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    posted a message on MineWarp Vanilla Server [Whitelisted] [Youtube!] [Epic Builds] [Strictly 16+]

    Name: Jeremy

    Minecraft Name: TheTakedown764

    Skype: TheTakedown764

    Will You Do A YouTube Series: Sorry, but no ):

    Minecraft Play Style: I have quite a bit of experience in redstone and I'm slowly improving my building skills too. I really don't have any experience in modding but I did make a 70+ mods mod pack which helped me improve my modding capability somewhat.

    Why You Should Be Accepted: I've lately been bored when it comes to playing servers with plugins. I feel that I can try my best to get involved with the community as much as I can. I've been looking for a mindcrack style server for quite a while now and I would definitely be looking forward to a community based vanilla server if I can be accepted.

    Major City Around You (For Timezone purposes only): New York (Eastern Time Zone)

    Few Words About Yourself: I've never been disrespectful on any servers that I've played on. I've always loved minecraft since Beta 1.6. I am usually mature when It ever comes to vanilla and bukkit servers. And I love bacon.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [SP|MP|LAN] EnderStuff+ v1.0.2
    Is there a config file? Because I downloaded this mod and one my mods I was using was using the same block Id as one of the blocks in this mod.
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    posted a message on Power Meter! [Mini-Game] [Creepercraft]
    Hey man cool map! But I was wondering if you can post some pictures of the map. It would really help thx
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [PVP] Paradise Pvp v2.1 By:YoshiFangz
    Looks pretty cool! Gonna try this out with my friends.
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    posted a message on How to use the "/enchant" command
    Quote from DeityDarkLink

    i want to know how to use the "/enchant" command in my unmodded minecraft, can someone help me please?
    What u need to do is hold the weapon or tool u want to enchant then type /enchant (Your Player Name) then the enchant id the only one i know is sharpness which is 16 so type /enchant (your player name) 16 then 1 to 5 as the level
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    posted a message on Christmas Festivities Mod 3!
    A good suggestion for this mod would be naturaly spawning igloos with eskimos
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