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    Waterflow 2.0
    :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water: :Water:
    Hello everybody. I have an idea for water flow. I find it annoying to build a lake by covering an area, placing water all over it, and removing the blocks. Perhaps we could have a new way for water to flow. For it to work, water flows and fills an area slowly as it would in real life, and can fill an area fully, and the water fills to about 2 blocks below the source. My description of the idea kinda sucks, so here:

    In Fig. 1 you can see how the water would work. It would fill an area up to about 2 below the source (the water with the S being the source)

    In Fig. 2 you can see that if water flows in to another source block it would not fill an area.

    In Fig. 3 you can see how it would be useful. The faded blue is the final height of the water.

    In Fig. 4 you can see that waterfalls would still work because the water falls on to a source block.

    Of course, infinite 2x2 springs would still work, as the two corners would be turned in to source blocks, but if you were to just dig a 2x2 hole and place one source, all of the spots would be filled, but three blocks would not be sources, though they would be still water. removing the one source placed would get rid of the still water. If you removed the source in Fig. 3 all of the water in the lake would go away, because it lacked a source. This makes it impossible to Grief like in classic, placing a water and all of the map gets flooded, because if you were to remove the source in my idea, all of the rest of the water would go away.

    That's about all of my idea, perhaps Notch could implement something similar. Please add ideas and tell me things I could change about it.

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    Quote from oatmealjake »
    Quote from Nanophreak »
    Quote from oatmealjake »
    Also, what are the odds that the phrase "IceIceBaby" would just happen to create a snowy region?

    No better or worse than any other phrase, actually.

    Really? So you don't think they put that in intentionally?

    Not at all.
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    It says it's a medium virus warning on my computer.
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    Glad you guys like my idea. I just had the idea and wanted to get it down, something like the ctrl key would be better. Or if Ctrl was sneak and Shift was Crawl. Also, yeah. You wouldn't be able to stand up and get stuck in a block. Also lol'd at living with the spiders.
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    Hey guys, today I was thinking, what if there was crawling in Minecraft? It has it's advantages and disadvantages.
    Crawling in passages 1 block tall.
    [] [] :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    [] [] :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: []
    [] [] [] [] [] []
    :grass: :grass: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    In this example, you can crawl through this tunnel, yet walking, this would be impossible.
    This way, you could make small passages and make it easier to keep Creepers out of your underground base without the need for doors, making earlier building of a base easier.

    1. Breaking through blocks take the same time as if you were underwater.
    Say you were crawling along the floor. You'd need to use your arms to keep moving forward easier. If you're crawling, you would have a tough time breaking blocks ahead of you.
    2. You crawl at roughly 25% of regular movement speed.
    I'd say this is pretty reasonable, it's usually tough to move yourself forward faster. This would make running from that creeper behind you and getting in to your base just a bit tougher for balancing.

    To use it, you could double tap the Shift key. You would go from sneaking to crawling as long as you hold it.

    These are my ideas, and I think they could be pretty useful. It isn't some new revolutionary idea, but It'd be awesome to have. Please discuss.
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