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    Oh... D: Who else is stil on board?
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    Oh my ;D Wow. I started this mod like, a year ago and left 'cuz life got crazy. Ho.Ly. Crap. Y'all are stil around? :D I got bored of Minecraft, so I left in chaos, but you guys kept going. :) That's sick :D
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    Sorry about my previous absence, but I'm back. I'd be willing to help all I can and reupdate the thread. What's happened since I was gone?
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    Why haven't i gotten noticed yet?
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    Quote from Mrquestion5678

    bronx, I will be waiting for my gift of brownies

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    Hate to post again, but do you guys want me to send you a new copy of the post? I can organize it, get all of the information in short paragraphs and add funny remarks to make readers want to hear more. I can add colored fonts for titles to catch their attention and organize everything in spoilers for easy access and little required scrolling. What do you think? I've got this whole week off for Thanksgiving, so I'd have the time. If you're interested, just tell me.

    I'd also love it if you'd accept my whitelist application which can be found a few posts above this one ^^^^^
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    IGN: Sethfarison

    Job Preference: Shopkeeper

    Why Shopkeeper?: There aren't enough normal dudes; everybody wants to be a dealer or a cop. I want to gain power subtly.

    Why do you want to join?: I want to join because the concept is cool and I feel it could become an amazing server with time.

    Tell us a little about yourself: I'm a middle school nerd. I like playing Minecraft to monopolize. I like using strategy to gain the upper hand on others and expand my empire. I live in a town of 20,000, so the whole 'big city' thing is a little new to me, but I'm no stranger to the ideas of drugs and gangs. We're a ghetto small town, if you know what i mean. Not exactly like I live in the BRONX

    Have you got the slum skin?: Yes, but I made a custom edit of it, which can be found here.

    Informing me (via. PM or at urbancraft.info) if/when you do would be great :tongue.gif:
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    This is a great idea for a mod, and I'll be very happy to see it continue to prosper. The idea is cleverer than any I've ever seen. I have a few basic ideas as far as the polishing and professionalizing of this server.

    Server Rules & Life in New Bolton

    (If you do these more than once, you WILL be banned)

    - Excessive swearing
    - Racism, Sexism or other hate chat
    - Chat Spamming
    - Griefing (if block protection doesn't get implemented)
    - Place Griefing (placing blocks all over, if block protection isn't implemented)
    PRO TIP: Under ground level is free turf. Destroying Drug labs and hollowing out your basement are completely legal.
    - Combat Logging (logging in/out to avoid death)
    - Conviction Suicide (Suicide to avoid arrest)
    - Logging to Avoid Arrest (If you log during an investigation, you will be assumed guilty and serve the punishment)
    - Flymod, X-Ray, Hacks and Duplication Glitches. (VERY STRICT)


    (These are in-game rules; you will be arrested for these)

    - Drugs or illegal substances found on your person/property
    - Drug plants in your possession
    - Killing a police officer on any grounds besides the projects
    - Killing a civilian in sight of a police officer
    - Resisting arrest from a police officer

    When arrested, you will be teleported by an admin to the court. You will have a trial and be sentenced. If you are proven guilty, you will automatically be teleported to jail for your time. No phone calls :tongue.gif:

    You will spawn in the Station. The Station is a block/life protected small area that connects the ghetto with the nicer parts of town. You can take the subway to the slums, or the Uptown/Downtown border.

    Mod Features

    You have more than enough support to make a team to assemble an URBAN-CRAFT mod. This mod would have everything that helps turn this server into a true masterpiece.


    1,5,10,15,20,50,100 and 500 dollar bills are currency. These stay on your body when killed.


    Well, duh :tongue.gif: You can grow drug plants and make labs for crack. The different drugs are: crack, weed, shrooms, heroine, and pcp. After using drugs for the first time, a bar will appear above your hunger bar. It will be green leaves instead of drumsticks. The effects upon using any of them involve cloudy vision and a rocking motion.

    Weed= 2 leaves
    Joint= 4 leaves
    Crack=4 leaves
    Shrooms=4 1/2 leaves
    Heroine=5 leaves
    PCP= 6 leaves


    All officers receive a baton. This does the damage of a stone sword with the durability of diamond. You don't replace these often. This is a cop's standard weapon.

    9mm Handgun
    These are issued to 'Recruits' of the police. They use 9mm magazines, which fire 10 rounds before breaking. Each bullet does 1 1/2 hearts. They can also be obtained illegally by gangs.

    These are issued to Detectives and above. They fire a 'prong' just like a fishing pole. If it hits a target, they can't move for as long as the prong is extended. Once it is unextended, another two seconds of paralysis occur before the criminal can move again. These are ideal for arresting people.

    These are issued to Detectives and above. When holding right-click on someone, a bar appears that takes a few seconds to fill. It only fills so long as the pointer remains on the target. If it fills, the suspect is sent to a holding room immediately to await trial.

    .45 cal Handgun
    This is a slightly more powerful handgun. They are issued to 'Officers'. It does 3 hearts for every bullet. Magazines hold 6 rounds. These are military issued only.

    These are used by gangs only. They fire rapidly with a 30 round magazine. Each bullet does 1 & 1/2 hearts of damage.
    P.S. Please add an aim-down-sights option, I get sick of noscoping :tongue.gif:


    Only shops can cook and obtain special varieties of food. Bags of chips, granola bars, boxes of various fruits, such as mangos and strawberries They can be grown or obtained through shipments of supplies that occasionally enter the town.

    Bagged Food
    Chips and other junk food will be available cheap for little hunger replenishment.

    A variety of fruits will be found at market stands in the slums. They can be grown on plants and found in shipments.

    Legal Addictions
    Different alcohol and tobacco products can be bought legally to help curb your addiction. Maybe using these in place of drugs will slowly make your addiction bar get smaller, until it doesn’t exist. Stronger alcohols could be illegal and only sold on the black market.



    Very expensive. Rooms are in tall buildings with balconies. VIPs and admins get a free crib here. Life protected in your room.

    Heavily lit with constant patrols and nicely paved roads. On roads, you are life protected.

    Drug Distribution:

    Little to no drug farming or selling. The gang members who do get places downtown use their house for hiding out and laying low.


    The inexpensive end for players escaping the slums is full of small one-story houses. Larger two-story houses are found on the more expensive side and can be rented for half price by cops.

    The streets are normal roads with ok lighting and police patrols during the day.

    Drug Distribution:
    This area is used for high-profile selling and some farming. It’s fairly common to find drugs in this area.

    The Slums

    The housing is small, one room houses made of sandstone or cobble.


    Most all houses are on small dirt roads that crisscross through the slums. All residencies can be accessed through alleys in between.

    Drug Distribution:

    Booming area for drug farming and cheap selling. There are many farms under houses.



    A lot like most Americans nowadays :tongue.gif: You have yet to find a job and spend what little money you have for food. You most likely live in the slums.

    You work at a Law Firm and must apply to get this job. You are an attorney for either the server admins (prosecution) or the players (defense). You get more money for winning when you are defense, but your stakes are higher.

    You work in a Shop (derp) and must apply to get a Shopkeeper’s License. You collect food and other resources (or gain it from shipments) and sell it back for the moneys :tongue.gif:

    You reside in an Architect’s Office and work with the admins to design new sections of town and renovate old ones.

    Construction Worker:
    You build new sections of town and help fix things. You will not find work often, so it’s best to join this job when there are lots of opportunities.

    You work with Real Estate to buy and sell buildings and land. Good paying but not a constant income.


    Gang Member:
    The most basic of the ‘Gang’ jobs; you are the grunts. You take simple drug deliveries across The Slums and knock off bounties. You are most likely to die, but the big jobs come after this.

    You make farms of illegal substances and give the profit to your gang.

    This is a well-paying, dangerous job. You take the shipments and sell them. You get the big bucks for a price.

    You are the elites. You go with the Sellers on shipments and make sure you don’t get turned on. If someone kills your seller, they’re in for a world of pain.

    Gang Leaders
    You call the shots. You sit like a president on your throne, and others follow what you say. The gang falls on your shoulders. You are your own boss.


    Independent Contractor
    This isn’t a well desired job. You take whatever you can get. Whether it’s collecting random junk for a player, going undercover for the cops or doing the dirty work for a gang, this is a tough job. You pledge yourself to no one and shouldn’t keep this job for long.

    Dealers are Farmers and Sellers independent from a gang. They buy shipments from gangs or independent sources and resell it for a profit. They also have small farms. It’s a very dangerous job.

    That's all I've got for now. I've already edited this a few times, and will continue to add stuff to this post. Hope you like my ideas :tongue.gif:
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    I want to make a texture pack that has a cool theme but has a very similar pattern to the Minecraft world, so that it still looks original. For example, the cow will have a similar texture to the default one, but it will be white with black spots, instead of the normal brown. The grass will be a dreary brownish-red and everything will be more toned down. How does this sound? PM me if you might wanna help.
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    Bro, I installed it on a clean MC w/ modloader. It seemed to work fine at first. I could turn it on/off and change the volume. I turned the volume up and tested it out. I coudn't get it to make any sounds. It was definitely on and turned up all the way. Have you had this problem before?
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    First, I just want to thank you ahead of time to help make this, or if not for spending your time reading this. This mod is going to be mostly for a Let's Play I'll be making, but it'll also be for other people. The plan is to make an extension of the Plants and More mod. It would add several recipes for food items and get rid of/change some of the 'unrealistic' or dumb aspects of the mod. It would also be compatible with the MAtmos r6 mod which adds realistic sounds to the game. You would just have to add sounds for using/swinging/breaking certain objects. It should be pretty simple, because you'll be making everything from already existing code, not just from square 1 :tongue.gif: It will be from the SMP version of Plants and More, and the MAtmos works both ways, so that doesn't matter.I would also need textures to match my texture pack, but if sprites sand textures don't float your boat, I can find someone else :tongue.gif: Thanks for listening to this rant :smile.gif:
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    Whoever can carry the thread, please do so. And mid-terms are every quarter for my district. I tried to explain that to them...
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    If anybody's got ideas or help, fire away.
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    Bad news.

    With mid-terms and stuff, I've been super busy. It doesn't look like it'll stop any time soon, so I'm dropping this thread. I'd like it to be re-posted by SirFatCat, but i won't be able to check the forums more than like once a week. Input please :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from OpelSpeedster

    Well, then please help me, Gamechap blocked me from commenting at his videos, and I don't know why.

    I do not speak for Gamechap nor do I have any association or power with him. But good luck!
    Quote from Avalanchetter

    Suggestion: Uncle Bob/Bob's your uncle.
    Randomly spawns next to you, gives you random items, then vanishes. When he spawns, "bob's your uncle", quoted from Gamechap, plays. He can give you diamonds, whisky, coconuts, diamonds, gunpowder, bowls, cactus, melon and bones. Just because.

    Good idea, i didn't even think of that :tongue.gif:
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