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    Oppa Triforce Style!
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    Quote from Tjokm12345

    Video Game=Off.

    That awkward moment when a brony is repeatedly using the same image... Brony + Copypasta = That's, like, pitiful considering said Brony even abandoned Bronydom in Google Wars
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    I changed the channel from My Little Pony all the way over to Warehouse 13... Not that your pony steed would've survived the blast anyways.
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    A pony? ...
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    posted a message on "...But I'm from Planet minecraft..." and other sad stories of those who try to get O.P.ed
    In this server I am NOT an OP. But I am a friend of the admins and I know the creator...

    SERVER: Noob has joined the game.
    *Noob starts flying around in creative*
    Noob: Can i have OP
    Nobody answers...
    Noob: *walks up to the ship I was building*
    *I go brb to get something to eat*
    *The noob griefs my ship while I'm gone*
    *I come back, see the ship griefed and fix what took him 5 minutes to troll in several seconds, as well as adding on another mast...*
    *I go off to build a house*
    *Noob comes back to the ship*
    Noob: ...
    Noob: *re-griefs the ship*
    *I come back, see it griefed and rebuild as well as adding better torch placements on it.*
    *Noob comes back*
    Noob: OMG
    *Noob griefs the ship again*
    *While he's gone I fix the ship yet again, as well as adding a crow's nest to the tallest mast...*
    *Noob comes back*
    Noob: *censored**censored**censored**I THINK YOU KNOW THE DRILL BY NOW...**censored*...
    Admin: *walks up*
    Noob: ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!111!
    Admin: What?
    Noob: ThisIsCraftaaa griefed me!
    Me: *troll faces to myself since I got a screeny (screenshot) of Noob griefing*
    Me: *whisper command to admin* Wanna see something funny? *Posts the link to the picture...*
    Several moments later, the Noob's stream mysteriously ended for the next several hours... and when he got back online, all his stuff was missing...
    Noob: can i have OP im from PMC
    Nobody responds...
    SERVER: Noob has left the game.
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    posted a message on What type of house should a beginner create to be safe?
    Cave on the inside of a hill/mountain with a solitary door, and torches all over both on the inside and outside. (Make the cave yourself, never trust generated caverns...)
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    posted a message on berdrock crafting recipies?
    Quote from harrybananaboy

    On creative why can't you craft anything Put down a crafting table...

    Berdrock ermaigerd itz su uzeful...

    ... Oh, you mean bedrock. Inventory Check: press E.
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    posted a message on Option to increase the length of (entire) day cycle
    Support. But how about the ability to change the day/night cycle between 12,000 ticks (10 minutes) and 1,728,000 ticks 24 hours.) That might add challenge to the night, as right now a night is just *walk outside for 5 minutes, kill stuff while taking nearly no damage* but with more realistic day/night cycles, there would be time to make errors in night combat, as well as much more daylight time to build with.
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