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    As of me making this edit to the thread, I have the pack roughly 50% done with updating to 1.5.X standards. Upon releasing the update I'll be offering a Simple Pack, premade with my choices in textures, ready to be put in the texturepack folder and used, and offering a Complex Pack, containing all of the textures I've made to be drag'n'dropped through your favorite file browser to create a customized, awesome experience!
    Coming soon, textures and support for 1.5.2! I'll be soon working on plenty of new textures to bring full, customizable support to the Minecraft 1.5.2 update!


    Hello fellow minecrafters. Today I present you with my texture pack, Fiftyninecraft. Now that I'm in 3.0, there's an awesome customizer available, thanks to Bramamine and Kaiassc, doing a great job with the website minecraftcustomizer.net! Thanks for making a great site and making my hopes and dreams of a customizer for my pack possible!

    If you download it, please leave a comment! I want to know what I could change to make it better, and what you think of it. Thanks!


    I've also put the pack up on planetminecraft.com. I figured why not? You can check it out here!

    If you really enjoy my pack and would like to inspire me to work even harder on it, you can now give me a donation via Paypal! I'd really appreciate it.

    Whatever block you suggest, I'll make. I love being able to please the community and create some really cool stuff. So... suggest away!

    3.0+ Update Notes
    3.0: Customizer! =O
    -Ditched mediafire (old versions still available)
    -The pack is now available at Minecraftcustomizer.net!
    -This obviously means that the pack has a customizer!
    -Added alot of alt textures, and listing some of them below!
    -Grass variants (original, medium, long)
    -Stone variants (Faded cobble, flat)
    -Chest, jukebox, workbench variants (classic, dark, trimmed)
    -Piston variants (original, no trim, dark trim)
    -Leaf variants (classic, current)
    -Redstone variants (classic, dotted, wired)
    -Normal and redstone torch variants (Wooden, iron trim)
    -Just go to the customizer. ^3^

    Latest new textures:
    -New cobble, smoothstone, and mossy stone textures. Cinderblock-like theme.
    -New ladders. Strung together ladder, Plank ladder, Roped ladder.
    -Two stone variants of some redstone textures.
    -New lighter, cleaner, brighter wheat texture.
    -Some round edged styled versions of some textures like Repeater, TNT, Half step, etc.
    -New Obsidian texture, Lava-eroded.
    -New bed colors, green, teal, pink.
    -Six new flower variants, Aqua, Light blue, Dark blue, Pink, Orange, Purple.
    -Solid ore block cinderblock variants, lapis, diamond, gold, iron.
    -Mob spawner variants
    -New regular and pine leaves
    -Whatever textures you suggest! I need ideas, people!

    3.1: FIRST! at Aether.
    -Aether support

    Screenshots: [Somewhat outdated]

    First of all, here is my Terrain.png file. This is all of my hard work, and months of updates and love for all of you, all put on a 256x256 canvas. To make it, I used the program Paint.net. I really recommend it. It's a wonderful tool for graphics, and I've used it for about four years or something now. And it's capable of some really cool stuff. (Currently shows 2.9)

    And while I'm showing you images from the zip folder:

    Oh, and at request of a poster, here's the kz.png (paintings).

    Hope you like how it looks! Here are some pictures of it in action:

    I've finally updated the screenshots! The screenshots show mainly 2.8.

    Screenshots from Lilyo's review:

    Old Update Notes:

    I like to get them out to the community as soon as possible, so the updates are usually small, but awesome at the same time.

    1.0: Creation of Fiftyninecraft!
    -Created Fiftyninecraft folder
    -Added terrain.png
    -Zipped folder
    -Uploaded it
    -Showed all of you.
    1.1: Wildgrass support begins!
    -Made the outline on Sandstone a bit more bold.
    -Bolded outline on wooden planks a bit
    -Decreased "berries" on the cake.
    -Added some variation on the heights of wheat. No longer one flat level.
    -Added support for the Wildgrass mod by ejhopkins!
    1.2: Some random files!
    -Made fully grown wheat a bit more yellow.
    -Created a new breaking animation.
    -Added pack.png and pack.txt files.
    -Added player skin in mob folder.
    -Added Background image
    1.3: Grass and paintings!
    -Awesome new grass shading! You need to use MCpatcher to use it.
    -Tweaks to the grass on the terrain.png to work better with the shading.
    -Custom tree shading. (Not as exciting.)
    -New paintings. They're from the sig banners and screenshots.
    -Adjusted inside of tree blocks. The rings are a bit lighter.
    1.4: Start of the Items
    -New Sandstone. Gave it more of a brick texture while keeping that sandy feel.
    -Tweaked tree shaders. Added more reds, oranges, and yellows. No longer plain green!
    -New wooden plank textures! Four boards in alternating brightness.
    -Start of Items.png! So far, the items are just fillers. The only done part is the tools. I'll do the rest from scratch eventually. ;D
    -Added Alt textures. The old sandstone and wooden planks currently occupy this space.
    1.5: Moar items! Oh, and Industrialcraft ores.
    -New textures for items! These include wheat, sugar cane, fish, and more!
    -Fiftyninecraft now supports Industrialcraft! (Thanks entropy20!)
    -Adjustments to Pickaxes to make them look way better.
    1.6: Tracks, Saps, and Sidegrass!
    -Added the new detector and powered rails
    -Added the two new saplings
    -Updated for the Fancy Graphics sidegrass.
    -Started work on some custom crosshairs. I didn't add any yet.
    1.6.5: Semi-update! (Better saplings and rails!)
    -WAAAAAY better saplings. Doesn't look like plastic any more!
    -The booster rail was changed to look less like the original, and look more original.
    -New screenshot with the new 1.5 textures on it.
    -Added old sapling under alts.
    1.7: Improvements, improvements, improvements!
    -Improved textures on the wool
    -Better, more unique detector rail
    -More contrasted chest, crafting table, and jukebox.
    -Tweaked bed texture and made it purple.
    -New diamond, iron, lapis, and gold blocks. (The solid colored ones, not the ores!)
    -Better farm ground. The old looked really bad.
    1.8: Weather! (And bricks)
    -Added textures for snow. Light and flaky.
    -Added textures for rain. Heavy downpour!
    -Added screenshots showing the new textures.
    -New redstone, has a more wired theme.
    -Old redstone under the alts.
    -Another redstone texture in the alts section.
    -The brick has been redone to look much better.
    What to expect in...
    2.0: Wow! That's a lot of blocks!
    -New grass, snow, stone, leaf, brick, sand, gravel, bookshelf, bedrock, obsidian, moss stone, plank, and half block.
    -Isn't all of the above enough?
    -No really. Nothing else.
    -There are no other things added on 2.0.
    -Fine. Have a new clay block. I love you guys that much.
    2.1: Un-outlined!
    -Removed outlines from most blocks that really needed it.
    -Nether blocks had outlines removed too, and were made more noisy.
    -Awesome new custom breaking animation! looks better than the noise one.
    -Some other small things I forgot.
    2.2: You're welcome D4NST.
    -Created some better, more sleek and awesome pickaxes.
    -Added a custom web texture.
    -WAAAY better ores. Same pattern thing, just better colors.
    -Added icons.png with custom crosshair, Shield for armor, and + for health.
    2.3: HUUUGE update!
    -Wooden planks "stained" (darkened)
    -Redone the dispenser, chest, crafting table, furnace, ect.
    -New window texture, fits new planks, less plain.
    -Flipped shovels back to vanilla pose.
    -Added new Iron door and Wood door.
    -Lightened stone up a bunch.
    -The rest of the gigantic update on page 5.
    2.4: Not so HUUGE update...
    -New cobblestone texture!
    -New torch and lever handle texture.
    -Darkened windows.
    -New font! (needs patched in!)
    -Old cobble and moss cobble under alts.
    2.5: Gui! (Thanks Thinkr!)
    -Custom GUI inventories for the crafting table, inventory, etc.
    Thank you for letting me use your GUI as a base for this!
    -New sandstone
    -Can't remember everything else.
    2.6: Lots of touchups!
    -New grass top texture
    -Removed noise from everything except nether.
    -Added lots of textures from my pack Cobblecraft!
    -New window texture. Again.
    -Minor adjustment to tnt.
    -Edited lapis ore.
    -New mobs in the mob file! Custom enemies.
    2.7: Compatibility!
    -added textures to make Fiftyninecraft compatible with 1.6. (Hatch, tall grass, etc.)
    -A few uber small changes that I can't remember.
    2.8: A well needed update!
    -Chests, darkened and added trim! (Thanks maker of Adventurer Pack!)
    -Grass looks way less patternized! (Don't care if that's not a real word!)
    -Changed the ores to be less squared!
    -Changed the torches to look less generic!
    -Added some awesome grass shaders! (Even a rainbow one!)
    -Changed Minecraft logo again! Now says fiftyninecraft. :P
    -Added some new alts including longer grass and the old grass/ores!
    -Fixed up the nether textures to get rid of the noise!
    -Added textures for custom moon and sun!
    -Fixed some minor problems with the bed texture!
    -New wheat textures look more solid!
    -Completely fixed and redid the Wildgrass textures! (Purple and blue flower FTW!)
    -New trapdoor texture!
    -Smoothed the smooth stone texture a bit more!
    -Gold trim on the workbenches! (Thanks maker of Adventurer Pack!)
    -DIAMOND trim on the note block and jukebox! (Thanks maker of Adventurer Pack!)
    -Completely redid the leaves on the saplings!
    -Made cactus green again!
    2.9: Pistons and fixes! (nobody cares about shears)
    -Added a completely awesome piston texture.
    -Added shear texture
    -Fixed some textures missing/small issues with them
    -No more wildgrass. :'( (Blame pistons!)
    -Wildgrass and alt textures available on Alts.png.
    -Using the longer grass textures with snow grass overhang thingy the one guy liked. You know!
    -Classic ores again! Yay!!
    -Removed the trim on the crafting table and note/juke types of boxes.
    -Some other stuff.

    Old Downloads:

    Link to current version with customizer available at top of page.
    Here are some instructions! =D
    1. Download the fiftyninecraft.zip file from the link above
    2. Launch minecraft, log in, click "Mods and Texture Packs", then click "Open Texture Pack Folder"
    3. Drag and drop that new shiny zip file into the newly opened texturepack folder.
    4. Select texture pack
    5. Play.

    Support Fiftyninecraft:

    I'm not out looking for money to motivate me to update my texture pack, instead I'd like to ask any of you awesome forum-goers to use one of my support banners! I have a few made, and you can get the codes for them below:

    Text Banner:

    Cave Banner:

    Daytime Banner:

    Nether Banner:

    Desert banner:

    MLGM's Banner:

    If you make a banner, I'll gladly put it up!

    Pack Mentions
    Places my texture pack has been used/mentioned. Ask me to have your thread or video put here if it has to do with my texture pack. =)
    A great trailer by ModernGamingStudios.

    A small review by XnNOBS.

    A review by ModCorner.

    Another great review by ProPCGamingNetwork.

    I strongly suggest you all like these wonderful videos and subscribe to their creators!

    I've also had some very nice reviews too, here are some below:
    (more to come. :P )

    Well, that's all I have to offer. I hope you enjoy and use my texture pack.

    Yay for legal stuff that keeps people from stealing my stuff!

    Websites I've uploaded my stuff to/given permission to have up:

    I'm sure there are many places that have the pack up, but as long as they use my download links/adfly links, I'm completely fine with it. As long as they're not uploading it themselves or claiming they made it.

    This texture pack(henceforth "Textures" or "The texture pack"), by the terms of

    Fiftyninecraft by The_Fiftyniner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

    © 2011 The Fiftyniner
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    We already have both the Texture Packs forum and the Minecraft Mods forum for posting those.
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    Hello fellow Minecrafters, and welcome to the new Fiftyninecraft thread! I had originally started the pack back in April 2011, and the old thread can still be found here. This texture pack has been the result of over two years of hard work, and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoy working on it!

    More coming soon!

    Fiftyninecraft is available in two different formats. Simple, and Complex!

    Simple is the pack premade with my favorite textures, zipped up and ready to be put in your texture pack folder and used.

    Simple (Adfly)

    Simple (Direct)

    Complex contains all of the over 600 block textures I've made for Fiftyninecraft, organized in to separate folders to be drag'n'dropped in to a working texture pack! Basically a compilation of all of my alternate textures.

    Complex (Adfly)

    Complex (Direct)

    If you download it, please leave a comment! I want to know what I could change to make it better, and what you think of it. Thanks!

    Here I'll be keeping track of all of the new textures I make and the total texture count of the pack!

    1.0: (6/4/2013)
    673 Total Textures
    641 Block Textures
    26 Items Textures
    6 Misc. Textures

    New Textures:



    1.1: (??/??/????)
    ??? Total Textures
    ??? Block Textures
    ??? Items Textures
    ??? Misc. Textures

    To get in contact with me, you can either:

    -PM me here on MinecraftForum.
    -Email me at [email protected]
    -Add me on Skype, my name is thefiftyniner.

    And if you're feeling extra kind, you can donate to me via PayPal!

    And, of course, the legal stuffs.

    Fiftyninecraft by The Fiftyniner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

    Basically, don't use my textures for anything else without my permission. Feel free to get in contact with me and we can talk. ^^
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    Hey guys, Fiftyniner here, member from way back when TAU started, glad to see that after all this time things seem to be going good.

    I've been working on a HUUUUGE update on Fiftyninecraft as of late, with big plans for a big re-release. Here are some of the art assets for the OP I've made so far:

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    Definite potential, really like where it's heading though pay attention to some details, little things like the fill popping out of the crafting GUI (http://i.imgur.com/atwo3iT.png) and some jagged-looking edges. Also pay some mind to the colors, for example the background behind the player in the crafting GUI looks somewhat tacky with how neon-bright it looks.

    Other than that, keep it up, you can do nothing but improve. ^_^
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    Read up, son. Quite cheap to use false claims to get downloads.
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    No Lag and Simple Packs: An Experiment
    So many people think that just because a texture is the same color, it'll make you get more FPS. This thread shows how that's nowhere close to true.

    The Packs
    For this experiment, I'll be using 6 different packs:
    1x literal, a terrain.png on a 16x canvas, effectively making each texture 1 pixel.
    1x on 16x canvas, a pack where each texture is one solid color, on a default 256x terrain.png.
    16x normal, the default textures.
    16x simplified, the default textures reduced to a few colors per texture.
    64x normal, the default textures on a larger Terrain.png, making each pixel 4x the size.
    64x simplified, the simplified 16x on a larger terrain.png.

    The Experiment
    Many simple packs claim that the lack of detail will increase FPS. There are also multiple packs that say they're 1x and that your FPS will be better because of it. I'll be showing how the claims are wrong and you'll get the same FPS no matter how much or little detail is added.

    To do that, I'll be loading a pre-made area, using normal render distance, fast graphics, and standing in the same spot for about 1 minute, and screenshoting the F3 information for each pack.

    The Results
    1x literal:
    In this pack, I got an average of 31-35 FPS.

    1x on 16x canvas:
    This pack gave me a little less FPS, averaging from 25-30.

    16x Default:
    This pack also gave me around 25-30 FPS.

    16x Simplified:
    Again, the 25-30 FPS, as all the other 16x packs gave me.

    32x Default:
    With these, it had to load twice the pixels. I got between 18-24 FPS running it.

    32x Simplified:
    Along with the above, 18-24 FPS.

    The Aftermath
    The 1x literal had much less lag because it only had to load one pixel per texture, the 1x 16x pack having to still load all 256 pixels, the pixels just being the same color.

    The 16x Default and Simplified both had around the same amount of FPS, because on both the same amount of pixels were loaded, though the second had all similar colors. It still had to load all 256 pixels, though some of the pixels were the same color.

    The 64x packs show that even though some of the "pixels" are large, it still has to load the individual pixels inside these large ones, effectively slowing down the frames per second. The simplified adds on to the above.

    The Conclusion
    In conclusion, we see that it doesn't matter if the colors in your pack are the same, it's not going to help your frames per second. The only way to actually increase your FPS texture-pack-wise is to use packs that are actually lower resolutions, like 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, even stuff like 14x, 6x, 9x, etc. work too with the correctly sized terrain.png. There are some nice lower resolution packs out there too, like Tinycraft, Rawrush, and more, I'm sure.

    Well, that's my study. If you'd like, you may link to this thread on any of those simple packs that say your FPS will be better with them, or simple packs in general. I'm hoping people will see this before they put these packs up, and more actual packs can be seen, instead of the simple packs coming out every other hour.

    Oh, the reason I get such low FPS is because I'm running Minecraft on a laptop. Don't ask why it says 1.7.4, either.
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    Quote from TehJazz

    Sweet 1.3. Still wish you would add boarders back.

    I'm still considering this idea! Perhaps I could get to work on it later today.

    Quote from epiclinkfan101

    Woah, you continued it. :o
    Got a bit of nostalgia seeing this pack again after so long, still looking good. :)

    Thanks! It's great to see that people have been using and enjoying it for such a long time.

    Quote from BenCarreiro

    I've used this texture pack since it came out, always loved it, stopped using it 1.7 - present due to computer problems though, but now time to get it back! Sadly, it looks like your customizer link is down? I am not sure, I will try again later to make sure.

    The customizer should be working. Who knows, might have been down for a few minutes or something.
    Regardless, thank you for being a loyal fan of the pack, it's great to see people like you. :D
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    posted a message on [16x][hub] The Fiftyniner's Texture Pack Hub!

    This thread is for showing of all of my texture packs and all news concerning any new packs or new updates on existing texture packs! If you'd like to suggest some ideas, leave comments on something, ANYTHING concerning my packs, this is the place for it!

    To go to the threads, click either the Support Link (adf.ly links) or Direct Links. (No adf.ly)

    Fiftyninecraft is my first pack. I made it back in April and still update it daily with new textures and updates. The pack also supports the Aether mod. I'm trying to make the pack extremely customizable with new textures and such. If you have suggestions for the pack, please check my thread Suggest-A-Texture.
    Here are some screenshots. You can see all of the textures (There are alot!) on the thread, which the you can find a link to above.

    Cobblecraft is a pack I made after I got bored and decided to mess around with the cobblestone design. I ended up creating this pack. I don't really do anything with it, but I try to keep it updated with the latest version of Minecraft. It's more of a mess around with it for fifteen minutes or so kind of pack. It seems alot of people like it too.
    There are some more screenshots on the thread, but here are a few here.

    Speedpak was a texture pack created for a challenge where you had to create a pack in 3 hours or less. I got mine done in a few minutes under the time limit. The pack is becoming my second serious pack, but the thread isn't very active. If you want, you can go to the thread and post.
    Here are the screenshots. They were taken on the Liquidcraft server. If you want, go to www.liquidcraft.net and check out the server. It's very nice there.
    ANYWAYS... Screenshots!

    Those are my packs so far! I'm not taking requests for whole packs, so don't bother. :3

    If you wanna check out some of my other threads, here you go:
    Suggest-A-Texture - Request a texture to be put in Fiftyninecraft!
    Bannercraft - Tutorial for how I create my banners!
    Fiftyninia Island - My own island survival map!
    Check it! I'm making some schweet textures for a friend's mod!

    Note that all my textures have Creative Commons licenses, a good paragraph or two explaining what can and can't be done with my textures, and is a Union Gold-protected texture pack. Don't try anything tricky.

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    Colors are a bit.. harsh.. on the eyes.
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