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    Quote from narutoall76

    Think about that food thing,it would be hated by people who just started a world with food.

    What do you mean? It is an optional thing, if you wanted you could just stick to murdering pigs if you wanted and eatting what you find. Farming is just another fun thing to add into minecraft for the people who like farming games.
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    posted a message on Retrofuture, a steampunk RP server
    IGN:I have 2 accounts The_Dizzie and Llette
    Age: 24
    Why do you want to be a part of this server? because steampunk is awesome
    Have you read the rules? GOLD! *waves hands around like a cheap magicians assistant* :GoldBar:

    Name: Dizzie and Llette
    Age:20 and 18
    RP example:
    Dizzie would lean onto her sales table looking up and down the path starting to think this wasnt the best of places to set up her market stall at the side of what was suppose to be a busy road. A groan would escape her as she banged her head against the table with a loud thump. Who would buy her snake oil and magical hair growth elixir! Surely there were some suckers somewhere on these roads...


    Dizzie: Born to merchants and traders she is use to a life on the road traveling making trade and selling the things she obtains. She has no dark gritty past, the worse of her is that she will tend to scam people, though hardly ever would revert to violence unless her own life was threatened.

    Llette: A simple farmer, her home was once a farm in the COG territory though her family angering some higher officials lost their land and were beggared. Her mother and father passed on years ago leaving her to seek out unclaimed land to try and put something of a life back together possibly. She holds a hate for the COG and is suspicious of soldiers or any government.
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    Quote from NazzyDragon

    Well organized, well thought-out ideas. Well done!

    Well, well, well.

    Thankies =3
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    There are people who like building, people who like pvping, and well face it...people who LOVE trolling and griefing, but there are also people who like farming. My suggestion is more farming and more recipes to go with the new food items and herbs.

    Recipes would add another buffing system besides brew potions and enchantment tables, it would give more use to the cauldron, and maybe open up way for more crafting blocks, like an Oven and Ice Box.

    New Work Blocks and Tools

    • Oven
    • Would have 2 sets of 9 slots (like a workbench), and a slot for fuel. To cook items you would set the ingredients in the slots and add fuel to cook them into an item. Like bread would now need to be cooked, with two slot sets you could cook two loaves of bread at once, for the same price of coal as it would take one (Bottom and top shelf in the item.)

    • Ice Box
    • Adding an ice box would make raw food have a freshness bar, the longer they are held or left in a normal chest the more likely they are to go bad, and then eventually have the same effect as zombie flesh. To fuel an icebox you'd need to get ice blocks to put in the fuel slot or put the chest in a snow biome. [you can get ice blocks with silk touch I believe but an ice pick could always be implemented if needed, for the specific purpose of mining ice]

    • Recipe Book
    • The Recipe book would be a half block appearing as an open book that can be set down. Putting items in the slot on the book will tell you if there are any recipes for that item and what other items are needed along with how many skill points can be applied to the item for buffs. (Food items without skill point buffs would fill your food bar with minor buffs) To strengthen buffs, you'd put the finished item in the recipe book slot and apply the buffs like you would on an enchanting table.

    • Watering Can (Iron, Gold, Diamond) ((OPTIONAL))
    • This would take up one block of water, and depending on what kind of watering can it can water anywhere from 10 blocks to 30 blocks before it needs to be refilled (Iron 10blocks, Gold 15blocks, Diamond 30blocks) Having a watering can makes it so farm blocks do not need to be near a water source, using it on a block will keep it hydrated


    • Fruit Trees (Apple, Banana, Orange, Lemon, Peach)
    • These Trees would work have a higher chance of dropping fruit than a regular tree, you plant them with seeds that will spawn a sapling (Breaking the sapling will drop nothing and waste the seed.) The tree will grow like any other tree. The trees will drop the fruit that it was planted as well as have a new unique wood, that can be made into a new color plank depending on the tree type.

    • Cocoa Tree
    • Work the same as fruit trees.

    • Tomato Plant
    • Would work like a watermelon somewhat, with a plant that grows tomatos as long as it is hydrated. The tomato would grow on top of the plant (Not to the side like watermelons) Breaking the tomato would make it to drop 1-2 tomatos.

    • Herbs
    • Various herbs that could be used in recipes or brewing potions. To harvest herbs you'd need to break the plants like you would wheat, to get seeds and the item itself.

    • Potato
    • Planting this in the dirt would grow a flowery bush to harvest the potato, you would need to break the plant and dig out the block under it which would have the potatos in it. Dropping between 1-3 potatos.

    • Onion Plant
    • Same Growth as Tomato, 1-2 drop rate

    • Garlic Plant
    • Same growth as Tomato, 1-3 drop rate

    • Rice Plant
    • Grows into a bush, break plant to harvest 2-5 drop rate

    • Bean Plant
    • Grows into a bush, break plant to harvest 2-5 drop rate

    • Cucumber
    • Will grow on any open side of the plant, side blocks do not need to be tilled. Can grow as many cucumbers as there are open sides to the plant 1-4. Breaking the cucumber will drop one cucumber.

    • Spinach
    • Grows up like sugarcane or cacti, breaking off the tops will let you harvest 1 spinach per a broken block, leaving the bottom block will let the plant continue to regrow.

    • Corn
    • Grows up like sugarcane or cacti, breaking off the tops will let you harvest 1 corn cob per a broken block, leaving the bottom block will let the plant continue to regrow.

    • Cotton
    • Grows like tomatos, breaking the cotton ontop of the plant drops 1-3 cotton puffs. Cotton can be woven into yarn, or turned into cotton blocks (similar to wool)

    New Items

    • Logs/Planks (Apple, Banana, Orange, Lemon, Peach, Coaco)
    • AppleWood Log/AppleWood Planks, OrangeWood Log/OrangeWood Planks etc. Each Log would have a new color, the bark of the log would be a natural color brown, grey etc, the core of the log showing the color of the planks giving some people new variants to build with. (AppleWood, Dark Red/Brown. BananaWood, Greenish. OrangeWood, Brown/Orange. LemonWood, Yellowish. PeachWood, Pinkish Brown. CocoaWood, Dark Chocolate Wood)

    • Salt (Yes this is part of a mod somewhere)
    • You would harvest salt off beach sand near water, it would act as a snow layer, breaking it with a shovel would drop 2-5 salt items.

    • Cotton Block (comes in half blocks)
    • 3 cotton balls = 1 cotton block. Cotton work like Wool blocks with added features like soft landing. Jumping onto cotton blocks minimizes falling damage, running boats into cotton blocks will prevent the boat from breaking

    • Yarn
    • 4 cotton balls = 2 yarn. Use Yarn to craft cloth armor, that may eventually be used to make fire/lava resistant magic armor through enchanting, that would provide zero protection to physical weapon damage or explosions.

    I know it is a lot, though if not a new update it would at least make a neat mod. Make as many suggestions as you like for things to be added or removed.
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    posted a message on New ideas for Jungles?
    Monkeys! That jump around the tree tops, they are neutral, and wont attack unless attacked first. When killed they can drop rarely drop Golden Apples but a bigger chance of dropping wood or leafs.

    Maybe even have a chance at taming them with golden apples, if you tame them they have two settings, patrol and follow. Setting them to patrol would have them break leafs in the area looking for apples, when you are in range the monkey will drop all the apples.
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    posted a message on Support a STATIC Terrain Generation Code
    It might be easier if they made some kind of world smoother for maps when you update, it will find the edges of your explored area and extend the map some with the new code, smoothing them together to fit with out the giant out of place chunks.
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    posted a message on Those Dang Double Doors
    Would probably be easier if 'Double Doors' was an item by itself. Like combine two doors in the workbench to make double doors. It would also give use a chance to have more variation with doors texture wise
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    posted a message on What new mobs would you like to see in Minecraft
    I'd like to see some slimes on the surface, not the huge ones, medium size tops with a rare spawn rate. Then maybe some bugs as a collection game, making a net out of sticks and string there could be butterflies, beetles, and other various insects you could catch and hang on the wall in frames like pictures, getting all species would unlock an achievement.

    -Surface Slimes [Neutral]
    -Bugs (Bug Collecting Game) [Neutral]
    -Vermin (Rats/Mice) (Eat your crops, idling a wolf in your farm keeps vermin out) [Neutral day, aggressive night]
    -Fairies [Neutral unless you enter mushroom circles]
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    posted a message on Future World Type Options
    Maybe if they just set of slider bars for each biome so you can choose the chance of the biome would generate, and setting all biomes to zero would set it to super flat, all biomes to 100% would generate our normal ratios. This would give us a chance to customize our maps more, also some bonus sliders for strong holds, npc villages, and dungeons.
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    posted a message on Orchard biome
    Could even...just make Fruit trees spawn as part of the NPC village's farms. This would make them a bit rare

    I'd like to see apple trees grow from apple seeds and have little apples on the leafs, maybe if you leave the leaf block on the top of the trunk, the leafs would slowly regenerate back.
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    posted a message on Best idea ever for Modding
    The easiest way to do this I think would be if you could have an option to switch between Jar files as thats where most mods files are, anything outside the jar file doesnt seem to change much. If the Jars didnt have to specifically named minecraft.jar or we could put the jar in a named folder we could toggle between, it would make things loads easier.
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    posted a message on Warp Feather (Enchanted Feather)
    Not like an ender pearl, its a warp home if you get too far out you can get home faster.
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    Cant find any other suggestion about a 'Warp Feather' though I am sure this has had to been suggested before.

    A Warp Feather would be an enchanted feather of course. Enchanting the feather would make it into a useable item, there would be 3 different warp feathers, the first would have 5 warps, second 10 warps and third 15 warps, each feather a different color to make deciphering them on sight easy. The Warp would take you to your bed in case you've gotten too far from home.

    The reason I am suggesting this is because we all like to explore but often when we explore we go to far, and if we have items we do not want to lose we have to make our way back, though the compass is helpful in finding a way back, having a warp feather would be easier than dodging creepers and skeletons in the night panicking on the way home. And on vanilla servers it is hard to keep track of where you are when you go out to help others or trade items with out leading possible griefers to your home.

    Go ahead and post your ideas, just remember, the more complicated you make a suggestion the less likely it is to be implemented in vanilla.
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