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[about me]

Section 1: Gaming

My favorite games to play are (offline games)

-Medieval Total War

-Medieval Total War 2

-Rome Total War

-Stronghold Crusader

My Favorite games to play are (online games)


-Minecraft (when I get it!)

-anything else that comes to mind that is multiplayer...

Section 2: Songs

My favorite songs that I like to listen to are

-House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)

-Potatoes (Lord of the Rings Remix)

-They're taking the Hobbits To Isengard (Lord of the Rings Remix)

-Canon (Pachaebel)

-Canon Rock (better than canon)

-Sao Paulo Nights (I forgot who...)

-Americana Pie (Don McClean)

-Rio (Duran Duran)

-Reggae Music (particularly Johnny Nash)

-Happy Together (The Turttles)

Section 3: Other Intrests

-Chess (in chess club, we say "I will pawn you" puns are lame though...)

-Video Making and uploading them on YouTube

-Studying the Crusades on my free time

-And watching loads of minecraft videos (I am addicted to them and I want to know a lot so that I am not a noob when I enter, well, a complete noob.)

-AND MORE (I just am a bit disoriented and boredom takes the best of me)

This is just a keep sake of young Thrillology. This profile was set up when I was thirteen-years-old, just before I turned fourteen.


Anything that involves thinking.

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