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    Good cuz I hate to see mommy, and daddy fighting. It makes me sad inside!
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    Quote from kneelforneal

    I've always been pulled towards multiplayer servers because I don't like being alone, and I like having others see my work as it progresses.

    But, lately I've been wondering if I should attempt single-player and take it seriously, due to the server I usually play on going down.

    What about Single Player drives you to work on your map? Give me details please! I appreciate it.

    I play single player for 2 VERY simple reasons.

    1: The mods. Single player has many more mods that are available that make gameplay not only fun, but interesting aswell!

    2: Quite simply I hate most people. I don't trust a single person online to NOT grief my work, or tear apart every aspect/detail of my work. When I'm playing alone I don't have to worry about people thinking their "input" is needed.
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    Quote from RecreationRPG

    I need help! I'm on a Mac and I open the AdventureCraft.jar and the little window opens saying Install and Install Via Login or something like that, but I can't close or install it. Like if the window froze and I can't click that window.

    That seems rather odd. Works fine for me. Maybe it's cuz Mac's suck? Or you are doing something wrong.
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    OK. First off I'd like to apologize in advance because I don't really know where to put this topic, but Mod discussion seemed the best choice.. I think. Anyways I want to know what this mod is.

    The one he uses with the wooden axe, and the whole (First Position, Second Position)thing because I installed a modpack that has it, but without knowing what mod it is I cannot really know how to use it, or disable it. >_< Thanks for anyone who helps.
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