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    Nothing planned along those lines, just to have fun with your mods
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    posted a message on Reika's Mods (Tech, WorldGen, Civilization, and more)
    Hey Reika I would like to use your mods, RotaryCraft, ReactorCraft, ElectriCraft, Expanded Redstone, DyeTrees and DragonAPI in my private modpack on the FTB launcher for my server. Currently we are thinking of a name of the modpack and i will let you know what the name is at a later date
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    Hey neptunepink

    I would like to include your mod in my 1.6.4 modpack on the FTB launcher, it is a private pack and so far we don't have name yet,
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    I just found this post, I am a fan of DP as well. I am In the process of learning Java at my school this next year, then taking an online modding course, i can code this mod to the best of my abilites after that, and i am thankful that someone else will do the textures and

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    For a while now I have been working on a mod for Minecraft 1.7.2, My name is Jayfeather311 even though my forums name is different, i kinda lost the email that was used for my other account. Anyways back to the description of the mod, It is a small mod that adds more tools and usefulness to some of the ores that are found. The only new ore is Titanium which as it's own set of tools and armor. Quartz is the other Materials. More Descriptive Later for now here is a list of the things it adds;


    Titanium Ore

    Titanium Block
    Titanium Sword
    Titanium Pickaxe
    Titanium Shovel
    Titanium Axe
    Titanium Hoe
    Titanium Helmet
    Titanium Chestplate
    Titanium Leggings
    Titanium Boots


    Quartz Ingot
    Quartz Ingot Block
    Quartz Sword
    Quartz Pickaxe
    Quartz Axe
    Quartz Shovel
    Quartz Hoe
    Quartz Helmet
    Quartz Chestplate
    Quartz Leggings
    Quartz Boots


    This is the Getting Started as it is different to craft a few things

    the Titanium Tools and armor is better than diamond in strength and durability


    To make the Quartz tools and armor, you need to get a quartz ingot, which is crafted by smelting any quartz blocks in a furnace Then craft it like normal, better than diamond in strength, just a little better than iron in durability


    The Future Planned Items and Crafting Mechanics

    Lapis Tools and Armor
    Emerald Tools and Armor
    Redstone Tools and Armor
    A Purifier Furnace (Currently working on)
    5x5 Crafting table for the Pure Tools and Armor
    Pure Tools of listed above

    If you have anymore ideas for tools and ores, and machines and crafting, let me know at [email protected]



    YouTube Channel

    Twitch - Setting Up streaming
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