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    posted a message on AWESOME SEED!!! NEW BIOMES, 5 villages, dual spawner, temple, DIAMONDS in chest, etc.

    Now I am playing like 3 months. Found several Spawners, villages, libraries, mineshaft, ideal place for Netherportal and lot of goodies.

    I have played almost a month in easiest mode to secure all villages and so the villagers from mobs. Digged a lot and builded 1 house in every village for me. Also builded 2 Spawner xp system 1xSkeleton and 1xZombie. A big mob grinder. Builded a wall around villages and created iron golems to protect the villagers. After all that began to play in hardest mode :) Already have nice equipment and great enchanted tools. Now preparing for the end. Thanks for sharing

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    posted a message on AWESOME SEED!!! NEW BIOMES, 5 villages, dual spawner, temple, DIAMONDS in chest, etc.

    Thanks for the seed. I found a surface Skeleton Spawner but not the one that you mentioned. Very strange, my first spawn was almost same as yours but cannot find all villages. Found 2 big and one small. Also double Spawners not there. Loot for me was better in desert temple. 3 Diamonds and a few gold. But loots in the blacksmiths worthless.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Noob Test!

    I just took the Minecraft Noob test! Check out what I scored. Think you can beat me?!

    To take the test, check out

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    posted a message on Buddies to play after dark with a newbie

    I am a 40 years old man and try to keeping up with my children. Trying to be "cool dad" but i am not really good in PS3.

    So decided to learn how it works and i am a newbie, not only on Minecraft but a total noob in PS3. When i was a kid had only a commodore for a while :)

    So, i am playing 3 - 4 times in a week and usually after 20.00 (GMT +1)

    It is very important that you understand my gameplay hours!

    I am living in Netherland and our timezone is GMT +1 So it is useless if you want to play in another time with me cos i cannot! I am a full time working father with 3 kids and no i am not joking. Please do not add me if you cannot play in

    We have a microphone and sometimes my kids playing with my PSN acount. If you see me playing over day it is probably not me!

    I am loving to play in Survival mode and only in survival mode on my own but I can join your game too whatever version you play. this is not a problem cos i want to learn, not to be galaxy's best player. But not expect me playing creative on my PS3. I can play in your game creative. But is gave me not the kick and taste that i am getting from survival, so a bit boring.

    I think i am good in mining and not afraid to fight. I can build mega structures but as a help. I am not creative! So you can use me as a help then you have to explaine to me what should be done.

    I am not a real talker but a doer.

    I dont want to disappoint anyone so you can better askme if you want more information here, before you try to add or play with me..

    Can play: .............. 3 - 4 times in a week and a few hours each time. After 20:00 (GMT +1)

    Skills:..................... Mining, fighting

    Weakness:............. Not really fast and absolutely not creative

    I have allready a few friends on my list but from different time zones and this is not workng fine.

    My PSN: Ayhankirca

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