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    yeah yeah my ***** you know how i role
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    Yeah i know it may seem annoying but hear me out. You all know me by now i think? yeah everyone should except for elmegaard since we've barely met. I am currently In the timezone GST and im very much qualified for a moderator position. Yes i have a lot of experience. I mod/admin'd on smoolcraft. Smool was actually a player on this server i didn't know until i saw the Vip list. Anyways i also admin'd on revengecraft that was closed down due to drama between friends. I am familiar with all the commands except worldedit. I don't mess with those tools. I am not really aiming to become a big hotshot mod because i know how frustrating it gets for admins, believe me when i say this. So maybe what im trying to say is that I'd like to take the chance to become mod for elmegaard, I've played since February and when the server went haywire these last few months. What's actually really good is that my summer starts this June 3rd and I'll be going on everyday(not like i already do). Thanks for reading and i hope to get a reply sometime soon.

    Another thing i had an opinion about was someone's post about the command /give. NO. Very easily abused and unfair advantage to a surival server. Think about the ID numbers for lav, water, BEDROCK? It's just that ive been on a server before where we hadthis and on and on everyday people ended up having glowstone, netherrack. Even if it was for looks purposes. It highly discontinues the need to actually leave the city and gather your resources yourself. So i know there isn't a vote for /give /i command but if there is a thought about it i consider we dont hand that out to moderators. I'm not pointing out at anybody here but it does get abused.

    One last thing i need confirmation for is that somebody told me that the server area was expanded earlier this day or sometime last night? I need to know if this is true because i found some materials outside the border the other day that i need to get.

    Thankyou for reading my post and I'll be hearing from you guys in the game. PEace
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