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    posted a message on 🌟 MC-AGES 🌟 Friendly Players. Survival. StoneBlock. Join Now!

    1. Minecraft Name: Slipshod
    2. Do you agree to the rules: Yes
    3. How could we improve the server: seems good so far, idk

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    posted a message on Minecraft stopped working out of the blue and I've tried everything

    At first, I couldn't load the game. I fixed it by making a new folder in .roaming and launching it from there. It worked and I was able to load Minecraft, but I was unable to generate a world in single player and the game would crash as soon as I joined a server. At this point I deleted my .minecraft folder in roaming and deleted my Minecraft folder in program files. I install the launcher, download 1.8.9 and run it. Crashes at the Mojang screen. Tried labymod, black screen. Tried forge, wouldn't even install. I have no idea what to do at this point and I just wanna play Minecraft. All help is appreciated, thanks

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