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    Quote from Wulfgard23142

    Ey dizzie its mike do whatever ya need to, love ya psycho ***** <3

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    Please Please Please! Do Tekkit textures? Right now all we have is Spax and I dont much like Spax BDcraft, I'd really like to see Jolicraft as Tekkit friendly
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    Just a note, when you are being considered to be white listed we will sometimes check your post history and if we see anything different in your other applications that you've decided to hide from us....that isnt good.
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    Considering applications...sorta now....for a few players so we can test the server.
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    Quote from XRaTeDVeGi

    How do i join?

    Sorry the server is currently private, I just made this thread because I dont feel like making a website for support. The only way to join is to be invited by one of the current members, until we open.
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    32 Slot | Tekkit | WhiteList
    Server is Currently underconstruction

    Still currently Tekkit 3.1.1 we'll be updating to tekkit 3.1.2 soon so remember to update your launchers.

    Currently we are still setting up the server and deciding on how we'll be running it. Though we are not accepting applications really right now people are free to submit them, and if accepted you will receive a PM from me with the IP so you can try the server out. We are looking for a friendly community of mature players who want to play in survival, socialize and make friends.


    The server does have pvp enabled, though spawn camping, pvp harassment (hunting someone down and killing them repeatedly because its funny) is not tolerated. When we say mature community we mean we do not want people to constantly feel attacked to the point they want to quit. Respect that some people do not want to pvp.

    More to Come

    *Minecraft Specialty: (i.e: Wiring, Building, or one of the tekkit mods. What you're best at) (pictures of things you've made would be nice too)
    Gaming Time: (Amount of time you usually play)

    After downloading the launcher follow the visual instructions below to set your launcher to 3.1.1 so you can access the server.
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    posted a message on Mod Idea: SMP Blue Prints Mod (For Next Update)
    So I've been looking for a mod like this for a bit because I think it would be pretty awesome, i saw something similar to it in the MineColony Mod but havent found a stand alone plugin for it that would work with SMP.

    Basically it would be a client and server side mod where a player can build and save a structure in single player (creating a save file for structures in your mod folder) then go to SMP and create a 'Blue Print' that is useable to generate a prebuilt structure as long as you have the needed materials to craft it. (This is all assuming that someone can bring data from their client to read into a SMP setting where they can spawn their pre-built structure)

    Blue Print (1 diamond surrounded by 8 papers) [1 use]
    Save Print (1 crafting bench surrounded by 8 papers) [1 use]

    Step 1: Building/Saving a structure in SP Creative
    You would build the structure in creative, and to save it you'd count out the 15x15 space each file allows, clicking the top left most block and the bottom right most block in the 15x15 space with a 'Save Print' if the build is larger than the 15x15 pre-set, you'd have to do multiple saves in sections.
    Once you click the 'Save Print' to the two corners of the 15x15 square you will type '/save Home1' (since the next update will have single player chat) to name and save the selected area.
    Non-Savable Items
    Lava, Water, Chests, Crafting Benches, Furnaces, Brew stand, Enchanting Table, Ender Chest, Farmland, Fire, Spawner, Pictures, Beds

    Step 2: Making/Saving a Blue Print
    You would craft a Blue Print in SMP (or single player survival if you want) and then clear a 15x15 area to spawn your future home on. (If the area is not cleared you will get an 'invalid area' response when trying to spawn your home) To choose a save you want to assign to your blue print all you need to do is type '/bp Home1' to assign the structure to your blue print so it knows what file to read.

    Step 3: Making your Structure
    Once the Blue Print is saved you can click the ground with the Blue Print and you will get two options 1.Build Structure (Say "1") and 2.See Materials (Say "2"). If you attempt to build the structure without having the needed materials you'll only get an error. Once you are holding all the materials you need for the 15x15 section you will be able to access the Build Structure command.

    Building would still have the required materials, plus an additional cost of the blue print in SMP. It would just make building easier for people who want their build to come out to perfection rather than doing a hit and miss trying to rebuild a specific structure.

    Any Non-Readable or Non-Savable blocks the mod cannot read or find would just appear as dirt to mark where the problem areas are so the player can go in and fix them by hand if need be. SMP servers who support the mod would also be able to assign the recipe materials if they want to make it easier to make blue prints or impossible without the help of an admin or mod (Like making the main catalyst item [diamond] into bedrock so an admin would have to pretty much spawn a blank blueprint for a player to use)
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    posted a message on Forcing texture pack for SMP server
    I refuse to use anything other than doku or summerfields, dont force your crappy texturepacks on us.
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    posted a message on Better Player Models! (Knee and Elbow Joints)
    Wanting to change the player model is like opening a can of worms in this forum, its something most people dont want to even think of, they just plug their ears and scream no at change.

    I still want a version of the player model we had been promised as a more polished game, steve was going to be more bendy...

    The original creator of these models left mojang though and they completely dropped the idea of improving steve sadly.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w26a Available For Testing
    This snapshot is doing a lot of memory crashes, any one know how to fix this?
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    posted a message on TooManyItems, the inventory editor and more (1.8 Forge is here!)
    Quote from Neon_ColorsFTW22

    1. You clicked on a ad that made your anti-virus detect it was a virus
    2. False report

    Make sure you wait 5 seconds then click on the button (in the top right corner)

    I hadnt clicked on anything I had walked away from the computer while it counted down, my computer blocked the ad it was trying to play. ad.fly had posted a virus ad to be played during the wait for the skip button.
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    posted a message on Spider Queen Crash
    Spider Queen requires ModLoader, which doenst work with MC Patcher. Install Optifine then follow the installation instructions for Modloader and SQ. Thats how I did it.
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    posted a message on TooManyItems, the inventory editor and more (1.8 Forge is here!)
    I went to download the mod and got a block message from avast about an virus trying to download through Ad.Fly
    Here's the info if you're able to report it to get rid of the virus ad.

    URL: http: //saleprotec.biz/?rid
    Process:C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\f...
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    posted a message on Zombie Pig-men
    Pig men are annoying I have no urge to see some griefer with a mob of them running around attacking people.
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    posted a message on [Fishing] What Fishing really needs... - Now with pictures & mobs! 60+ Supporters
    Bait could be found by digging in the dirt or breaking tall grass. You get the chance of finding worms or beetles, bugs etc.
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