About Me

I am 24 years old as of this message (9/11/2020). I have been playing Minecraft ever since Beta and been making Minecraft servers/YT videos/streams since version 1.2.2 I currently own a business called PeaceOut MC that was released sometime around June 2020. I am a very understanding and an all-around great guy who loves to try to help people understand that this world isn't so dark. I've been playing MC for so long and the community has given me so much that I would like to give it back. I have a sense of humor like a child and a girlfriend who acts like one. If you have any questions or would like to know any tips about anything don't be afraid to join my community and ask around!!


I love the view of my kittens playing or the sound and smell of rain outside. I love the idea of trying to make things for people to just relax in. Eating candy and enjoying a good hang sesh, playing fighterz, and kicking butt.

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