't have any difficulties aside from one I'll get too, suggesting that the emeralds were well placed and the nether star + the charcoal were adequately available to find (I stumbled upon the charcoal, and figured out the nether star because while I didn't spend time in the mines all that much, I knew where it was and knew it was unexplored.). Overall, the map led the player well, and it was an enjoyable playthrough.

    The one issue with the map that I had was a completely unplayable nether. I was getting 8-10 seconds block lag, and mobs were immobile and no threat. The boss fight played through, with mobs failing to really defend the spawners as I chopped through them and ate the boss that was mostly stationary. I *was* in danger to the potion spawners, when they clumped up and all fell at once... gave me a scare the first time I was at 4 hearts. :P I wish that part of the map was playable though. :/

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    posted a message on QUESTION: Is Puzzle still a unique map type?
    Game maps and Puzzle maps are still different, though I believe the thoughts you have are because modern day puzzle maps have been foregoing any and all story for the sake of the puzzle alone. CubicBlocks, for instance, you labeled as a 'puzzle' map when it was missing huge chunks of what I would believe puzzle maps need. You ended up rating that map something close to a 17/20, when my rating on your scale would've been 6-8/20 (high on effects, low on experience, aesthetics, etc). In short, puzzle maps have been lacking in every aspect besides the basic 'problem/solution' aspect of them.

    What's been in favor instead has been all the new features the game has brought up. This has been the trend of every genre, from PvP to Game to Adventure to Puzzle maps. I think the confusion is because what has been passing for a Puzzle map these days is nothing more than a tech-demo... hardly playable, raw room to room progress with slightly advancing difficulties. Or what made portal playable, without any of the aspects that made portal enjoyable.

    You have a prediction this trend will finally start to settle down, since mapmakers will have enough practice (I would say they had enough fun) and want to and will proceed to expand and add more than just the raw effects. This will make the lines between the genres (hopefully) less blury.
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    posted a message on [CTM] The Ultimate -CTM COMMUNITY- Thread
    From Flames. By the Gustavo Entertainment Team. Playing in 1.7.4 vanilla SMP.

    Difficulty: 8/10 (Good challenge, without being enraging)
    Overall Enjoyment: 9/10

    Being slightly disenchanted by many of the poorly done linear-branching CTM's in recent times, I went into From Flames (with a friend) just to break that tide a little. Quite unexpectedly though, From Flames impressed me and brought back some of the same inspirations that the great classic ctms used to do. Considering that my only map complaint ended up being a bug from playing the map in 1.7 rather than its release in version 1.4, I really only have positive things to say about it anymore.

    The gear progression in From Flames was well laid out, and going into any of the dungeons I neither felt over nor under-equipped. Simultaneously, the dungeon's side loot (separate from the wool itself) as well as all the general loot around the dungeons surface was random, but at the same time not broken as every other "random loot" map I've played ever turned out. Which is to say that I was neither given gear that felt too good/too bad at any point through the map. Custom mob drops also had that same, well-planned progression.

    Speaking of progression, I was quite impressed that a map that carries a very much open-world field simultaneously pulled off an organized route. We never felt lost, never felt confused, completing the map in the proper order naturally, and looking back that impresses me quite a bit.

    Moving on in this review, I relate aesthetics to frosting on a cake: you can have really good frosting but the cake itself is the bulk of the good taste and if it's bad the frosting won't save it. What frosting does accomplish is being a good compliment to the rest of the cake, and complete it to make it a desirable delicacy. But unlike most of today's maps that just seems to forget the frosting entirely, From Flames looks as well as it plays. It completes and compliments a map that plays well with a map that looks amazing.

    Overall, From Flames was the first CTM in quite a long time that left me fully satisfied through to completion. It's safe to say that less than a handful of maps ever were a solid CTM map to me anyways. It is definitely a map I'd recommend to others.

    Aesthetics: 9
    Creativity: 9
    Gameplay: 9
    TOTAL: 27
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    posted a message on [RFW][Collection] Thungon's Hidden Redemption Series
    Quote from captainkiyoshi

    the trip wires don't seem to be working at all for me so im stuck on the tripwire island

    Have had that report a few times, and it is going to be fixed with an upgraded spawn that supports scoreboards as well as other upgrades. Thanks for the bug report, it is appreciated!
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    posted a message on [RFW][Collection] Thungon's Hidden Redemption Series
    Quote from hi_tech_guy_18

    Ever thought about making CTM versions for Mod packs
    - Feed the Beast - http://www.feed-the-beast.com (Unleashed) Mod Pack
    - Tekkit lite - http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-lite Mod Pack

    You could make use of Logistics pipes & Tesaracs to keep some chests / CheckPoints Stocked
    Use UU Matter to Re Generate and Craft (Some) items over time (More they use it the more poor quality the items available - less they use it the more higher quality the items)
    Even offer new Challenges (Top up power supply's to open doors)
    Computer puzzles
    Even Winners Nuke the losing teams side
    Teleport puzzles

    The use of Command blocks can also keep teams informed of the other teams progress
    A few Basic Spawn items

    I'm not personally into mods all that much, plus I do not think plain old vanilla has reached it's full potential (nor ever could). I'll probably work on additional command block features such as scoreboard related things for any future versions though, for sure!
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    posted a message on [RFW][Collection] Thungon's Hidden Redemption Series
    Quote from astrozombiex

    I've seen some videos of the map (split decision 2.0) and it looks great!

    My only issue (I'm new to minecraft) is with the spawn point. What are the correct spawn coordinates? I seem to spawn in the middle of an island :S


    Not quite sure what you are talking about honestly. On Split Decision, you are supposed to first spawn in on a tripwire island that should immediately teleport you to the main spawn platform with trees and 4 fountains. From there you get your teams together and when they're ready both teams pull the levers by their spawn drop (marked with gold and diamond). On split decision there are command blocks beneath the spawn drop to teleport to the actual map, since the map structure is a bit odd for my preferred, universal spawn platform. So my question is where along this process do you get stuck? If it's a map error, I'll get it fixed for you shortly, and will probably check it out myself just to make sure (again. :P ) if you don't respond.

    Ninjaedit: and if there are videos of my maps being played, I'd love to watch them! :)
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    posted a message on 1.6 [PUZ][ADV] The City of Love~ - What will your story be? Get some love!
    I streamed it earlier today, and it was quite an enjoyable map! Ran into heavy FPS issues for some reason, uncharacteristic of the norm, but gladly wasn't needed to enjoy this map.

    Also, it was quite fun to see me as a police officer. Made the hooker line quite impossible though! ;)

    I completed the map to the best of v1.0.2's ability, aside from the staying in character. It's really cool to see the map fixed quite fast!

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    posted a message on the Code
    After rsmalec tweeted about the map, I decided to check it out for myself. I thought it has pretty fantastic at first, then there was a significant drop in quality, but a smoother finish. I'll go into spoilers:

    IMO, the map really ended itself for me after #18, prior to that I thought it was going really well, and was quite fun. The QR code puzzle ruined it: I had to look it up in theqmagnet's LP since I simply do not have access to look up what the QR code might be: I don't have phone applications and such to do so. It really alienated me as a player, and I'd be willing to bet others would be in the same boat as well. #20 as a standalone works, I thought it was an interesting concept. #21 was epileptic and I would have no clue to check tab without the hint.. (do the painting titles suggest checking tab?), #22 is similar to QR as it's still off putting, same with #23. With the gem puzzle, #24, I got a 7 digit number, in which I tried the middle 5, the last 5, and the first 5, only getting it on the last one, which felt plainly random.

    After gems, I think it picks back up. Merge is pretty cool. Draw could use better pictures, but the pictionary concept and solution was awesome. In fact, I liked all after this point, except 28 which was just waay out there, and the hint just gives it to you.. (what's up with that puzzle?).

    I don't do organized ratings and the like, but I'd give this a 7/10. The puzzles towards the middle-end really were off-putting to me, can't really add anything else. Time to go cure my headache after #21 though. :S

    EDIT: Meant to add a video to my post, showing how you might be able to avoid clock lag in the map. It might be different though, since the redstone Traz uses is separate from the map he's building, while your clocks might be more integrated.
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    posted a message on =Gloria=
    I recently played through it, and it was quite the map! I really liked two features: the sign with story decisions (that eventually reached the ending of the scene), and the ending credits (though the minecart derped b/c of me). I think my biggest complaint is the download file size (petty, right? ;)), I wish the music had a separate dl perhaps. However I did play it with the music, and it really set the mood well. Looking forward to playing Gloria 2 sometime soon! :)

    It played well in 1.3.2, with the exception of first spawning in. No signs of aging were to be seen. Well done!
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    posted a message on [RFW] FellLockMaps
    Looking forward to seeing this played in Reddit MInecraft Tourney #3! Excellent choice for the pool if I say so myself.
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    posted a message on three_two's VINYL FANTASY Series
    Vinyl Fantasy I was one of the most enjoyable CTM maps I've played, and VF II is showing so far to match that level. The amount of care you put into the maps are superb, and your mapping philosophy is something I find myself nodding my head to. Looking forward to some MapLab episodes!

    I quite like the fact that rsmalec gave it a 20/20. His ratings on CTM maps on his thread is also something I feel is very close to how I would have rated them.

    Personal things I like in both are the terrain/landscapes. Very well put together, and despite its vastness I never really felt loss with the sense of direction you provide with lighting cues. Terrain like that has always interested me, and this series has gotten it right!
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    posted a message on [RFW] Tunnel Vision - created for RMCT
    Looking forward to seeing this in action tomorrow!
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    posted a message on HungerCraft vs RMCT Match Tomorrow!
    Don't underestimate RMCT everyone, they're not teams to ignore or shrug off!
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    posted a message on Nail, A PvP 4v4 Defense Map
    An all around amazing map, with very nice balance. There's no real issues that I have that I could point out. Looking forward to what you can create in the future!
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    posted a message on What Would Improve Redstone In Vanilla Minecraft?
    I would honestly just love to see more output options. With buds and more, there have been many ways to send a signal, but where to exactly? Outputs haven't been fully expanded on, when it could. Recently we've been getting things like mob eggs from dispensers, fire charges for dispensers, redstone lamps for lighting systems that are not bulky or as laggy as the block swapper design (since the old piston designs caused lag by the amount of redstone plus lighting changes), and in the future minecarts and boats that come from dispensers as well. I would just like to see it continue to develop more possible outputs as the updates come out.

    Some possible outputs that I like, and are similar to vanilla have been suggested:

    That is a pretty damn cool idea. Not that the allocator wouldn't be nice too. But adding more functionality to chests would be neat.

    Or perhaps it could be added as the long suggested "iron chest", that can only be opened with redstone, but when opened also accepts loose items. I always thought the "chest only redstone opens" is silly, since you can already lock chests with pistons. But if it had the added benefit of taking in items too that could make it quite useful.

    Both iron chests and a chest as a sort of allocator would be great additions to redstone. The opened chest could be another way of keeping the allocator vanilla with no new blocks. The iron chest would be amazing for adventure maps so you dont have to hide chests behind walls, or use storage minecarts instead. You can clearly see the goal, but wouldnt be able to access it yet.

    I'd also like some way to control whether a dispenser shoots or dispenses an item. For example, perhaps a dispenser normally would fire an arrow or place a boat, but releases it as an item if the dispenser is on soul sand. Or something like that.

    I would love to see this in action too. I made a map that gave infinity bows and an arrow, but unfortunately the arrow just shoots out instead of the drop form. I used skeleton eggs in dispensers instead (just kill the skele for the single arrow needed). EDIT: this feature would work for mob eggs too, so you get the egg, not the mob in your face. Normal eggs and snowballs as well.
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