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    posted a message on I may have made ores a little too common...

    That moment when stone/cobble becomes more precious than diamonds haha

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    posted a message on Scared of caves, help?

    If you are not used to cave systems, it can be hard to deal with a lot of things at once (mobs, lava, random holes in the ground, spawners, etc). You can switch the difficulty to easy or peaceful, which can allow you to focus on getting used to cave systems in the game.

    Then, when navigating caves becomes second nature to you, you can raise the difficulty back, because you won't be worrying about the cave anymore once you're used to them, and fighting mobs in caves will become as simple as fighting them on the surface to you.

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    posted a message on What's your most favorite/nostalgic memory from Minecraft?

    The old sounds were perfect... Don't get me wrong, the new ones are nice too, but I feel like they could have left the old doors, hurt, explosions, etc. sounds alone.

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    posted a message on Questions about lava: dousing with water and can I escape from it?

    A good thing to keep in mind when playing is that everything you see in the game is either a block or an entity. When you "use" a water bucket, you're in reality placing a block of water, in the same way as you would place a dirt block or cobblestone block. Then, the placed block of water will create flowing water blocks around it, pushing stuff around and turning lava into obsidian.

    The water block you placed initially (the source block) can be retrieved with an empty bucket, but the flowing water around it cannot, as they depend on the source block you placed in the middle to exist. So when you want to clear a zone of lava, you would aim your cursor at a wall or floor nearby, and place the water block using the bucket, just like you would do if you wanted to place a solid block. The source block of water will then create flowing water blocks around it, putting out lava. Lava "blocks" behave similarly, they too have a source block that you can place and pick up with buckets, and flowing blocks that are generated around source blocks (that you cannot pick up with a bucket). Natural lava pools generate with lava source blocks.

    - Obsidian is generated when water touches lava source blocks (the lava source blocks turns into obsidian).

    - Cobblestone is generated when water touches flowing lava blocks (the flowing lava turns into cobblestone).

    - Smooth stone is generated when lava flows over water (the water turns into stone).

    When you want to place a block, you need to be within reach of a surface on which to place the block. This is why sometimes, when you aim directly in the pool of lava with the bucket, nothing happens: the bottom of the lava pool is out of reach for you to place a water block. If you do manage to place a water block inside the pool, it means that you are in reality placing the water block on the bottom of the lava pool or on a side wall inside the pool. Often in these cases, the water touches the lava source blocks around it, making obsidian. In other words, when you're trying to place something in lava, it's like placing the block in a hole without lava: the game ignores the lava blocks when it comes to placing blocks (such as water).

    PS (edit): Oh and for escaping lava, it can be quite hard, but the other posts above give pretty good advice :) You'll quickly become skilled enough to pretty much avoid touching lava in the first place though!

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    posted a message on My Advice To New Server Owners.

    Recruiting staff from applications can be successful in many ways, but from personal experience, I would much more recommend picking potential staff members from your server's existing players. When you post a staff recruitment thread online, those who apply are normally those in seek of a quick way to gain some sort of power on a server, and those are not the type of people you want (again, not all applicants are power-seekers, but a big majority of them unfortunately are).

    Players who have been playing for a while on your server and who has become a well-known and respected member of your community are the ones best suited for staff role on your own server. I rather promote a dedicated player who has never had staffing experience (everyone has a first for everything), rather than an experienced person looking for a staff position, but that I barely know just through an application.

    As a side note, I also completely agree with the time and money parts. As nitewing76 said:

    Quote from nitewing76»
    "Running a server is not for the faint of heart."
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    posted a message on Crash serv

    I don't have too much debugging experience, but by reading the error logs I'm guessing there is something wrong with the block at (4178, 70, 2042).

    From what I can understand, it's like if the game thinks there's a daylight sensor block there but in reality there's nothing. I might be wrong though, but it might be worth checking.

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    posted a message on Updates RUIN minecraft!

    A lot of the "new" things added in the game already existed in mods... If people wanted the new things, they could have just installed mods. But no, they had to pressure Mojang into adding these moddy stuff every time an update comes.

    And for those telling me "just don't update". Well, updates also include some bug fixes, and I'm totally not against bug fixes. There are also occasional good features, I'm just saying that the majority of new things feel like they're pulled straight from mods...

    I personally think Mojang should have put their efforts into the modding API and customization settings. Minecraft should have become this central core game from which people can branch out and create whatever mods they want. This would have been the best way of satisfying every player type, from hardcore PvPers to redstone enginners, to architects and adventurers.

    Basically I think the updates should have just stuck with bug fixes and game optimization, and make a solid modding API, leaving the fancy features to modders, because a lot of people still wish the vanilla game was as simple as Alpha or Beta...

    (Again, just my point of view)

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    posted a message on What do you think about my furnace room and suggestion to make it look better (:

    Decoration wise, how about some underground vines to make the room feel less grey?

    A pillar or two in the center can make it look more natural too.

    Other than that the room looks quite nice :D

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    posted a message on Why was Beta 1.7.3 liked so much?

    MC beta 1.7 was the last version before they brought in major changes to the survival play style.

    Hunger, sprinting, enchantments, bow charging, potion effects, etc. did not exist.

    The End did not exist, strongholds, ravines, mineshafts, villages, NPCs did not exist.

    The map was relatively simpler, worlds generated with much more unique terrain and floating islands or weird cliffs...

    And there were the Farlands!

    The list goes on and on about things added after beta 1.7.3 that changed the direction the game is heading. It used to be a simple and peaceful sandbox building game. A lot of people (including myself) feel the game is now too RPG-based. If you ask any random player now what is their goal in the game, most would say "Defeat the dragon" or "Get all the end-game items, enchants, and whatnot". Back in beta 1.7.3 and before, the goal was to build beautiful things and turn your empty land into a nice, unique town, or base, or castle.

    Now I know I might receive a lot of hate from people saying "Yeah but you can still build now, it's not like you HAVE to defeat the dragon."

    And I would agree. Yes, even with today's versions I can still do most of the stuff I used to do. But there was something special about Minecraft before all this RPG gameplay was added, that made it stand out from other games. Now it's just becoming more and more like any other mainstream game.

    Even though beta 1.7.3 was not perfect and had some bugs, the overall gameplay was at its best and Minecraft shined as a unique game. It just went downhill from there.

    (Again, this is just my opinion as a veteran from Alpha 1.2.2)

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    posted a message on Minecraft World Theories: What does it look like?
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Maybe Event Horizon is the exact point at which bedrock stops and the Void begins.

    So when we fly back up in creative mode... we're going faster than light? Ha! I knew that technology would exist one day :D
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