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    Hey guys this is TheSteamNerd here and I'm about to start streaming and recording and I was wondering if the people on the minecraft forum can tell me any amazing texture packs as the last time I played was on 1.8.2 so don't be shy and just drop a little reply for a very visually appealing texture packs thanks guys.

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    How many believed that this Minecon was one of the most lacking experiences many of us have ever watched. It takes from the great experience that Minecon is supposed to be. I remember attending Minecon Orlando the exciting vibes of getting autographed signatures and meeting in a huge convention filled with crazy displays and booths. This year however there were parties around the world and just one main audience for the stream. Why can't they just have both and not eliminate the magic of what is Minecon. Who else can agree with me as I would love to here everyone's Input on the situation.

    If interested in a deeper explanation and meme version check out my profile and follow the link of contact.

    Have a great day my fellow crafters.

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