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    posted a message on Land of the Misfit Toys Realm LF 21+ for a 3-Day Dragon Journey

    I am very interested.

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    posted a message on [1.11] ★Jan SMP★ [Whitelist] [100% Vanilla] [Hermitcraft/Mindcrack like]

    Name that you prefer: Lotus
    Gender: Male
    Minecraft IGN: The_Grand_Lotus
    Age: 24
    Discord name Lotus#4017
    Why would you like to join the server?: I would really like to play on a server with the regen set to false
    What can you add to the community?: I like to build automated farms and pathways, tunnels, bridges.. also redstone stuff
    Rate your maturity level 1-10: 9
    Rate your building skills 1-10: 7
    Rate your redstone skills 1-10: 10
    Have you ever been banned from a server?: No
    Why should we accept you?: You don't have to but please do
    do you think you will find yourself recording for YouTube?(Not required under any circumstances): maybe in the future
    Is there anything else we need to know about you?: i live in the eastern time zone and work night shift so i play at weird hours.. also i afk a lot

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    posted a message on Looking for friends to play survival with.

    i would like to play, always looking for people to play with

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    posted a message on SimpleAnarchy

    this is how minecraft was meant to be played

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    posted a message on Valexia, survival with a unique custom coded twist. Entirely coded by the owner himself solely.
    In Game Name (IGN)? The_Grand_Lotus
    Do you agree to the rules? Yes
    Are you mature? Yes
    Do you want any special items on join? No
    Have friend(s)? If so what are their IGN(s)? No
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    posted a message on Brand New Pure Vanilla Survival World

    IGN: The_Grand_Lotus

    Discord (with the 4 numbers): Lotus#4017

    Age: 24

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    posted a message on Salinize Survival SMP Server
    • Minecraft User Name: The_Grand_Lotus
    • Age: 24
    • Discord: Lotus#4017
    • Timezone: Usa Est
    • Why Should We Accept Your Application?: I know about the technical side of minecraft and look forward to building farms on the server.
    • What Is Your Minecraft RedStone Skill Level From 1-10, Explain?: 9, I can almost do it all and whatever i can't do I will learn to.
    • What Is Your Minecraft Building Skill Level From 1-10, Explain?: 6, I am not the best at decorating but I like to keep clean builds that other players can enjoy.
    • Secret Code ( Those Who Read Carefully Will Know This ): 1124
    • Any Additional Information We Should Know:? I have a baby and I work the night shift so I can play at some unique times. I tend to afk more than I play and would definitely like to have the seed. If that is a problem I understand if you reject my application.
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    posted a message on Lapis Lake {Whitelist} 18+ Only {Discord}

    1. Birthday: 05/05/1992

    2. What is your IGN: The_Grand_Lotus

    3. Write a paragraph on why you want to join and add some details about yourself(Put some effort into it):

    I want to join this server to enjoy playing in a community setting. I work night shift and have a baby. I play at odd hours haha

    I only really play minecraft. I hope this is a good server, with friendly members.

    4. How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since 2013

    5. Why should we white-list you: Because thats the only way I can join :P

    6. What do you like to do in Minecraft: I love redstone.. and stone and stone slabs... and symmetry

    7. Whats your favorite animal/mob in Minecraft: Ghast

    8. How much time do you plan on spending on the server per day: 1-2 hours play time and at least 8-16 hours afk

    9. What planet are you currently living on: Mars yo!

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    posted a message on NEW Rara Avis Expanse | 1.11.2 Vanilla SMP Server [18+] [Whitelist] [Brand New Map] [Applications Here]

    bumpin this piece yo, come join our cool world

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    posted a message on NEW Rara Avis Expanse | 1.11.2 Vanilla SMP Server [18+] [Whitelist] [Brand New Map] [Applications Here]

    IGN: The_Grand_Lotus
    Age: 24
    Timezone: PA, USA (EST)

    1. How long have you played Minecraft, and what is your favorite part about it?:
    I've been playing minecraft since 2014. My favorite part of the game is the multiplayer survival experience. Being able to focus on a specific set of tasks to help out a group is easier than going solo. I enjoy diamond based economy and being able to grind at something for a while and see a profit.

    2. If you had to put a label on yourself, what type of player would you consider yourself?:

    I would say that I'm a redstoner by heart. I do love to explore though if I had a companion. I can hold my own in PvP situations and I am a good person to have with for PvE situations.

    3. Have you played on a small survival server before? If so, describe your experience:

    I have played on several small servers. My experience has been lackluster so far. I enjoy pure hard, vanilla minecraft and server that change from that just don't suit my play style. I've played on amplified servers, servers with McMMO and others with only a few plugins, all to which grew uninteresting. It was they players themselves though. No one really seemed to trust each other and there wasn't a good community feel.

    4. By your best estimate, how active would you be if accepted?:

    I play minecraft about 2-3 hours daily. I AFK at farms for a good 8 hours a day. I work night shift in the EST time zone from 9pm-5am, so i typically play from 7am-9pm and again a little later in the day if I can.

    5. What interested you in wanting to join the Rara Avis Expanse server?:

    I am searching for a good community and hoping the crew here at Rava Avis Expanse with fill the void in my heart. I have a Discord, which in my opinion is great for server life, so you can expect me to be asking if people have headsets and want to party up.

    I hope you consider me to join. I'm not the best minecraft player but I can follow the rules and respect peoples ideas, values and boundaries. I look forward to fun builds and great times. Thank you for reading my application and have a nice day.

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    posted a message on ~~Survival Craft Server ~ Hermitcraftlike server!

    IGN: The_Grand_Lotus

    I live in the EST time zone. I work night shift and play in the morning. I like mining for diamonds and building automated farms, seeing that you have shops makes me hope you sell mending books. I would enjoy participating on your server and look forward to hearing from you. Send me a message for my discord or skype, preferably discord.

    P.S. I just watched the video and omg the roof of the nether and all the bases looked so nice. I love playing with the boosted ores, I feel like this is the server I have been looking for.

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    posted a message on uyjulian's X-ray Mod - No patcher required! Drop into mods folder with Liteloader installed!

    hey does this mod have a gui or a way to add or remove blocks from it?

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    posted a message on The Frontier SMP | Vanilla | Mcmmo | Discord | World Events | Mature

    IGN: The_Grand_Lotus

    Discord name and tag#: Lotus_Kai#5356

    General Location: Usa EST

    A little about yourself: I'm a 24 year old with a night shift job, I play almost everyday and I don't cheat or hack. I am not the best builder, keeping it small and conservative usually building in grey with the stone variations. I afk a lot and enjoy building automated stuff and pathways. Ideally, I would like to be around mature, fun players that I can enjoy the company of.

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    posted a message on The BlockShock SMP [1.11.2] - [Starts Jan 8th. 7:00 pm CST] Application is inside! [16+ Mature] [Whitelist] [Hourly Backups!]
    1. IGN: The_Grand_Lotus

    2. Skype: we will PM this

    3. Age:24

    4. TimeZone: Usa EST

    5. What do you plan on doing on the server and what all would you like to accomplish?: Make automated stuff for myself, use shops to profit currency. record a smp letsplay for my new youtube channel

    6. Give a Brief Paragraph on why we should accept you: I have been looking for a good server to play on that i can trust the other players on not to steal or grief. I am also hoping to get some more friends online that would be interested in playing some mini-games with me in free time.

    7. Have you ever been banned on a Server? If so why?: Nope

    8. What style of building do you prefer, and if you have some screenshots of some builds of yours, post them below: No screenshots, but my still of building is mostly stone, very compact and efficient.

    9. Tell us about yourself: I work as a Supervisor at UPS, I have a girlfriend and a 14 month old baby boy and I play Minecraft at least 5-6 days a week for up to 2 hours. I love Minecraft and I am excited you cannot craft God apples because it made pvp on anarchy servers take to long. I love redstone and automated stuff so I can turn afk into profit. I am looking forward to hearing back from you about my acceptance to the server.
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    posted a message on Harcore Server anyone? (server is up, mods in use)


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